Chapter 115.1: Second Round of Beta
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 115.1: Second Round of Beta

November 7, Thursday, Earth time. One day left until the monthly rare item auction.

At this time, when in-game currency among players was in high demand, the advanced NPCs finally listed this month's auction items.

The auction items released by the Warrior Instructor, Charlie Rex, were three extraordinary-looking swords with even more amazing attributes:

[Sword of Beryllus]

[A sword blessed by the Fire God Beryllus. Grants a 20% increase in attack power and a 50% boost in fire resistance.

Additional Fire Damage: Inflicts 30% of weapon damage as fire damage when attacking.

Impervious: Increases armor penetration by 30%.]

Early in the morning, players rushed to the bulletin board in Weisshem Town Hall to check out the auction items. They were blown away when they saw the attributes of these swords.

"What the hell! Beating the Inner Demon instance only allows an enchantment of only one line of attributes and this thing has two?!"

"Two attributes? That's nothing. The equipment effect is just mind-blowing! A 20% attack boost means I'll be invincible when I activate Battle Roar!"

"Warriors, knights, and wanderers can all use a sword like this. It's going to be mad!"

Qin Guan, who didn't usually focus much on his profession, suddenly felt a strong desire for these weapon attributes. He immediately rushed to log out at the teleportation point and called Xiao Zhou…

When the auction was held last month, it had caused quite a commotion. However, this month, the developers seemed to be more considerate. Players no longer had to exhaust themselves, grinding reputation for auction rights. As long as they had an Honored reputation with their respective job instructors, they had the right to bid.

But it wasn't necessarily a good thing for players who really wanted the items. For example, last month, whale players had tried to monopolize the auction rights, but this time around, they couldn't do so anymore.

Despite reserving game currency from Xiao Zhou's studio, Qin Guan still felt uneasy and called Blossoming Stroke

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