Book 02 Chapter 009: Defeating Scar
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 009: Defeating Scar

The beast arena:

Gu Hai looked at the VIP spectator stands. Aside from the First Song Sect Master, there were now more people: a one-eyed man with a pretty, red-clad woman wearing a strange expression on his lap. The woman had a scar on her chin.

“The Great Feng Mafia Family Don, Li Wei?” Gu Hai said with a frown.

Although Gu Hai had not seen Li Wei before, he could easily guess the one-eyed man’s identity based on Chen Tianshan’s information and how respectful the Great Feng Mafia Family disciples were.

“Ptooey!” Evil man Number 8 suddenly spat on the ground.

Gu Hai raised his eyebrows and turned his head.

“Brat, do you still remember me?” Evil man Number 8 showed a sinister smile.

“Scar?” Gu Hai looked coldly at evil man Number 8.

“It’s good that you know. Do you know how much I wanted to kill you over the past one month or so in Evil Men Valley? I have endured all this time, but today, you cannot escape!” Scar said coldly.

“Golden Core Realm?” Gu Hai said in a cold voice.

“Are you afraid now? It’s too late!” Scar said coldly.

Gu Hai smiled coldly. Golden Core Realm? It’s not like I’ve never killed one before. Song Qingshu was a Golden Core Realm. Back then, I killed many during the cloud beast battle. I even killed Earth Division Master Meng Tai, who was likely a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.


Suddenly, Scar unleashed his aura. A vast aura encased Scar, looking like flames burning around him. Then, the aura pressed down towards Gu Hai.

Gu Hai’s face sank. Then, he stretched out his hands and formed claws as he narrowed his eyes while staring at Scar.

“Not bad. To think that you can withstand my aura. However, it is useless!” Scar said coldly as he stared at Gu Hai.


Suddenly, a translucent, flaming saber made out of Veritable Essence appeared in Scar’s right hand. The moment the saber manifested, it gave off a foreboding air. Gu Hai could sense a murderous air radiating off the saber’s edge.


Scar gently swung his saber. A deep chasm suddenly appeared in the ground, the dirt there looking charred.

The saber was sharp, and a flame poison spread out.

“Remember, an Innate Realm cultivator can never defeat a Golden Core Realm cultivator, much less me!” Scar suddenly swung his saber at Gu Hai.


A ferocious saber qi shot out of the saber, instantly flying towards Gu Hai.

Gu Hai turned his body, dodging the saber qi. Then, he charged at Scar.


Gu Hai arrived before Scar in an instant and swiped a claw at Scar’s waist.

Scar raised his foot and ferociously kicked Gu Hai’s claw hand.


The saber qi left another deep chasm on the ground, and Scar managed to kick Gu Hai away.

“Humph! Brat, I have been paying attention to you for a long time. I can tell that you have been hiding your strength. Your strong points are speed and strength, allowing you to keep winning earlier. However, you are an Innate Realm cultivator. You can never be faster than me or stronger than me!” Scar said coldly.


Gu Hai charged over again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Scar kicked away Gu Hai’s attacks over and over again, showing disdain in his eyes as he did so.

“Not bad. You are pretty fast and strong. However, you are not as fast or strong as me. What can you do? Furthermore, I have been observing you for a long time and noticed that you do not seem to possess a decent cultivation technique. The form of your Veritable Energy is just that of the most basic gaseous appearance, yet you actually want to fight back against me without any special cultivation technique?” Scar sneered as he kicked again.


This kick possessed a great force, instantly knocking Gu Hai back half the beast arena’s length.

“Number 8!”

“Number 8!”

“Number 8!”

Upon seeing Scar humiliate Gu Hai, the countless gamblers in the spectator stands started cheering excitedly.

The First Song Sect Master also appeared pleased. Only Don Li appeared sullen. The surrounding cries seemed like they were snatching money away from him.

After Gu Hai flew back by half the arena length, his clothes turned significantly more tattered.

Scar sneered as he swung his saber again.


Gu Hai dodged the saber qi and charged at Scar again. Then, he swung his claw hand at Scar to try and grab Scar.

“Again? You are not powerful enough!” Scar sneered as he punched.

However, Scar failed to land his punch, despite being so confident.

Gu Hai’s claw attack was suddenly several times faster.

Scar’s expression changed dramatically at the sudden acceleration.

