Book 01 Chapter 003: Battle to Reverse the Desperate Situation
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 003: Battle to Reverse the Desperate Situation

Clear River Sect, amid a cluster of mountains outside the Chen Nation:

Twenty-odd people stood within a large hall, clearly split into three factions.

The group that stood on the left side wore azure shirts. All of them frowned heavily as they looked at a large map in the middle of the hall. The leader, an azure-clad, middle-aged man, showed some anger in his eyes.

The group on the right wore white clothes and appeared extremely happy at this moment. The leader, another middle-aged man, suddenly laughed, “Clear River Sect Master, it looks like you have lost this wager. The Chen Nation has already lost three passes and cannot even last a strike. Hahahahaha!”

The group of white-clad people laughed with the white-clad, middle-aged man.

The group of azure-clad people glared at the white-clad group. The leader, the Clear River Sect Master, clenched his fist tightly as he said, “First Song Sect Master, it is not over until it reaches the end. Are you sure that the Chen Nation will definitely fall?”

The white-clad First Song Sect Master sneered, “What’s wrong? The map shows the military forces of the two nations. Right now, the Song Nation is united, displaying strong momentum. Gao Xianzhi already killed six hundred thousand soldiers of the Chen Nation army, leaving only one hundred thousand soldiers at Hulao Pass. There is only an ordinary general to lead the troops, leaving no suspense to the result. Furthermore, Gao Xianzhi’s usage of his troops is exquisite. Just stop resisting and surrender.”

“You!” The Clear River Sect Master glared.

No matter how stupid one was, anyone could tell that the Chen Nation would be eradicated soon.

However, the Clear River Sect Master was not resigned to the loss. It was not just about losing a mundane nation. Instead, it was because of a very important person standing at the center. That person had been following the war situation. By losing so miserably before this personage, he left an impression of incompetence. How could he not feel frustrated?

While the two sect masters bickered, they had been paying attention to the five people in the center.

Although this was the Clear River Sect, these five people took the center position at the north—the position reserved for the host.

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