Book 02 Chapter 008: Li Wei and Yue Yao
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 008: Li Wei and Yue Yao

After the black-clad men sealed Gu Hai’s cultivation again, they brought him out.

“Number 3!”

“Number 15!”

The gamblers started cheering again, and the bloody killing continued. One could survive only by winning until the end.

Gu Hai stood quietly at the exit, staring out. He did not dare to slack off as he sized up the fighting methods of the evil men.

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He had seen the red-clad evil man fight the previous day, so he did not expose his true strength when he fought earlier.

After all, while he sized up others, others paid attention to him too, looking for his weak points.

There was more than one fight. If Gu Hai did not hold back, exposing everything to others, only death awaited him.


Soon, a victor emerged in the beast arena.

“Number 4!”

“Number 13!”

The matches continued, and the cheers continued.

Gu Hai watched the next few matches, especially the last match.

“Number 7!”

“Number 8!”

As a Golden Core cultivator, Scar could shape his energy into a saber. His tyrannical saber brutally chopped apart evil man number 7.

During this time, Gu Hai monitored the arena without pause, analyzing his future opponents’ weaknesses.

“They live up to being ruthless people tempered by fights to the death. There are no flashy moves, just powerful, direct killing moves. Evil men? They are all ruthless men who can fight against ten alone!” Gu Hai’s eyes narrowed, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Soon, Gu Hai’s second match began.

“Number 1!”

“Number 13!”

Cheers rang out in the spectator stands again as the spectators placed their bets.


At the VIP spectator stands, the First Song Sect Master seemed to have something against evil man Number 1.

“One superior grade spirit stone on Number 13 to win! I don’t believe that Number 1 can continue winning!” the First Song Sect Master said coldly.

“Yes!” a dealer acknowledged respectfully.

“Hahahaha! Who made the First Song Sect Master so angry?” Carefree laughter suddenly rang out.

“Greetings, Don!” The many black-clad men in the surroundings bowed respectfully.

A man wearing black robes with golden thread sewn along the hems walked over slowly while guffawing.

This man looked tall and sturdy, giving off an extraordinary air. However, his left eye was blinded, covered with black cloth. His face looked very fierce but was dotted in acne. As he narrowed his right eye, he gave off the sinister impression of choosing a person to eat.

As he walked over slowly, a group of black-clad subordinates followed behind.

“So, it is Don Li Wei. Don’t you have to bring your little lover everywhere you go? Where is she?” the First Song Sect Master asked indifferently as he looked at that man.

“Yue Yao, come over and meet the First Song Sect Master!” Don Li smiled.

As Don Li sat down directly, his Great Feng Mafia Family subordinates stood respectfully in the surroundings.

A beautiful, red-clad woman slowly walked out from behind Don Li. Her expression betrayed fear as she looked at the First Song Sect Master warily.

“Salutations…salutations, First Song Sect Master!” that woman, Yue Yao, greeted extremely respectfully. 

A complicated expression flashed in the First Song Sect Master’s eyes as he looked at Yue Yao. Then, he nodded and looked at Don Li.

“Come, Yue Yao, my treasure. Come sit on my lap!” Don Li said with a smile.


Yue Yao slowly went over and sat on Don Li’s lap. Then, he started caressing Yue Yao’s body without any restraint.

A black-clad man at the side immediately served fruits.

Yue Yao carefully picked a grape and brought it to Don Li’s mouth.

“Don, have a grape!” Yue Yao said softly.

“Huh?” Don Li suddenly glared.

Yue Yao thought of something and immediately changed her address. “Big Brother Li Wei, have a grape!”

“Good.” Don Li smiled with satisfaction only after this. “Who are you?”

“Me? Me? I’m Yue Yao. Big Brother Li Wei, I’m your woman,” Yue Yao replied softly.

“Remember, you are my woman. With me around, no one will dare to bully you. Continue feeding me!” Don Li’s hand grew increasingly unrestrained.

“Big Brother Li Wei, have a grape!” Yue Yao fed Don Li another grape.

As Yue Yao fed grapes to Don Li Wei, she looked at him with fear and trepidation. There was fear, blind love, and bewilderment in her eyes, an extremely complicated expression.

Don Li continued caressing Yue Yao’s body with one hand as he turned his head to look at the First Song Sect Master.

“Why are you here alone?” Don Li asked, feeling suspicious.

“I just arrived in advance. He will be arriving soon. Is there any progress on your side?” the First Song Sect Master asked with a frown.

Don Li frowned and said, “Progress? If there were to be any progress, we would have made it long ago. It has been so many years; the situation is still the same.”

The First Song Sect Master nodded and said, “Just wait for him to arrive, then!”

Don Li nodded.

“Oh, right. Your Great Feng Mafia Family is a place where all sorts of people mix. Your information network is the best. Do you have any news of Gu Hai?” the First Song Sect Master asked, still frowning.

“Gu Hai? Hahaha! You are asking me? Do you know how many times these cultivators, who come to my Great Feng Mafia Family to give us money, ask this every day? If Gu Hai were here, not even bones would be left of him!” Don Li retorted coldly.

After taking a deep breath, the First Song Sect Master said, “This Gu Hai seems to have evaporated into thin air. Despite so many cultivators searching for him with all their might, they still cannot find any trace of him.”

“Hahahaha! You came to the wrong place to ask. Don’t tell me you are thinking of finding him in my Evil Men Valley? Or perhaps, you are thinking you can see Gu Hai in the beast arena by sitting here for a few days? Oh, that’s right, do you think that evil man in the beast arena is the one? Hahahaha!” Don Li laughed in disdain.

