Chapter 114.2: Dreamchaser
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Conquering OtherWorld Starts With a Game Chapter 114.2: Dreamchaser

Amid the intense soul-wrenching pain, Yang Qiu began to hallucinate.

In the foul-smelling fishing port of a poor seaside town, a man standing by a rundown wooden boat looked at Yang Qiu in surprise.

The man smiled at him ingratiatingly. After exchanging a few pleasantries between strangers, he made an excuse and left, running into town without looking back.

He had discovered a wanted criminal worth 90,000 gold coins and was rushing back to inform the sheriff.

When Yang Qiu left the town, the fisherman, who had toiled for his family for more than a decade, was hanged on a rack drying fishnets with his arms and legs broken.

He hadn't really done anything wrong; he just wanted to get rich. So, Yang Qiu didn't make things difficult for him… but he did cause the sheriff to hang out in the cold wind all night, and the sheriff certainly wouldn't let the poor fisherman off for that.

The man in the hallucination stared at Yang Qiu while taking his last breath. There was no hatred in his eyes, only pleading.

Yang Qiu remembered this pleading gaze for many years.

The vision of the poor fisherman dissipated, and what appeared in front of Yang Qiu was… a large group of people.

A large group of people, skin and bones, dressed only in tattered rags. Their faces were blurry.

Yang Qiu stared at this group of people for a long time and slowly recalled, Ah, it's you people.


Natural disasters were frequent in the Navalon continent, but there were no aid groups in this world.

Refugees who could not survive and had no choice but to flee were regarded by municipalities as troublesome hot potatoes.

Yang Qiu did not know where this group of people came from. He only remembered that he had come across this group of people when he was fleeing from the holy land of the Radiant Sun Church.

With pursuers hot on his heels, Yang Qiu couldn't stay.

Even though he knew that this group of refugees, struggling to survive the harsh winter, had no chance of being accepted by the Holy Land. They would be driven away, pushed int

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