Chapter 170: Paul's New Job
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 170: Paul's New Job

Embracing the opportunity to earn additional copper coins, the father and son duo, now considerably wealthier with several silver coins jingling in their pockets, readily accepted the proposition.

After a brief deliberation, the father decided to undertake the less physically demanding task of corn shelling, while his robust son opted for the more lucrative labor at the new factory zone.

Led by the clerk to the shelling area behind the procurement point, the old farmer entered the backyard, expecting to see a group of individuals manually stripping corn cobs with wooden blocks—a common sight in rural communities where shelling was a communal, unpaid effort.

What he saw, though, confounded his rustic expectations. There were indeed many people seated in rows, surrounded by wooden basins, sacks of corn kernels, and piles of corn cobs. However, instead of wooden blocks, they wielded peculiar, palm-sized cylindrical tools.

When inserting a cob into the cylinder with one hand and cranking a handle with the other, kernels cascaded out with a satisfying clatter. The old farmer, with all his life's wisdom, only needed a moment to recognize the ingenious purpose of these strange contraptions and couldn't help marveling at their convenience.

If even such a mundane task like corn shelling could be revolutionized and made into child's play, what other marvels could the townsfolk possess?!

"Here for the odd jobs?" A young man, momentarily pausing from his task of sifting through shelled corn to remove bits of shell, greeted the farmer with a nod.

"Yes. Yes, sir," the farmer responded, somewhat intimidated by the young man's formidable physique, hurriedly bowing his head in respect.

"Don't be mistaken; I'm no 'sir,'" the young man replied, setting aside his winnowing basket and wiping his brow with a towel. He gestured for the farmer to approach. "Come, get your tools."

The farmer was handed a lightweight, portable hand-cranked corn sheller (a steal at just a fraction over 8 yuan per piece), a wooden basin, and a roll o

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