Chapter 97: Mysterious Old Man
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 97: Mysterious Old Man

The palm sent Jian Chen flying backwards into the air by 20 meters before sinking back down into the river. A look of astonishment flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes as he felt the strong energy from her hand. That single strike had caused a decent injury on him, as the bones where she had hit started to hurt as if something heavy had smashed into it.

Jian Chen’s arm paddled through the water briefly before he leapt into the forests on the opposite side of the river. Hiding behind a broad tree, he used his Saint Force to evaporate the water droplets on him before taking the Space Ring from his necklace. With a simple motion, he pulled out the last intact piece of clothing and put it on.

Just as Jian Chen put on his robes, his already pale face froze momentarily before leaping towards the side in a hurry.


Just as Jian Chen dodged to the side, the tree he had previously been hiding in exploded into splinters as a tremendous amount of pure Saint Force exploded on over. As it landed where Jian Chen was once at, the dirt around it was sent flying as a huge crater was left behind in the impact zone.

“You scoundrel, to think that you would peek at me taking a bath, I will definitely kill you!”

There was a small mournful tone mixed in within her angry words as her face grew redder by the second in front of Jian Chen. Her jade like white hands carried a blue colored Saint Force before flying at Jian Chen so fast that it whistled through the air.

Feeling the huge amount of Saint Force within her palm, Jian Chen’s face changed rapidly and became abnormally solemn. Gathering up the Saint Force within himself, he concentrated it in his right hand and lashed out.


The two palms collided against each other with a muffled explosion as the shockwave flew out in all directions. Jian Chen was sent flying backwards violently, crashing through various bushes before finally slumping to the ground.

“Pff!” A mouthful of blood splashed out from Jian Chen’s mouth and formed a small bloody mist for a brief moment. As it escaped from his mouth, his face grew deathly pale.

With difficulty, Jian Chen tilted his head upwards in disbelief at the woman in front of him. She wasn’t too far away from Jian Chen’s age and yet she had such an unbelievably strong amount of strength, he had estimated that she possessed Great Saint Master strength at the very least. This was deduced by the fact that Jian Chen knew his own strength like the back of his hand, especially after fighting against Saint Masters while in the Magical Beast Mountain Range. With his current strength, even Saint Masters wouldn’t be able to contend against him. So the woman right in front of him was an unbelievably strong opponent that he wasn’t able to defeat with ease with his current strength.

“Great Saint Master!” Jian Chen swallowed nervously. To think that the woman in front of him was actually that strong, Jian Chen couldn’t believe it. In Kargath Academy, where every single gifted individual of Gesun Kingdom was gathered, there were still quite a number of young women of the same age as the woman in front of him that weren’t even able to condense the Saint Weapon to promote into the Saint level.

The woman slowly walked towards Jian Chen with the beauty of an immortal that could almost be said to be unmatched within the world. Her beautiful eyes were filled with shame and indignation, her fury slowly tearing away her charm. Covered with a strong killing intent as she gave the death glare towards Jian Chen, it looked as if she had wanted nothing more but to make mincemeat out of him.

The woman wore a pink leather robe that was rather messy. It was clear to see that she had thrown it on quickly without sparing enough time to smooth herself out. Her long hair was draped behind her shoulder and clung to her waist as water droplets slowly made contact with her robes. With her pink slippers that made no sound as she walked, the lady walked towards Jian Chen slowly with a blue colored sword in hand. Seeing the sword with such a color, Jian Chen’s face changed.

With difficulty, Jian Chen slowly crawled up from the ground as his right hand began to tremble. The woman was surely very strong, in a single blow, Jian Chen’s right arm had already suffered from such a critical blow.

Controlling the light Saint Force within the air, Jian Chen had made sure that the healing effects of the light Saint Force couldn’t be seen by his opponent first. When it came to the special attribute that was the light Saint Force, he did not want anyone to know about the milky white glow or healing abilities.

“Hold on, miss! This was just a misunderstanding, I had no intentions on peeking on the miss taking a bath!” Jian Chen laughed, the power of the lady’s strength had amazed him.

“You scoundrel, just shut up for me!” The woman’s beautiful face turned ashen as she heard Jian Chen. It was clear to see that she was not feeling better, and so with a single stride, her pink shoe lashed out at Jian Chen’s groin.

Jian Chen’s body swayed to the side by this and dodged it by a narrow margin. Soon after that moment, she turned around and chopped at Jian Chen with her blue colored sword.

The blue sword was traveling fast, and in a blink of an eye, it was already by Jian Chen’s figure. Seeing this, Jian Chen began to turn around but despite this, there was still a large sword wound that appeared on Jian Chen’s chest. Blood began to fly out like a fountain as it flowed from his body violently; in a flash, Jian Chen’s newest pair of clothing had been dyed red with blood.

Unable to realize he was cut, a burning sensation began to swell up within Jian Chen as he realized there was pain happening. Quickly, he began to gain some distance from her while letting the slender form of the Light Wind Sword appear within his hand. Although Jian Chen had chanced upon the sight of her naked body, this was not on purpose. He had already apologized three or four times, but the lady was still so angry and calling for his death, this brought about no small amount of anger from her.

The young woman did not plan on letting Jian Chen go at all and chased after him.

