Chapter 171.1: Borrowing Your Thick Skin
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 171.1: Borrowing Your Thick Skin

Right now, it was dusk in OtherWorld, yet for the players on Earth, it was early morning.

It was a weekday, and those who could afford to be online were the truly hardcore gamers—either those part of a studio or freelancers like Yang Ying, who made a living from the game.

Yang Ying had logged in at nine, immediately checking her friends list to find only Orange Cat active.

Orange Cat had ventured into trying out the trading caravan gameplay mode and had invited Yang Ying along. However, Yang Ying couldn't bear to miss the weekend events and the lucrative earnings they brought; many players sought enchantments for their gear, and Yang Ying could rake in substantial sums each weekend, sometimes even hitting the thousand-yuan mark, making it an opportunity too good to miss.

With no buddies online, Yang Ying pondered her next move and decided to brush up on her lifestyle class skills. Following in the footsteps of the renowned Ou Huang, she too had picked up the butcher's trade, though her progress had been slow due to her focus on earning money, leaving her still at the level of a mere apprentice.

Before Yang Ying made it to Life Alley, online players with a battlefield rank of Elite Soldier or higher received a system message—

[System Announcement]: Soldiers fighting to defend Taranthan, Lieutenant Wagner Pitt and Captain Kenn need your assistance. Please hurry to Exile Town town hall and receive a combat mission.

The phrase "combat mission" immediately perked Yang Ying up. She instantly tossed aside her plans to improve her butchery skills and made a dash to the town hall.

The battlefield had been open for about five days (Earth time), and quite a number of PvP players had reached the rank of Elite Soldiers. And among this group, a large portion of them were hardcore players. By the time Yang Ying arrived at the town hall, over a dozen others had already gathered.

"Sis Ying, you came! Over here!" Blossoming Strokes spotted Yang Ying and immediately sent a party invite to her.

"Blossom, you guys are here to

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