Book 01 Chapter 008.2: Don’t Say You Will Love Me Again in the Next Life, Part Two
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 008.2: Don’t Say You Will Love Me Again in the Next Life, Part Two

Lin Chong met with the fifteen kneeling people again. After pacifying thirteen of them, blaming everything on Gu Hai, he told them to pack their belongings and return home to search for their families.

However, two of them continued staring at Lin Chong, their eyes already red from crying, refusing to stop kneeling.


One of them tore the shirt he wore.

“Sir, look at this. Look at all the wounds I suffered when I charged through the battlefields with you. I have followed you for many years, but I have never complained. Now, my little sister was humiliated, and my mother was murdered. My entire family was wiped out. I only ask Sir to stand up for me. Sir, this subordinate has already followed you for so many years. Can I not ask for even one thing?”

“Sir, there is no need to try persuading us. You have seen how Old Wu is like for yourself. I saved his life. He has no children and cannot move around easily. Would money move him? Even if he had money, he would find it hard to go out and spend it. Would he lie to me? Look at the keepsake he sent. My sister always hangs this stone around her neck, never parting from it. It is normally kept under her clothes; no one knows about it. If not for burying her body, could he have obtained it? Sir!”

The two kowtowed continuously.

Lin Chong felt very bad at this moment. Although he believed the two, the commander had issued orders.

He tried persuasion. “Don’t worry. Go back to the capital and investigate first. If it is true, we will—”

“No. If we go back, who would admit to it? At that time, it would be impossible to ask the commander to get justice for us. We are just insignificant people, unable to return to the camp. Although we are just ruffians, we understand that we will never have the opportunity again if we do not get the commander to fulfill his promise now.

“Sir, I know that it was just minor officials who were caught bullying others previously. Those could be killed without a care. This time, it is the crown heir, a truly important person. We are just ants. Per

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