Chapter 96: A Lucky Encounter With a Woman by the River
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 96: A Lucky Encounter With a Woman by the River

Over the course of those 10 days, Jian Chen had hunted many Class 3 Magical Beasts. Although there weren’t as many beasts as when he had hunted in Kargath Forest, the profits he had received were still high. He had about 20 Class 3 Monster Cores, which was only a little bit more than how many Class 2 Monster Cores he had. Considering how fast he had initially cultivated the 3 Class 3 Monster Cores from before, he would probably finish cultivating the rest of the cores in around seven days.

What Jian Chen didn’t know however, was that since he was traveling alone in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, magical beasts would come upon him more frequently than if he was in a large group of mercenaries. This was because many magical beasts on the mountain range had an extremely sensitive sense of smell and high vigilance. Since they had lived their entire lives on the mountain range, their ability to track footprints was remarkable, and so if they had come across a strong group with many footprints, then the magical beasts would carefully run far away from them. So although the magical beasts did not have any intellect, their honed survival had ingrained themselves deep within their minds.

But if they were to come across a weak or single person that they were sure they could kill and eat, then the previously hiding magical beasts would come out and search for that person. They wouldn’t need to use an extraordinary amount of energy to chase after and hunt their prey, so since Jian Chen was by himself in this place, the chance of encountering a magical beast was greatly increased.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Jian Chen’s “Spirit” was strong enough to detect movements around him, he would had been beaten black and blue by the sneak attacks from some magical beasts.

The next day, the crosslegged Jian Chen finally opened his eyes as he awoke from his cultivation on top of a tree branch, and jumped down onto the ground. Dusting himself off, he took a look at the monster cores he had stored within his Space Belt. During this short amount of time, he had collected a decent amount of monster cores, and even though he had used many cores to cultivate, his Space Ring still had plenty of cores in stock.

“There are still 50 Class 2 Monster Cores and 120 Class 3 Monster Cores.” Checking the inventory within the Space Belt, Jian Chen nodded his head in satisfaction. Currently he was using 20 Class 2 Monster Cores to cultivate with per night, and his Space Belt only had enough for two days worth of cultivation at most. All of the other monster cores added together would last for over 10 days.

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