“Number 1 wins!” The host’s voice rang out.

“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”

“Number 1!”

The surrounding gamblers roared in extreme excitement. Those who won money cheered as they chanted.

The First Song Sect Master looked at the beast arena. He had lost money again.

“Humph!” The First Song Sect Master let out a depressed, cold snort.

“If you want to find Gu Hai, don’t come to my Great Feng Mafia Family. He is definitely not here!” Don Li said with a smile.

The First Song Sect Master looked at evil man Number 1 in the beast arena. Then, he nodded helplessly. “I know that Gu Hai cannot possibly be here. That cannot possibly be him, either.”


In the beast arena:

Gu Hai’s second match of the day ended. This time, Gu Hai did not dare to get careless and eventually defeated his opponent.

Gu Hai’s opponent was also in the Innate Realm, looking to be about the sixth layer. He was also a ruthless person, pressing over and risking Gu Hai tearing his right arm off to try and blind Gu Hai, a move that would have damaged both sides. He nearly succeeded. In the end, Gu Hai revealed more strength before managing to kill him.

In another match, the Golden Core Realm Scar won again. Others could only fight barehanded. However, he could use his Veritable Energy to materialize a saber to attack his opponent.

After a short rest:

“Friends! This round will be the final fight to the death. Are you all ready?!” the host shouted.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Anxious cries rang out everywhere.

“This last round! Evil man Number 1 versus evil man Number 8! After fighting to the end, who will win?! Watch carefully! Prepare to make your bets!” the host roared.

“It will definitely be Number 8! Number 8 is a Golden Core Realm cultivator!”

“I’ll bet on Number 8 as well! I bet that Number 8 will kill Number 1 within half an hour!”

“Number 8 will win for sure!”

“Perhaps Number 1 could win?”

“What nonsense! Number 1 stands no chance!”

“I have been betting on Number 1, so I’ll continue betting on him!”

“I have been betting on Number 1. However, I won’t be doing so this time!”

This time, there were some changes to the bets.

“Don, the bets are somewhat dangerous this time.” A black-clad man arrived before Don Li.

“Oh?” Don Li said, looking at his subordinate with his lone eye as he caressed Yue Yao’s behind, which was on his lap.

“Although evil man Number 1 fought ferociously earlier, he is still just an Innate Realm cultivator. However, evil man Number 8 is a Golden Core Realm cultivator. Right now, ninety percent of the gamblers think highly of evil man Number 8, and most are betting on him. This time…!” that black-clad man said worriedly.

“What’s wrong? Do you have some secret intel?” the First Song Sect Master asked with a frown.

However, Don Li smiled coldly and said, “My Great Feng Mafia Family has plenty of spirit stones; we can afford to lose some. Everyone is welcome to place bets. Show them how fair we are. Let them fight. Just leave it be!”

“Yes!” the black-clad man replied respectfully.

“Since that is the case, I’ll bet on the Golden Core Realm evil man Number 8 to win. Ten superior-grade spirit stones!” The First Song Sect Master immediately guffawed.

Ten superior-grade spirit stones equaled one thousand medial-grade spirit stones, which equaled one hundred thousand inferior-grade spirit stones.

This time, the First Song Sect Master placed a huge bet.

Don Li looked at the First Song Sect Master, slightly unhappy. Casinos never rejected people coming to win. There had to be wins and losses for the business to continue for a long time. However, they did not like someone winning so much in one go.

Just betting on who would win had a payout of one-to-one. The First Song Sect Master wanted to take away one hundred thousand inferior-grade spirit stones from the Great Feng Mafia Family?

Naturally, Don Li felt very upset as he looked at the First Song Sect Master. However, he did not say anything. Instead, he used more strength as he squeezed Yue Yao’s behind.

“Ah! Hmm!” Yue Yao moaned in pain.

She showed pain on her face but did not dare to say or do anything. She carefully picked another grape and fed Don Li.


At the beast arena:

Gu Hai recovered his cultivation again and walked to the center of the beast arena.

At the other side, Scar cricked his head to the side as he revealed a cold smile.

“Number 8!”

“Number 8!”

“Number 8!”

All the gamblers in the surrounding grandstands chanted, “Number 8!” For most people, a Golden Core Realm cultivator could not lose to an Innate Realm cultivator. While there were examples of Innate Realm cultivators turning things around and killing Golden Core Realm cultivators in the past, it rarely happened. Most people did not believe that this would happen again.

“Kill Number 1! Quickly, kill Number 1!”

Loud cries rang out everywhere. Although the gamblers cheering for Number 1 also did so with great frenzy, there were too few of them. The voices calling “Number 8” drowned their voices out.

Nearly everyone did not think that Number 1 would win.

Gu Hai turned his head to look at the VIP spectator stands.


“To think that Number 1 still dares to look over. Even on his deathbed, he still does not understand his situation?” the First Song Sect Master sneered.

“That might not be so. Why is First Song Sect Master so sure before the victor is decided?” Don Lin countered with a cold smile.

If Number 1 lost, Don Li would lose a lot of spirit stones. Naturally, he felt upset.

“Yue Yao, tell me, do you think Number 1 will win?” Don Li looked at Yue Yao on his lap.

Yue Yao did not look at the beast arena at all. However, she still cooperated and nodded, saying somewhat timidly, “He will…will…will win!” 

Don Li guffawed, “Hahahahaha! Well said! It is my precious Yue Yao who is the best with words.” 

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