Chapter 177: Sleepless Night
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 177: Sleepless Night

News of Charlie Rex leading the undead army to capture and completely vanquish the Radiant Sun Church's knightly order spread throughout Indahl City in half a day.

Weisshem was just one of the twenty-odd towns in Indahl territory, and despite the swirling rumors regarding it, the city's populace hadn't really paid much attention. A town with the least population and the poorest economy in the territory wasn't worth the city folks' concern… especially when the new lord was an illegitimate son.

Were it not for the recurring mention of undead, creatures that aroused both curiosity and fear, Charlie Rex wouldn't even qualify as a topic of conversation among the city folk—city life, unlike that of rural towns, wasn't so barren. The local Indahl Weekly, along with magazines and newspapers from the Rhine Kingdom delivered by steam trains every fortnight, provided ample intellectual nourishment.

Let alone the dignified nobility; even middle-class folk, when gathered together, delighted in discussing national affairs and bringing up a local rural town was tantamount to soliciting disdain for one's short-sightedness.

This high-and-mighty regional snobbery wasn't just a flaw limited to that of Earth's people.

But now, no one dared to underestimate this bastard lord… Especially the local nobility.

While Yang Qiu was having a pleasant chat with the bishop and the night watchmen captain of the Church of Lady Gold Coin, Viscount Darcy, of the second most influential family in Indahl after the Bartalises, saw an unending stream of visitors at his home.

In Viscount Darcy's study, landlords, who owned over 40 percent of the local fertile land, gathered to discuss the future of Indahl passionately.

Tuttle Joe, the most respectable-looking of the former bandit trio and a ranger, took advantage of the bustling Viscount Darcy's estate to blend in, posing as a noble's servant. He stationed himself at the study's door, openly eavesdropping.

Inside, some noblemen believed that Charlie Rex, with his humble origins, could be easily appeased

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