Chapter 80.2: How Incredible, Huh
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 80.2: How Incredible, Huh

Thus, without any shred of hesitation, these bunch of players immediately set off to pilfer Tuttle's supplies.

Because players were only interested in equipment, none of the advanced NPCs had ever considered that these undead would go after their food supplies. The tricycle loaded with provisions was left outside the tent, with even the tarpaulin, which was supposed to protect it from rain and moisture, left unsecured.

A few players crowded around the tricycle, lifted the tarp, and openly rummaged through Tuttle and Hal's personal stash.

"My god! So many biscuits!"

"Can you believe that bushy eyebrow Tuttle brought a backpack full of these Uncle Pop egg rolls? I'm dying from laughter!"

"Leave the biscuits, grab those wafers and egg rolls. Two bags of buns and a few cartons of milk. We might need it when those two orcs wake up."

"How about instant noodles?"

"No, it's too oily. People who have been starving for some time might have trouble with greasy food."

"Hey! There's a bag of cakes here! It's hidden so deep that we nearly missed it! How sneaky!"

"Take it, take it!"

In under ten minutes, these players had made off with snacks that Tuttle had painstakingly hoarded for over half a month, chortling gleefully as they fled the scene…

While the players were carrying out their "operation," the dark-haired youth that had been left behind scanned the campsite fearfully.

Unlike the undead, he didn't possess full night vision, but the moonlight tonight was ample.

Under the moonlight, he made out several scattered tents and dozens of tricycles filled with goods. Nearby, in an open space, were the clear remains of a campfire. Several stones serving as makeshift seats surrounded the already extinguished fire, and there was a kettle and a few cups on the ground.

When the boy had opened his eyes, all that he saw were undead. And undead didn't need to make fires nor drink water… Clearly, there were living people residing in this undead camp.

This discovery eased the pounding in the boy's heart to a certain extent.

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