Gu Hai’s claw suddenly tried to grab Scar’s neck. It was too fast, unbelievably fast. In that instant, Scar understood that he had been careless.

Gu Hai had been deceiving him earlier, not fighting at full strength to trick him, so that Scar would underestimate Gu Hai and become arrogant and overconfident. Then, Gu Hai waited until the final moment to deal a sure-kill blow.

This attack was too horrifying. Such speed was actually comparable to his, a Golden Core Realm cultivator’s. Had Gu Hai showed this at the start, Scar could have kept his guard up. However, after feeling confident and arrogant for a period, he could not defend against this.

Scar could only try to dodge with all his might at the last second. In the end, with his vast experience treading the border of death, he managed to dodge the fatal blow to his throat.


Gu Hai’s claw hand failed to grab Scar’s neck. However, he managed to swipe down and gouge a large chunk of flesh out of Scar’s chest.


The two immediately parted.

Scar’s clothes were torn at the chest, and the flesh there was mangled. After Gu Hai ripped out a chunk of flesh, it made for a cruel sight.

On the other side, Gu Hai clutched a chunk of flesh. Then, he tossed it aside with an unsightly expression.

This immediately set the spectators abuzz.

The earlier clash between Gu Hai and Scar ended in the time it took for a spark to fly. Before the crowd could react, Number 1 had ripped out a large chunk of flesh from Number 8.

Those who bet on Number 8 showed shocked expressions.

Those who bet on Number 1 immediately cheered happily.

“Number 1!”

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“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”


At the VIP spectator stand:

“What?” the First Song Sect Master exclaimed with an unsightly expression.

“Oh? He hid his strength? Hahahahaha! Good!” Don Li Wei guffawed. At the same time, he squeezed Yue Yao’s behind with even more strength.

Yue Yao showed a pained expression but did not dare to say anything.


In the beast arena:

Scar looked at Gu Hai with an unsightly expression.

“You tricked me? You are still hiding your strength?” Scar said coldly.

Gu Hai showed a sullen expression as he took a deep breath. Instead of replying, he charged forward once again.

“Flame Saber Technique!” Scar shouted coldly.


Scar sent out a vast amount of flames from his saber’s edge. Then, a saber qi suddenly transformed into five flaming saber qi that flew towards Gu Hai.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Gu Hai dodged quickly.

This time, Gu Hai stopped hiding his speed, moving even faster than before.

Scar also knew that Gu Hai was difficult to deal with, so he no longer underestimated Gu Hai. He no longer allowed Gu Hai to get close. He swung his saber over and over again, sending out stormlike attacks, so Gu Hai could only dodge miserably.

“That’s really fast. Can an Innate Realm cultivator be that fast?” The First Song Sect Master frowned.

When seeing Gu Hai in such a miserable state, Don Li Wei did not feel like speaking.

“Number 8!”

“Number 8!”

“Number 8!”

Loud cries came from the spectator stands.

Scar turned fiercer, swinging his saber at an increasingly faster speed. Although Gu Hai moved quickly, he could not do anything about the stormlike saber strikes.

Many saber qi flew back, leaving countless marks on the ground and dust clouds to rise.


Suddenly, a saber qi cut through Gu Hai’s shoulder, and blood suddenly spurted out.


Another saber qi cut Gu Hai’s right leg, causing blood to spurt out again.

Scar showed a ferocious expression as he swung his saber. “Humph! An Innate Realm cultivator is just an Innate Realm cultivator in the end. It is useless. Your Veritable Energy is not sufficient for you to manifest a weapon. I have a weapon, but you have none. You will just slowly exhaust yourself and die under my saber. Hahahaha!”

However, Gu Hai ignored Scar, continuing to charge forward tirelessly.

Boom! Phish!

Many saber qi cut Gu Hai’s body. Ten bleeding wounds had already appeared on his body, presenting a cruel sight. However, he continued to edge his way towards Scar.

“To think that you managed to gorge out flesh from my chest. I will not let you off for this. I will take my time ripping you into shreds. My saber will send you to your death!” Scar sneered.

Upon seeing Gu Hai approach, Scar ferociously swung his saber again.

Suddenly, three saber qi shot towards Gu Hai. This time, he did not dodge but sent out an attack.

Phish! Phish! Phish!

