Book 02 Chapter 011 Evil Men’s King
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 011 Evil Men’s King


Gu Hai’s first punch made the bald evil man vomit and curl up from the intense pain.

That was too painful. The bald evil man felt sure that he could not even match a tenth of this fist’s force with his current strength.


The other nine immediately charged over and punched at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai moved extremely nimbly. Then, he counterpunched, clashing with one of the evil men’s punches.


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Gu Hai immediately knocked that evil man back seven or eight steps.

Then, Gu Hai kicked, sending another evil man flying back.

Gu Hai turned around and grabbed a wrist before ferociously twisting.



A painful cry rang out, and that person immediately fell to the ground in pain.

“Kill him!”

The bald evil man got back on his feet and took out a stone knife, swinging it at Gu Hai. Clearly, those who could survive until now did not remain idle. The bald man had ground this piece of stone for a long time to make a knife. He showed a ferocious expression as he swung the knife, trying to kill Gu Hai.


Gu Hai’s figure moved quickly, grabbing the bald evil man’s wrist. Then, he kicked the bald man’s head.


Gu Hai immediately sent the bald man flying back and vomiting blood. The bald man even lost one of his teeth.

“You bastard!” The others charged over.

Gu Hai moved extremely nimbly, attacking even more ferociously than the evil men.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Gu Hai beat all ten evil men to the ground in the blink of an eye, leaving no doubt over his victory. 

“Ah!” The ten evil men rolled on the ground, pressing their hands to where Gu Hai injured them as they moaned in pain.

At this moment, all the evil men in Evil Men Valley stood up and looked at Gu Hai.

Currently, everyone was just like an ordinary person. No one wanted any conflict for now. No one expected that Gu Hai would be so unruly.

“You! What are you trying to do?” an evil man in the distance yelled.

Three thousand-odd evil men looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai spun around and looked coldly at the three thousand-odd evil men in the valley.

“From today on, I am Evil Men Valley’s boss. All of you have to listen to me!” Gu Hai announced while glaring. This caused a huge commotion in Evil Men Valley.


Everyone goggled at Gu Hai as though looking at a madman.

“Those who don’t want to submit can always fight it out with me!” Gu Hai said while glaring.


Gu Hai immediately charged towards another small group.

“You are seeking death!” The people of that small group goggled.


Gu Hai immediately punched, moving extremely fast and attacking with great force.


Gu Hai sent a person flying.


“Attack together!”

“Kill him!”

“That bastard!”

“You are seeking death!”

A group of people charged over amid the clamor.

“How could it be like this? All our cultivations are sealed. How is he so strong and so fast?” an evil man exclaimed in shock while goggling.


A group of people surrounded Gu Hai.


The sound of fists clashing rang out in the crowd. None of the evil men were kind souls; all of them were ruthless characters. Even if Gu Hai punched them, they wanted to tear off a piece of his flesh in exchange.

However, Gu Hai’s punches were too incredible.

He threw punch after punch, not sticking to a fixed pattern or style. The only commonality was that they were fast, fast, and only fast.

This was the uniqueness of cultivating physically. Although everyone’s cultivation was sealed, his physical body was too strong. The foundation from cultivating physically was not what people who cultivated internal energy could imagine.

Occasionally, the evil men managed to land a punch on Gu Hai.

While the punches landed, Gu Hai seemed not to fear pain. He just continued raining down punches, severely injuring his opponents over and over again.

Gu Hai was like the center of an explosion. His fists knocked the various evil men into the air; they looked as if they had gotten blasted away.

“His body is as hard as steel!”

“No, no matter how strong steel is, I can punch through it. However, I cannot move him at all!”




The mob of evil men surrounded Gu Hai as they fought, feeling horrified.

Furthermore, as the fighting intensified, more evil men joined in.

Submit to this newcomer? What a joke. This great me is the boss outside. I will be the boss, no matter where I go. You want me to be your follower in Evil Men Valley?

This great me is the evilest of evils; what are you?

Gu Hai’s ferocity shocked the mob of evil men. The evil men understood that the newcomer was strong, and if they did not beat him down, they would be the ones beaten down.

You are incredible, but there are thousands of us.

I don’t believe that you are more ferocious than the thousands of us all together.

Kill him! Kill him!

Damn! I don’t believe this!


Every time Gu Hai punched, he sent an evil man flying.

“Damn it! I don’t believe this. Ptooey! Attack!”

After Gu Hai knocked back the evil men, they charged back, not believing what just happened. Their eyes turned bloodshot. They felt they had to regain their lost face.

Be your follower? Screw you!

