Book 01 Chapter 060: Leaving Unfettered
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 060: Leaving Unfettered

Outside the entrance to the Innate Puzzle World:

Close to ten thousand cultivators gathered at this place, split into several groups and factions as they surrounded the entrance. No matter where Gu Hai came out, they would be able to discover him immediately.

The cultivators all showed bloodshot eyes. Some wanted revenge, but most did it for the century lifespan immortality peach. Could Gu Hai bring it away?

“Look, someone is coming out!”

“Capture them!”

“Search them!”


Before the people who just came out could react, a large group of cultivators captured them, and countless gazes looked over.

“What are you doing? Why are you capturing us?”

“My senior brother was sick in the first place. After Gu Hai severely injured him, his condition worsened, and he will die soon. We need to return quickly to our island and seek our master to treat him!”

“Let us go! What are you doing?”

The group of people who just came out appeared anxious.

“It turned out to be the disciples from Three-Seven Island. Humph! We saw wrong; they are not Gu Hai!” Someone recognized these people.


The surrounding excited cultivators immediately snorted coldly.

Similar scenes continuously happened all around as cultivators entered and left. The people lying in wait ignored the people entering. However, they checked everyone who came out.

However, the longer they waited, the more frustrated they felt.

“Is Gu Hai not planning to come out?”

“We already waited several days for him. Why is there still no news?”

“He must know that we are waiting here for him, so he does not dare to come out.”

“Humph! If he does not come out, he will die in there sooner or later. Let’s see whether he will come out or not.”

Countless cultivators steeled themselves to wait, especially the Golden Core Realm cultivators. The Golden Core Realm cultivators did not hold any advantages in the Innate Puzzle World. On the contrary, their cultivations had to be suppressed. Since the risk outweighed the benefits, they might as well wait outside for Gu Hai.

Countless cultivators waited patiently there.

Suddenly, ten-odd cultivators rushed out from inside.

The eyes of the cultivators outside lit up as they looked at the people who rushed out, wanting to find Gu Hai.

“Oh no! Gu Hai is coming! Gu Hai is coming!” the cultivators who charged out yelled.

Close to ten thousand cultivators immediately stood up with eyes open wide.

“Gu Hai is coming? Where?!” someone yelled.

“In there. Gu Hai went crazy. He controlled his vast army inside and is chasing us out. We were all chased out!” a cultivator shouted.

“What? Controlling his vast army?” Many people’s expressions changed.

Everyone recalled the ferocious might of the vast army. Furthermore, only Gu Hai could summon the vast army of cloud beasts. Without a doubt, it was him.


At this moment in the Innate Puzzle World:


Indeed, mist spread out as a vast, mounted army galloped. At this moment, a large number of soldier cloud beasts pointed their weapons at the cultivators and their cloud beasts.

“Gu Hai, what are you doing?”

“Gu Hai, are you going to become irreconcilable enemies with us?”

“Gu Hai, how dare you?!”

The vast army hounded thousands of cultivators. Even those with cloud beasts could only run away. The vast army charged relentlessly; no one could block it.

“Everyone, sorry for this offense!” Gu Hai’s clear shout came from within the mist.

“Humph!” Countless cultivators snorted angrily as Gu Hai harried them to the exit.

The vast army appeared strangely ferocious. The countless cultivators could not block them. They could only get slowly driven out of the Innate Puzzle World amid their hatred. The mist of the vast army enveloped the surroundings, appearing exceptionally unreasonable as it surrounded the exit.

Large numbers of cultivators in the surroundings were watching. However, no one dared to get close, only watching the roiling mist from a distance.

The cultivators chased out of the Innate Puzzle World cursed continuously.

“Gu Hai, humph! Wait until you come out! I’ll teach you a lesson then!”

“Let’s see how you are getting out!”

“Gu Hai, this will never end between us!”

After leaving the Innate Puzzle World, thousands of cultivators cursed angrily.

The cultivators lying in wait outside eventually came to understand that Gu Hai was still inside. Furthermore, he brought out his vast army.

Hence, the outside cultivators did not suspect the chased-out cultivators at all. Of course, some still harbored suspicions but no longer as strongly as before.

“What is Gu Hai trying to do?” Many cultivators frowned in confusion.

Just like this, the situation remained the same for an entire day.

When the outsider cultivators stepped into the independent world, they immediately saw the cloudy ritual array with the vast army. These people immediately rushed back out in fear. Inside the Innate Puzzle World, the countless cultivators did not dare to interact with Gu Hai when they saw the vast army.

However, the vast army remained inside, not causing any more commotion.

The countless cultivators felt increasingly confused and frustrated.

“What is Gu Hai trying to do? He is preventing people from entering and chasing people out?” Several cultivators showed confused expressions.

Another two days passed. The vast army still appeared incredibly calm. Gu Hai did not follow up with other actions.

Outside, an old cultivator’s expression suddenly changed. “Oh no! Quickly, go in and take a look! We might have been tricked!”

“What?” Many cultivators revealed confused expressions.

That old cultivator rushed inside, and a large number of cultivators followed him.

The old cultivator did not seem to fear the vast army, immediately charging into the mist.

