Chapter 95: Pitiful Harvest
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 95: Pitiful Harvest

Using the Soul Sword, Jian Chen had caught the Saint Master off guard and killed him. The other mercenaries who had run off in all directions to escape had fallen one after another to Jian Chen’s sword.

The silver glow from the sword flashed as it shot towards Jian Chen. Holding his hand into the air, the sword immediately returned to its rightful place in his hands. As it smacked into his palms, a fierce amount of Sword Qi briefly shot out from the sword.

A few moments after the Light Wind Sword returned to Jian Chen, the intense atmosphere coming from the sword suddenly disappeared without a trace. Soon after, the Light Wind Sword also slowly disappeared.

“Hu…” Jian Chen let out a long breath of air. He had already fought two battles in a row; this wasn’t an easy feat to do. After killing the Silver Striped Golden Snake and then killing the two Saint Master mercenaries, Jian Chen’s internal Saint Force was all but gone. If it wasn’t for the fact that his Ziqing’s Law of the Sword was a unique technique, his Saint Force would not have gained so many mystical effects. Without it, Jian Chen would have been unable to kill the Silver Striped Golden Snake, let alone fight another battle after it.

Jian Chen shifted his body. Just as he began to move, the wound on his back immediately seared with hot pain. The muscles on Jian Chen's face twitched a few times due to the strong feeling of pain.

“This really hurts!” Jian Chen hissed under his breath. Wanting to move, his powerful Soul gathered a large amount of the Light Saint Force from the World Qi towards him. Slowly, a large indistinct white ball of light that had appeared around him began to slowly turn milky white. Although the light was dazzling, it was extremely warm, and did not hurt the eyes at all.

Bathing in the glow of the milky white light, Jian Chen’s figure became so indistinct within the glow that it was hard to see him. Even the deep cut on his back was quickly healing itself under the energy of the Light Saint Force.

Under this Light Saint Force, a comfor

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