Her blue sword carried a type of Saint Force that seemed to sound like waves as it slashed towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen let loose a groan as his eyes flashed with an icy cold glare. Despite the lady being stronger, he wasn’t the type of person to sit around and wait to be captured. With the wave of his hand, the Light Wind Sword sprung into action. In a streak of silver, the sword attacked at the throat of the would be murderer.

The sword was already going as fast as it possibly could, but the strength of his opponent wasn’t so great that he would not dare try to block the attack. He would do whatever it takes to win, even if his opponent was a girl, Jian Chen didn’t hesitate at all.

Just as the blue sword was about to make contact with Jian Chen again, he twisted his body and caused the sword to narrowly scrape against his armpit. Jian Chen on the other hand already had his sword pointed at her throat.

At that moment, the lady let loose an expression full of panic as she gave a small shout. Immediately turning his neck, she had dodged Jian Chen’s stab at her throat, but despite all that, there was a thin line of blood that leaked out from the small wound the sword had made.

Feeling a small pain in her neck, the lady had a small expression of panic as her beautiful eyes finally began to reveal the tiniest amount of fear.

Seeing this, Jian Chen began to smile inwardly. Although the woman was strong, she did not have have enough combat experience, so in this fight, she was at a disadvantage.

However, Jian Chen didn’t plan on letting the woman go either. Feeling the sharp burning pain inflicted onto him by her, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword became indistinct as it chased after the woman.

The woman’s face grew even more panicked as the Light Wind Sword began to pierce through her body. Suddenly, the woman’s body suddenly disappeared from Jian Chen’s line of sight before reappearing 10 meters away for some strange reason, as if it was some sort of magic trick.

Jian Chen’s heart trembled as he watched the girl reappear 10 meters away from him. But when he saw that the girl’s face was paling, it looked like it had taken a great amount of energy to use such a fast movement technique.

“Could it be this is a special type of battle skill?!” Jian Chen thought.

“You scoundrel, to think you would raise your hand against a woman, this one will not let you go!”

To be put in such a state by a weaker person, the girl was furious. After yelling at Jian Chen, the blue colored sword in her hand began to glow brighter as all of the Saint Force within her surged out and pulsed around the sword.

The woman raised her sword and yelled, “First Form of the Imperial Water Arts--Water Dragon Strike!” As she spoke, the concentrated amount of Saint Force within her sword took on the form of a dragon almost instantaneously before breaking away from the sword and charged at Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s face changed the very moment he saw the blurry form of the dragon come out from the sword. When the dragon came into view, Jian Chen had felt a strong sense of pressure, making him feel like he was carrying a thousand pound rock on his back. Just breathing was already a heavy task, let alone dodging.

His face changed even more drastically as he realized his current situation. The only way to defend himself against this water dragon was to dodge, but he was incapable of doing so. He knew that the amount of Saint Force within the water dragon was strong enough that he wouldn’t be able to take it without it inflicting serious damage.

“Such a threatening person, don’t blame me if I treat you badly!” Jian Chen’s eyes glinted dangerously as Sword Qi began to swirl around his sword once more. Once fully enveloped, the sword lifted off from Jian Chen’s hands and shot towards the woman at such a speed that even the naked eye would have difficulty spotting it. When the woman saw the sword coming at her, the wound on her neck began to sting faintly.

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The lady grew pale with fright, the secret technique she had used to dodge Jian Chen’s blow earlier had taken up a lot of energy as well as with the water dragon. Right now her internal Saint Force was practically empty, so she wasn’t able to dodge the sword.

Desperately, she commanded the water dragon to come back and block the incoming sword. Immediately, the water dragon turned around and chased after the Light Wind Sword. Opening up its giant jaw, it snapped at the Light Wind Sword.

However, the Light Wind Sword was incomparably faster than the dragon. As the jaws of the water dragon snapped shut, it only tasted air as the sword was now just a meter away from the lady’s neck.

“Outrageous, to have the audacity to raise a hand against the young miss!”

At this critical moment, a furious aged man came flying from the skies, shouting in a loud tone that echoed throughout the area. The figure of a large man flew out and stood in front of the woman, blocking the Light Wind Sword.

This was an elderly man around the age of **, with a large build that seemed to have a height of two meters tall. He wore a white robe that had his hair trailing behind him with a jade ring holding it in place. His sharp eyes with matching white eyebrows had made him look like a very sharp individual.

Seeing the Light Wind Sword travel towards him, the elderly man couldn’t help but have a look of disdain. With a sneer, he lifted his powerful looking right arm into the air and caught the blade in between his two fingers. Despite the strong amount of Sword Qi, it had not damaged the elderly man at all.

Right after, the elder waved his other arm at the incoming water dragon, causing it to stop suddenly. In the next moment, the water dragon started to dissipate before dispersing into the Qi of the world.

“Uncle Feng, help me kill him quickly!” Seeing the arrival of the elderly man, the woman’s face no longer had a look of terror, instead, the lovely tone returned to her speech as she spoke angrily as if she was wronged by Jian Chen.

The elderly man didn’t pay attention to her, instead, his eyes gazed at the Light Wind Sword that was stopped by him with a small amount of astonishment. Tilting his head to look at Jian Chen, he said, “What is your name, and who is your master?”

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