Chapter 97: Mysterious Old Man
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 97: Mysterious Old Man

The palm sent Jian Chen flying backwards into the air by 20 meters before sinking back down into the river. A look of astonishment flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes as he felt the strong energy from her hand. That single strike had caused a decent injury on him, as the bones where she had hit started to hurt as if something heavy had smashed into it.

Jian Chen’s arm paddled through the water briefly before he leapt into the forests on the opposite side of the river. Hiding behind a broad tree, he used his Saint Force to evaporate the water droplets on him before taking the Space Ring from his necklace. With a simple motion, he pulled out the last intact piece of clothing and put it on.

Just as Jian Chen put on his robes, his already pale face froze momentarily before leaping towards the side in a hurry.


Just as Jian Chen dodged to the side, the tree he had previously been hiding in exploded into splinters as a tremendous amount of pure Saint Force exploded on over. As it landed where Jian Chen was once at, the dirt around it was sent flying as a huge crater was left behind in the impact zone.

“You scoundrel, to think that you would peek at me taking a bath, I will definitely kill you!”

There was a small mournful tone mixed in within her angry words as her face grew redder by the second in front of Jian Chen. Her jade like white hands carried a blue colored Saint Force before flying at Jian Chen so fast that it whistled through the air.

Feeling the huge amount of Saint Force within her palm, Jian Chen’s face changed rapidly and became abnormally solemn. Gathering up the Saint Force within himself, he concentrated it in his right hand and lashed out.


The two palms collided against each other with a muffled explosion as the shockwave flew out in all directions. Jian Chen was sent flying backwards violently, crashing through various bushes before finally slumping to the ground.

“Pff!” A mouthful of blood splashed out from Jian Chen’s mouth and formed a small bloody mist for a brief moment. As it escaped

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