Chapter 98: Another Heavy Loss
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 98: Another Heavy Loss

“Uncle Feng, what nonsense are you spouting at him? Help me kill him!” The girl cried out behind him with a furious glare in her eyes. Already, her eyes were tearing up from the thought that Jian Chen had seen her body in its full glory. Indeed, just thinking about how she was naked in front of Jian Chen had caused her to be angry beyond belief, causing her to also feel wronged. This was the first time since she was born that she was seen by a man like this, and it was by a stranger. For the conservative lady, this type of outcome was worse than death.

“Haha, young miss, although your uncle Feng is unwilling to help out, then let your uncle Yun come help teach this daring bully a lesson.” At that moment, another voice came into the clearing as another white robed elderly man came into view. Appearing in front of Jian Chen, he waved his fist for a brief moment before striking at Jian Chen’s chest.

The elder’s strength was unbelievably profound, in that one fist, Jian Chen didn’t doubt that it was extremely strong. Immediately dodging towards the side, Jian Chen suddenly felt a large amount of pressure on his body. The pressure was so large that it felt as if his entire body was burdened with a thousand pound weight, or even a mountain. Breathing was already a difficult task, his entire body felt like it was about to be crushed.

Just at the moment when the pressure was at its heaviest, the cyan and purple glow in his dantian began to flicker rapidly. However, while his dantian was undergoing such a state, Jian Chen himself did not notice.

“Old man Yun, hold on a moment!” The first elder named Uncle Feng by the lady cried out as his face changed rapidly.

Unfortunately, he had spoken too late. The one named Uncle Yun looked at his fist as it struck Jian Chen’s chest precisely.

A mouthful of blood escaped his mouth as he felt his internal organs get damaged, the elder had smashed Jian Chen’s chest hard enough to leave a dent in it. Not only did the elder break Jian Chen’s bones where he was hit, but even his internal organs were just as heavily damaged.

In the moment the elder had attacked Jian Chen, the weak purple and cyan glow flickered as it made contact with the elder’s palm before instantly disappearing. Jian Chen on the other hand was sent flying back.

“Yi!” The elder’s face changed as he gave a small start. Looking at Jian Chen fly into the air with an flabbergasted face, his eyes contained a glint of disbelief and astonishment.

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