Chapter 50: Your Undead Friends
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 50: Your Undead Friends

Domestically produced instant noodles, capable of withstanding the critical taste test of hundreds of millions of Chinese people, would undoubtedly be a profitable commodity if a time-traveling merchant could sell them in the 19th and 20th centuries.

21st-century Chinese people might seem picky, with many insisting on only consuming pure, natural, and organic foods, though back in the 19th century, most didn't have the luxury of being picky.

Even just turning the clock back 30 years, hardly anyone would care whether their lard at home was from pigs fed with genetically modified feed or not, nor that soybean oil was a healthier option. They certainly wouldn't discard the pork lard just because it lacked the health benefits of the latter.

Having the luxury to be picky about food was only something that came about in the last twenty-odd years or so, thanks to surplus production capacity.

Complaints about instant noodles being unhealthy, lacking nutrition, having monotonous flavors, and just for satiation were only made by those who could afford them. It was entirely possible that the instant noodles stored in the cabinets of Chinese households could remain till they expired. But if the same instant noodles were placed in some impoverished African country, that would never happen.

In short, mass production of spices on a production line and delivering them to households at extremely low prices—a common practice of Earth—had never occurred in this other world. The sweet, umami, salty, and aromatic seasonings inside the instant noodle packages easily conquered the taste buds of the indigenous people here.

On top of that, there was the deadly weapon—Lao Gan Ma chili sauce—that was added to each bowl. Whether it was a commoner from Camore who had never tasted anything good or a well-born knight serving the faith, not a single drop of soup was left in their bowls when they were done.

"Damn, seeing these NPCs enjoy it so much makes me want a bowl too," muttered someone as the players were cleaning up. "I wonder if we

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