Three saber qi immediately cut Gu Hai, opening three large wounds on his legs and back, mangling his flesh.

“Are you delivering yourself to death?” Scar revealed a shocked expression.

Gu Hai endured those three wounds as he clamped down on the flaming saber with his left armpit.

After clamping down on the flaming saber, Gu Hai showed a fierce smile as he suddenly thrust out his right hand.

“Huh? What great strength!” Scar exclaimed in shock.

The strength that Gu Hai used to clamp down on the saber was no weaker than Scar’s. Scar could not immediately pull back his saber.

As Gu Hai’s right palm approached, Scar steeled himself, counterpunching. This punch contained vast amounts of Veritable Essence, appearing like a blazing fireball.

Just as the fist and palm were about to clash, Veritable Energy suddenly emerged from Gu Hai’s palm. It coalesced into a tiny spot, appearing to be forming a strange ritual array.

“Humph. You might be physically strong. However, how can your Veritable Energy compare to my Veritable Essence?” Scar sneered.

Suddenly, a suction seemed to form on Gu Hai’s right palm.


The boundless Spiritual Energy in the surroundings gathered on Gu Hai’s right palm.

Shing! Shing! Shing!

Suddenly, many saber qi spewed out from Gu Hai’s right palm.

It was the Heavenly Saber Death Match. Gu Hai used his Veritable Energy to form a Heavenly Saber Death Match. Then, he immediately controlled the surging saber qi to rush over like a storm.

The saber qi were not strong, much weaker than the saber qi that Scar shot out earlier. At best, it was just one percent as strong as Scar’s saber qi. However, Gu Hai made up for that with numbers, strangely sending out thousands of saber qi.

That scene looked like a swarm of angry bees charging over.

“What?” Scar’s expression changed.


The thousands of saber qi surged out, and the ground behind Scar shook. A boundless dust cloud soared up and encased the two in the beast arena.

The cheering gamblers in the spectator stands fell silent.

“What kind of technique is that?”

“How could he shoot out saber qi from his hand?”

“What move did evil man Number 1 use?”

Countless people revealed shocked expressions.

The First Song Sect Master and Don Li Wei leaped to their feet, looking at the center of the beast arena in shock. When Li Wei stood up, Yue Yao fell to the ground. However, Li Wei did not show any concern for her.

The entire beast arena was deathly silent as the spectators waited for the dust cloud to settle.

The dust cloud slowly dissipated and revealed a lone upright figure.

It was Gu Hai standing there, covered in blood. The wounds that Scar inflicted on his legs and torso bled heavily.

Scar lay on the ground.

At this moment, thousands of bleeding wounds covered Scar as he sprawled in a pool of his blood. His clothes were in tatters. That impact of the thousands of saber qi had been too ferocious, robbing Scar of all ability to fight.

Scar stared at Gu Hai in horror and disbelief. How can it be like this?!

Gu Hai looked at Scar coldly and said, “You got too careless. Who said that Innate Realm cultivators could not manifest saber qi?”

As Gu Hai spoke, he walked over to Scar with great difficulty.

The wounds on Gu Hai’s legs seemed severe, making walking arduous. He had to move slowly, trudging over to Scar.

“No! No! Don’t kill me! I have yet to take revenge for my family! Don’t kill me!” Scar pleaded as he looked at Gu Hai.

Gu Hai stepped on Scar’s throat as he looked at Scar coldly.

“No! Don’t kill me! I beg you! Don’t kill me! I still need to take revenge! I still have not taken revenge for my parents, my younger sister, my daughter, and my wife! I beg you, please don’t kill me!” Saber pleaded bitterly.

Gu Hai looked at Scar and took a deep breath. Then, the murderous intent on his face slowly faded as he kicked Scar’s head.

Scar immediately fainted.

“Number 1 wins!” the host called out at an opportune moment.

“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”

Countless gamblers cheered. 

“Dog shit Number 8!”

“Dog shit Golden Core Realm cultivator!”


To think that countless gamblers lost this sure-win bet, making them curse angrily.

“Don, we are rich! These earnings equal our earnings for the past three months!” a Great Feng Mafia Family subordinate said excitedly.

“Humph!” the First Song Sect Master snorted coldly, feeling depressed.

The Great Feng Mafia Family Don looked at the First Song Sect Master and guffawed happily, “Hahahahaha!”

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