Chapter 81.1: Siege Warfare Prerequisite
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 81.1: Siege Warfare Prerequisite

Turning the clock back eight hours ago (OtherWorld time), when Yang Qiu was still peacefully asleep on earth… Daybreak arrived.

Due to the heavy contamination of his mind, Charlie Rex couldn't laze around in bed like others his age. He was awake as soon as the first light of day shone.

Rex had long gotten used to only being able to sleep for six or seven hours a day at max. After changing into a set of fresh clothing, he issued a breakfast preparation quest to the undead while he went to collect and heat up water for himself and Mia to freshen up.

The tireless undead frolicked around the campsite nonstop, and even when Rex was washing his face and brushing his teeth, someone ran over asking for quests. This bit was something that Rex had already grown accustomed to.

Long-term harassment would also cause one to build up resistance. Rex had not only adapted to the eccentric bunch of players but even came to enjoy the experience of being able to make the undead move when issuing quests.

Of course, the condition was that rewards had to be settled immediately upon quest completion; otherwise, the undead, who could switch from docile to aggressive in an instant, might try to test if they could snatch equipment off one's body…

Rex still couldn't understand why the undead were willing to do things for "reputation." And this was especially so after Yang introduced a new "territory prestige" which made the undead enthusiastically collect materials from beasts and monsters just to change specific values on the matrix's "panel." But that didn't really matter to Rex. All he understood was that this system was way more convenient than dealing with copper coins.

After all, copper coins were heavy, and after a settlement of copper coins, an account had to be made in the matrix to keep track of where every single coin was given out to. While it wasn't labor-intensive, it was certainly troublesome.

While sending an undead that came for a quest to collect wild vegetables, Rex, with toothbrush still in mouth, heard a mournful

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