Chapter 99: Returning to Wake City
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 99: Returning to Wake City

The Light Saint Force within the World Qi gathered within Jian Chen and quickly began to heal him. However Jian Chen’s wounds were too serious, so even with the miraculous healing effects of the light Saint Force, it took a long time for Jian Chen to recover.

Controlling the light Saint Force had taken up a lot of Jian Chen’s spirit. After four hours, he had used up almost all of his spirit, causing him to stop. Right now, he was suffering from major blood loss as well as a dizzying headache. He was also very exhausted and desired sleep, it was almost as if he hadn’t slept for three days and three nights and was almost unconscious.

After healing himself for four hours, his inner body was healed by a little less than half his original strength. His inner organs had been treated by the Light Saint Force, and although it wasn’t completely healed, the injured parts had been regrown. All that was left was the fractured bones on his chest that were slightly more troublesome than his organs.

Regarding the serious injuries on his chest, the fractured bones had already pierced into his flesh. So whenever Jian Chen moved even the tiniest bit, the wounds on his chest would make Jian Chen feel even more pain. The pain was so intense that the signals his brain was receiving were practically torturing it. Slowly reclining on the grass, he closed his eyes and slowly started to use the rest of his spirit to heal himself. However, Jian Chen had fortunately memorized the entirety of the contents of the Azulet Sword Laws; the method of “Recuperation”.

With the “Recuperation” method, he could slowly regain his spirit.

Jian Chen laid there on the grass for a whole day and night. Without moving his body a single time, his eyes had remained closed for just as long.

The time quickly passed by as the afternoon approached. The blazing hot rays of the sun were slowly becoming moderately warm as it left the mountains.

At that moment, the stone like Jian Chen finally opened his eyes. After a full day and night of healing, the spirit he had used up was finally replenished.

Seeing the color of the sky, Jian Chen didn’t hesitate for a moment and began to gather the light Saint Force. Rapidly, he began to heal his chest once more.

As the light Saint Force entered his chest, pieces of the fractured bones had begun to reattach themselves and heal. For another four hours without stopping, Jian Chen’s spirit was finally used up once more.

However, after four hours of healing, Jian Chen’s chest was finally fully recovered. However, Jian Chen’s spirit wasn’t recovered yet and affected his mobility, so Jian Chen sat back down on the grass cross legged and began to use the recuperation method to recover the lost spirit.

Although it wasn’t too far from Wake City, but considering that the use of the Light Saint Force was far too conspicuous with its dazzling glow and that healing in Wake City was too inconvenient, no one would be able to detect the Light Saint Force except for Radiant Saint Masters. However, who would be able to guarantee that there was a Radiant Saint Master within the vicinity of Wake City? Radiant Saint Masters were rare within the Tian Yuan Continent, so many people would fail to find and invite one to help themselves. Jian Chen thought that if he were to reveal his ability to use Light Saint Force like Radiant Saint Masters, then he would get no small amount of glory and would never have to worry about a shortage of monster cores. However, Jian Chen didn’t want to reveal that he could mimic the Radiant Saint Master’s ability to use Light Saint Force because his intuition told him that if he were to keep it a secret for now, then it would definitely help him out in the future.

After three full days of continuous healing, Jian Chen’s body was finally back to full health. Upon getting up, he immediately left for the official road back to Wake City.

The official road was filled with caravans escorted by groups of armed yet bloodsoaked mercenaries. Although Jian Chen was a lone traveler, no one paid extra attention to him. Despite his bloody clothes from the wounds he gained, to every single mercenary within the Tian Yuan Continent, this was a very common sight to see. Practically every mercenary had seen these types of things every day.

Walking on the roadway, Jian Chen thought back to the event from three days ago, especially the beautiful girl and her naked body that had appeared right in front of him. This was a sight that had left a deep effect on Jian Chen because even in his previous life, he had never had an experience like it before. Three days ago was the first time he had ever seen the jade like body of a woman to this extent, and this girl’s body was almost as if it belonged to an Immortal.

However, when Jian Chen had thought about the lady’s gigantic strength, his heart still couldn’t quite believe it. The girl looked to be 18 years old, 20 years old at the oldest. The age difference between her and Jian Chen was almost non existent, but to be a Great Saint Master at this age, Jian Chen could only blush with shame at her innate talent.

Soon enough, Jian Chen entered Wake City and waited for the city guards to come and inspect him. Since he had the image of a injured and bloody survivor, there was no monetary tax to enter the city. Although the guards were greedy for money, their greed was not without morals.

Upon entering Wake City, Jian Chen didn’t take a stroll and immediately headed towards an inn. Once he got a room, Jian Chen began to cultivate. Although it had been less than a month ago that he had broken through to become a Great Saint, his strength was still not strong enough to protect himself within the Tian Yuan Continent. Not only did the girl from three days ago make Jian Chen experience defeat, but she had also made him realize how much strength he needed.

After paying for the room, Jian Chen stayed there within the room for 10 days. In those 10 days, Jian Chen hadn’t taken a single step out of his room and only used the monster cores in his possession to cultivate. Even for meals he had the inn waitress deliver it straight to his room.

After the 10 days had passed, Jian Chen’s strength had made huge improvements. Already reaching the Middle Great Saint tier, the Saint Force within himself was now much stronger than before. Even his Saint Weapon, the Light Wind Sword, had been upgraded and became even harder than before.

With 10 days of cultivation, the Class 3 Monster Cores Jian Chen had were all but gone, leaving Jian Chen with two Class 4 Monster Cores.

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Getting off the bed, Jian Chen walked towards the window to look at the sky. Because he had spent so much time cultivating, he was no longer able to distinguish what time it was, and could only rely on the positioning of the sun to get an approximate time.

Right outside, the sun was shining brightly without a cloud in the sky for miles. With the huge red flaming ball in the sky emitting strong heat rays, it signified the start of the afternoon.

“Right now, it should be time to deal with the Silver Striped Golden Snake, I really look forward to the Ten Thousand Immunity.” Jian Chen said as he observed the mass of people outside.

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