Book 01 Chapter 009: Military’s Confidence Shaken
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 009: Military’s Confidence Shaken

Merchant City, outside Gao Xianzhi’s tent in the Song Nation army’s camp:

After Lin Chong bared his torso and knelt, revealing numerous scars, more and more people started kneeling with him. Soon, five hundred people who were familiar with Lin Chong knelt with him.

After the news spread, all the soldiers came to know of the crown heir’s monstrous crimes, killing the soldiers’ families in the rear. The people who previously received bad news but were pacified by Gao Xianzhi also knelt with Lin Chong.

The target was the crown heir, a prominent symbol. He was someone whom everyone considered to hold a lot of weight. Would the commander treat him the same as everyone to appease the soldiers? The soldiers wondered whether the commander would choose to sacrifice them, should their families suffer mishaps, because of the other party’s status.

Many of these soldiers had been through life and death together. With one person kneeling, their many close friends would follow. This resulted in a chain reaction, like dominoes falling over.

Five hundred, one thousand, two thousand, four thousand, eight thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand… 

“We beg the commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!”

“We beg the commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!”

“We beg the commander to uphold the law. Execute those who killed our families!”

First, there were hundreds. Then, there were thousands. After that, there were tens of thousands. The soldiers’ voices spread out, reaching the sky. Their bellows contained rage. Their rage contained dissatisfaction. All this eventually gathered into the loud, roaring chant.

Nearly all the soldiers roared, the sound spreading throughout Merchant City.

When Crown Prince Song heard this sky-shaking roar from an increasing number of kneeling soldiers, fear swamped his heart.

This is not a commotion. This is sheer mutiny! This is something countless times more severe than the previous commotion. This time, countless soldiers are showing bloodshot eyes.

“How can it be li

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