Book 01 Chapter 019.2: The Third Campaign: Killing the Officials’ Confidence, Part 2
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 019.2: The Third Campaign: Killing the Officials’ Confidence, Part 2

Prime Minister Liu showed a bitter expression and said, “The crown prince is the continuation of our nation. We cannot lightly execute him; it would only make matters worse. Back when the crown prince suggested this course of action, Imperial Tutor Pang, you were the first to support him. I thought that you were thinking of the Song Nation. However, it turned out that Imperial Tutor Pang did it for himself. I suppose Imperial Tutor Pang benefited the most from the matter of the citizens turning to banditry, right? You sent out all your servants and subordinates to loot. Simultaneously, you devised strategies and immediately sent your servants to the surrounding cities, getting your old friends to join in the robbery. You, Imperial Tutor Pang, managed to snatch the most wealth. Now that the Song Nation is in chaos, you cannot escape blame!”

A commotion immediately erupted in the hall.

Was Prime Minister Liu falling out with Imperial Tutor Pang?

“You bastard! Prime Minister Liu, was this old man alone in issuing such instructions, and you did not? Which official here did not do that?” Imperial Tutor Pang shouted in anger.

“However, no one here went as overboard as you did. Do you know whom the victims are calling for outside the palace? Their complaints and accusations point to Imperial Tutor Pang, listing all his crimes. The various complaints are very clear and backed with evidence. The citizens want you dead. We can only placate the citizens by executing you. Imperial Tutor Pang, please donate your body to the nation for my Song Nation!” Prime Minister Liu suddenly bowed to Imperial Tutor Pang.

“Imperial Tutor Pang, please donate your body to the nation!” the many officials called out together.

“Bastards! All of you!” Imperial Tutor Pang pointed at everyone, showing an extremely unsightly expression.

As the Song Emperor sat on the throne, his eyelids twitched. He did not know what expression to show as he looked at Imperial Tutor Pang.

“Your Majesty, this old official did instruct my servants to do that. However, this old

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