Book 01 Chapter 002: Gu Hai
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 002: Gu Hai

On the fourteenth day of the sixth month, Ancient Wind Town, Hulao Pass, Chen Nation:

In this town was a mansion known as the Gu Residence. Restaurants and inns lined the streets within the Gu Residence, which bustled with many guests wandering the place.

However, a group of people wearing mourning clothes arrived, bringing the bustle to a halt. Many soldiers guarded the surroundings, immediately injecting a somber and desolate air into the festive atmosphere.

“Isn’t today Old Mister Gu’s seventieth birthday celebration? They should have already put the surrounding military camps in order long ago. Why are there so many soldiers?”

“That’s not right. Something is off. Although Old Mister Gu does not interfere with politics, the officials would not dare to offend Old Mister Gu, either!”

“That was the crown prince earlier. He was wearing mourning clothes, and all the civil and military officials were following behind him!”

“How can that be?”

“It’s true. It really is the crown prince. Why is the crown prince wearing mourning clothes? Could it be…”

The guests on the streets immediately revealed horrified expressions.

The crown prince would wear mourning clothes only on one occasion: the death of the current emperor.

Wasn’t the current emperor at the frontlines personally leading the troops? Furthermore, most people had heard that he had gained a series of victories.

Everyone showed shocked expressions. Clearly, their news was outdated.


Gu Residence:

While the guests wandered the streets and front yard in a festive mood, the Gu Residence’s backyard was peaceful and serene. There was a seven-story pagoda in the backyard, the tallest building in the Gu Residence, even in the town. One could see the entire town from the top of the pagoda.

This tower was known as the Soaring Pagoda.

Many of the Gu Residence’s people stood at the foot of the Soaring Pagoda, looking solemn as they looked at Crown Prince Chen and the many officials in mourning clothes kneeling there. The crown prince and the officials all looked very sorrowful.

Only one person in the group did not kneel—Chen Taiji’s Third Granduncle, the white-clad man from the sect.

“This nephew, Chen Liangyi, seeks an audience with Uncle Gu. I beg Uncle Gu to take revenge for my imperial father!” Crown Prince Chen Liangyi said with an extremely pained and sorrowful expression.

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