Book 01 Chapter 001: The Strongest Strategist
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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Book 01 Chapter 001: The Strongest Strategist

Book 01: Tengen Puzzle

[TL Note: Tengen refers to the center point on a Go board. It is normally marked with a dot. The Chinese word for this is Tianyuan, which means origin of heaven, or the center. Here is a link to what a Go board looks like: The nine dots you can see in the picture are known as star points, and the center one is tengen. The others are not named and are referred to by their grid reference, like 4,4.]

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

Book 01 Chapter 001: The Strongest Strategist

On the sixth day of the sixth month, Fallen Dragon Cliff, the Chen Nation:

Gray clouds covered the sky, and a chilly wind swept through the land. Thousands of wounded soldiers camped at Fallen Dragon Cliff, appearing like a defeated army. Many soldiers guarded a large yellow tent in the center.

Officials filled this large tent, looking worriedly at a throne at the north of the tent.

An old man dressed in imperial robes sat on the throne. This person looked about sixty-odd, had a pale complexion, and was coughing continuously. Servants carefully attended to him, occasionally wiping off the blood that he coughed out.

A white-clad man who looked to be about forty stood beside the throne. This person placed his hands on the back of the old man in imperial robes, apparently transfusing Veritable Energy into the old man to treat the old man’s injuries.


The old man in imperial robes spat out a mouthful of blood. The treatment ended, but his condition did not improve. Instead, his face paled even more.

“Imperial Father!” a middle-aged man wearing official robes, the leader of the group of officials, cried out in startlement.

“Your Majesty!” the group of officials immediately exclaimed in fear.

The old man in imperial robes ignored the officials. Instead, he looked at the white-clad man who transfused Veritable Energy into him.

“Third Granduncle, you can stop trying to save me. I know my condition. My heart vessels have ruptured; I was too careless,” the old man in imperial robes sighed bitterly.

The white-clad man sighed, “Your heart vessels ruptured. Chen Taiji, you were too greedy for accomplishments, making a premature advance! Why did you not wait for me?”

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