Book 01 Chapter 010: Executing the Crown Heir
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 010: Executing the Crown Heir

A number of days later in the royal court, Song City:

The Song Emperor sat on an elevated throne, wearing a crown. He appeared ancient with several age spots on his face. Despite his age, his eyes looked exceptionally spirited as he stared at the people in the royal court.

Many civil and military officials lined the two sides of the royal court. The two old officials leading them looked at two people in the center.

One was Gao Xianzhi, who showed a cold expression and respectfully waited for a decree.

The other was the crown heir, Song Zhengxi, who caused trouble in the streets not long ago. However, he now seemed on edge, glaring at Gao Xianzhi.

“Your Majesty, this subordinate has already investigated. I have also reported to Your Majesty and the various officials. For now, there is no concrete evidence linking the crown heir to the fifteen soldiers’ missing families. However, Lin Chong’s family and entire village were killed by the crown heir and his group. There is iron-clad evidence for this. For the sake of maintaining the military’s confidence in us, I implore Your Majesty to issue a decree to uphold the law and punish the crown heir,” Gao Xianzhi repeated loudly.

The hall immediately fell silent as everyone looked at Gao Xianzhi. Some people looked at him with admiration, and some with envy and hatred. There were all sorts of expressions.

Song Zhengxi retorted angrily, “Gao Xianzhi, how bold of you! To think that you dare seek to execute me? Based on what? That was just a group of rebels trying to rebel. Despite their lowly status, they tried to trap me. I was just defending myself!”

Gao Xianzhi looked over aloofly. “Crown Heir, is there a point in arguing now? This matter impacts eight hundred thousand soldiers’ confidence in us. You should take responsibility for your wrongdoing!”

“You! You are seeking death!” Song Zhengxi wanted to attack Gao Xianzhi physically.

“How audacious!” the Song Emperor shouted coldly.

Song Zhengxi’s figure paused as he turned his head to look at the emperor.

“Imperial Grandfather, he, Gao Xianzhi, wants to kill me. I know that Imperial Grandfather has declared heavy punishment for the military. However, that is something that happened after this matter. Since Imperial Grandfather issued this decree, I had remained in my residence, not going out. Imperial Grandfather!” Song Zhengxi cried out anxiously.

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