“Spirit stones? Indeed, this is a ritual array set up with spirit stones!” the old cultivator cried out.

The old cultivator suddenly smashed the spirit stones on the ground.


After he shattered the spirit stones, the vast army suddenly dissipated. No, it was not the vast army ritual array. Instead, it was just an ordinary fog ritual array made using spirit stones.

When looking at the empty surroundings, nearly all the cultivators inhaled sharply.


“That fraud!”

“Gu Hai laid out the fog ritual array to deceive us?”

“Gu Hai is not here at all!”

All the cultivators immediately understood. Gu Hai had laid a fog ritual array to create the illusion of the vast army ritual array. With this trick, he had manipulated the cultivators outside into not acting rashly.

Three whole days?

“Why did Gu Hai deceive us like that?”

“Where did Gu Hai go?”

“Ah! Fraud! Fraud! Gu Hai, you big fraud! I know now! I know!

“Gu Hai left the Innate Puzzle World with the first batch of people who were chased out.”

“He created this deception to make us think that he was in there all the while. However, he fled long ago?”

“Diverting his enemies’ attention?”

Angry shouts rang out in the surroundings. All of the cultivators were livid.

Who could have expected that Gu Hai laid out such a trick and everyone fell for it?

Gu Hai had already left openly three days ago with the thousands of cultivators while everyone waited here foolishly.

“Gu Hai already fled. Quick! Quick! To the seaside!”

“It’s over. By the time we get there, Gu Hai would have already set out for the sea.”

“Gu Hai already fled?”

After falling for such a big deception, everyone no longer chased after Gu Hai for just the century lifespan immortality peach. Now they did it out of anger, as this had hurt their pride.


The cultivators who understood the truth rushed out of the Innate Puzzle World.

“Quick, think. Where did the cultivators who came out over the past few days head for?”

“They must be leaving the island. Quickly, give chase!”

“Gu Hai’s group already fled. However, to where?”

“Nine-Five Island?”

“That can’t be. Would Gu Hai dare to return to Nine-Five Island?”

“Who can recall? Who can recall where the people who left headed?”

The cultivators who charged out of the Innate Puzzle World felt anxious and furious.

“I remember! Some went in that direction!”

“After them!”

“Some went in that direction as well!”

“After them!”

“There seem to be some in that direction!”

“Quick, chase them!”

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Countless cultivators anxiously rushed off in various directions.

When the cultivators in the Innate Puzzle World heard the news, they also gave chase. Many people thought that they stood a higher chance of snatching the century lifespan immortality peach from Gu Hai than of obtaining benefits in the Innate Puzzle World. In that case, they might as well chase after Gu Hai.

Outside of the Innate Puzzle World, what did Gu Hai count for?

More and more cultivators gave chase.

People continuously flowed out the entrance of the Innate Puzzle World.

Just at this moment, three figures slowly walked out from a small forest in the Innate Puzzle World. These three showed aged faces but had young voices.

“Division Master, at first, I thought that you were really just diverting their attention. Unexpectedly, you told us not to leave!” Chen Tianshan’s voice contained some excitement.

“The truth as falsehood, and falsehood as the truth. Let’s go. Speak in a hoarser voice and follow the crowd!” Gu Hai said seriously.

“Yes!” Chen Tianshan said excitedly.

The three had disguised themselves. Although it would be difficult to completely change everything, everyone believed that Gu Hai’s group had already fled the island. Who would expect the three to still be in the Innate Puzzle World?

The three followed the crowd, setting out in pursuit together with everyone else. After chasing for a few days, they reached the seaside.

There were several large ships by the shore. These ships had many ritual arrays on them, clearly used for traveling the sea.

“Setting sail for Nine-Five Island. Those chasing after Gu Hai’s group, board my ship. We will depart once full!” a boatman shouted.

“Gu Hai ship charter! We are heading for Three-Seven Island. Three-Seven Island. We will depart once full! We will depart once full!”

“Gu Hai definitely went to Nine-Five Island. Those chasing after Gu Hai, take our ship. We will depart once full!”

“Gu Hai went to the southern islands. We will depart once full!”

Many boatmen shouted, continuously explaining which direction the first batch of people had taken several days ago.

No one knew where Gu Hai had gone. Naturally, these boatmen did not know, either. However, that did not prevent them from barking for customers. They did not care as long as people rode their ships and paid them spirit stones.

The cultivators who chased over from the Innate Puzzle World frowned, feeling speechless.

“I don’t care anymore. I’ll gamble on this. I’ll go to Nine-Five Island. Boatman, quickly give chase. Don’t let the people in front catch them!”

“Boatman, quickly give chase, and I will board your ship!”

Amid the chaotic shouting, Gu Hai’s group of three paid thirty spirit stones and boarded a large ship heading for Nine-Five Island. Furthermore, they booked a private cabin.

The ships going to Nine-Five Island were the most popular, filling up quickly.

“We are departing!” the boatman shouted.

As Gu Hai sat in their private cabin in the ship, he leisurely waited for it to head for Nine-Five Island.

Chen Tianshan showed a strange expression. “I thought that we would have to go through a round of fighting to the death to carve a bloody path out and flee.”

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