Chapter 49: Lord Yang's Proclamation
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 49: Lord Yang's Proclamation

Yang Qiu was truly fed up with unpacking supplies himself. When he reached out to Lu Yiyun, who claimed to be the Director of NeuroTech Center, for the items, he made a special request for the supplies. He asked that all food items be in "bulk" with no commercial packaging, and even instant noodles should be straight from the assembly lines.

What could Lu Yiyun and her team say in response? They had already provided the supplies, yet the "target" was still nitpicking on these details? Fine, they would fulfill his requests to a tee!

Thus, all the instant noodles in the batch of supplies had their original appearance straight from the production line. Noodle squares were stacked neatly and sealed with unmarked plastic wrap, while the oil and seasoning were also sealed in plastic bags, each containing an entire kilogram.

As for the concern about uneven seasoning due to the lack of individual packaging… It wouldn't be a big issue. At worst, some packets might be saltier while others less so, but they were still edible.

The noodles cooked quickly, and the modern industrial-processed seasonings were exceptionally flavorful. Soon, a large pot of steaming, aromatic instant noodles was ready.

The players took out the paper bowls (these were cheap, costing about 15 to 20 cents each in wholesale but could hold 500 milliliters of soup noodles) and distributed the food to the priority group, the civilian NPCs who were now considered "on their side."

Meanwhile, the lower-class folk from Camore couldn't sit still once they caught a whiff of the noodle soup.

Restless, they glanced at the large group of terrifying skeletons responsible for cooking, then at the household guards put away at the side with their hands and feet bound. The civilians gulped and got a little agitated, but they quickly calmed down.

The concept of compulsory education didn't exist in this world. Among the common folk, there were few who could even write their own names, let alone receive a proper education. Besides never learning organizational or

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