Chapter 176.2: Negotiations
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 176.2: Negotiations

As the hilltop spectators dispersed, the undead were still clearing up the battlefield…

More precisely put, they were collecting their spoils of war. Captives belonged to the NPCs, while the equipment on them was the players' prize.

This had already become an unspoken rule in Taranthan, unchallenged by anyone.

The spectacle of over nine hundred sets of armor being divided among more than three thousand players made the barren wasteland resemble a bustling free market. If not for the fact that the horses were off-limits to players, designated as mission items to be handed over to the NPCs, there might very well have been a lively horse market as well.

The Sea Lion mercenaries, sharing a muted empathy for the Radiant Sun Knights who had followed in their footsteps, efficiently gathered the stripped captives for centralized detention—a task at which they were adept.

"Next, we just have to bring the prisoners back," Kenn said numbly to his old comrade, Wagner. "Such a battle is… truly unprecedented."

"The only silver lining is there's no need to mourn the fallen comrades after the fact," Wagner remarked, glancing at the undead who had each perished at least 20 times over, his expression complicated.

Kenn couldn't help but nod in agreement. Were it his mercenaries that were pitted against the Radiant Sun Church's might, the outcome would have been absolutely miserable.

These Taranthan undead were indeed unruly, defiant, impulsive, and reckless. However, they also display certain commendable traits—fearlessness; the ability to execute short-term, goal-oriented tasks; a penchant for straightforward and effective tactics; and a relentless pursuit of victory.

"With such an extraordinary army at Yang's disposal, what can't he achieve?" Kenn mused. "Even the formidable Radiant Sun Church contingent has been thoroughly defeated. I can't imagine who else could stand against them."

This time, it was Wagner's turn to nod in silent agreement.

If there was one glaring weakness in the otherwise indomitable undead, it was the tent th

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