Book 02 Chapter 008: Li Wei and Yue Yao
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 02 Chapter 008: Li Wei and Yue Yao

After the black-clad men sealed Gu Hai’s cultivation again, they brought him out.

“Number 3!”

“Number 15!”

The gamblers started cheering again, and the bloody killing continued. One could survive only by winning until the end.

Gu Hai stood quietly at the exit, staring out. He did not dare to slack off as he sized up the fighting methods of the evil men.

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He had seen the red-clad evil man fight the previous day, so he did not expose his true strength when he fought earlier.

After all, while he sized up others, others paid attention to him too, looking for his weak points.

There was more than one fight. If Gu Hai did not hold back, exposing everything to others, only death awaited him.


Soon, a victor emerged in the beast arena.

“Number 4!”

“Number 13!”

The matches continued, and the cheers continued.

Gu Hai watched the next few matches, especially the last match.

“Number 7!”

“Number 8!”

As a Golden Core cultivator, Scar could shape his energy into a saber. His tyrannical saber brutally chopped apart evil man number 7.

During this time, Gu Hai monitored the arena without pause, analyzing his future opponents’ weaknesses.

“They live up to being ruthless people tempered by fights to the death. There are no flashy moves, just powerful, direct killing moves. Evil men? They are all ruthless men who can fight against ten alone!” Gu Hai’s eyes narrowed, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction.

Soon, Gu Hai’s second match began.

“Number 1!”

“Number 13!”

Cheers rang out in the spectator stands again as the spectators placed their bets.


At the VIP spectator stands, the First Song Sect Master seemed to have something against evil man Number 1.

“One superior grade spirit stone on Number 13 to win! I don’t believe that Number 1 can continue winning!” the First Song Sect Master said coldly.

“Yes!” a dealer acknowledged respectfully.

“Hahahaha! Who made the First Song Sect Master so angry?” Carefree laughter suddenly rang out.

“Greetings, Don!” The many black-clad men in the surroundings bowed respectfully.

A man wearing black robes with golden thread sewn along the hems walked over slowly while guffawing.

This man looked tall and sturdy, giving off an extraordinary air. However, his left eye was blinded, covered with black cloth. His face looked very fierce but was dotted in acne. As he narrowed his right eye, he gave off the sinister impression of choosing a person to eat.

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