The mob of evil men charged at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai already suffered many punches to his body. However, it was as if nothing had happened. He just continued fighting with all his might. He understood that he could subdue them only by being stronger than them, by being stronger than all of them.

If he wanted to be the boss, he needed to surpass all of them. They were ruthless? He was more ruthless. They were strong? He was stronger than them. They were evil? He was eviler than them.


Gu Hai struggled with all his might.

The mob of evil men pounced over one after another, surrounding Gu Hai.

“Crush him to death. Don’t give him space to use his strength!” an evil man roared.


A large number of evil men immediately pushed over, piling on top of Gu Hai in the blink of an eye, like a human pyramid with him in the center. They looked like they wanted to crush Gu Hai to death.

“Move away!” Gu Hai roared while glaring.


With a burst of strength, Gu Hai knocked away the fifty evil men piled together in a human pyramid, making them look like petals tossed out in all directions.




Physical cultivation focused on tempering the physical body. Few in the world could physically cultivate to the peak of the Acquired Realm. While the Great Feng Mafia Family could seal Gu Hai’s dantian, they could not seal his physical body.

With Gu Hai’s swiftness and inexhaustible strength, he was like a fighting machine crazily attacking the evil men.

Gu Hai knocked away the evil men over and over again.

All the evil men were unruly people, resulting in more people coming over. Of course, numbers did not equal strength. After all, there was only so much space around Gu Hai. He forcefully and repeatedly knocked his opponents into the air, causing them to lose all combat prowess.

Scar and Chen Tianshan watched this brutal scene, gulping a few times.

When Chen Tianshan saw the scene of people continuously flying up and screaming miserably, he felt like he had returned to the Innate Puzzle World.

As there were cloud beasts in the Innate Puzzle World, Gu Hai could lay the Twenty-Eight Line-Pair World Ritual Array with his superior Go skills. All the while, Chen Tianshan had thought that the ritual array had played the biggest part in allowing Gu Hai to fight tens of thousands by himself.

However, Chen Tianshan’s thoughts about that now changed entirely. Gu Hai overturned his worldview.

“It turns out that he really can fight against thousands on his own?” Chen Tianshan felt dazzled at the scene before him.

Scar felt completely dazzled as Gu Hai sent the evil men flying in all directions.

Evil men? If these were evil men, then Gu Hai was the king of evil men.

This was the first time Scar saw such a ferocious person. Despite treading the border of life and death for so long, he had never seen such a person until now.

Scar looked at the center of the battle, then shifted his gaze to Chen Tianshan.

“This…brother, where…did he come from?” Scar felt completely shaken.

One against a few thousand? How is this possible?

All of our cultivations are sealed. Why is the difference so big?


Gu Hai let out a roar as he sent another group flying.




Another group of people screamed as they flew back.


“Attack together!”

“Everyone, attack!”

All the evil men charged forward.

After fighting for two hours, all the evil men came to know Gu Hai’s strength. They also knew that they were no match for Gu Hai.

However, they would not feel satisfied if they admitted defeat without fighting. They would not be satisfied with submitting.

These evil men were all unruly people. Since when had they ever suffered grievances like this?

Even if they submitted, they needed to fight first. They would rather get beaten into submission than show fear.


Loud impacts and countless miserable cries echoed throughout Evil Men Valley.

This night was destined not to be peaceful. It was extraordinary.

This battle continued from late at night all the way until dawn.

“Cock-a-doodle-doo!” A rooster’s crow sounded from outside the valley.

When the first light of dawn illuminated the clouds and mist around Evil Men Valley, the fighting had already stopped. Painful moans rang out everywhere.

Now, the pile of evil men, looking like corpses, formed a small mountain.

Gu Hai stood on top of this mountain. His face was swollen, likewise his entire body, and his clothes were tattered. He presented an extremely sorry sight.

However, no one dared to laugh at Gu Hai’s appearance.

A mild breeze wafted through the valley. Everyone sprawled on the ground watched in horror as Gu Hai walked down the human mountain.

“From today on, I am your boss. Those who do not want to submit can fight again tonight!” Gu Hai’s voice sounded very muffled. His face had swollen to the point where it affected his voice.

However, all the evil men found this strange, twisted voice extremely chilling.

Those who do not want to submit can fight again tonight?!

Those were the evilest words the evil men had heard since entering Evil Men Valley.

Evil men? Gu Hai alone beat down three thousand-odd evil men in one night. None of them could get up after that.

Before everyone’s gaze, Gu Hai slowly made his way back to his previous resting area.

When Gu Hai turned his head to look at the evil men writhing in pain in Evil Men Valley, he showed a rare smile on his swollen face.

However, that smile sent a chill through the hearts of countless evil men.

He was the evilest of the evil men.

The king of the evil men!

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