Chapter 95: Pitiful Harvest
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 95: Pitiful Harvest

Using the Soul Sword, Jian Chen had caught the Saint Master off guard and killed him. The other mercenaries who had run off in all directions to escape had fallen one after another to Jian Chen’s sword.

The silver glow from the sword flashed as it shot towards Jian Chen. Holding his hand into the air, the sword immediately returned to its rightful place in his hands. As it smacked into his palms, a fierce amount of Sword Qi briefly shot out from the sword.

A few moments after the Light Wind Sword returned to Jian Chen, the intense atmosphere coming from the sword suddenly disappeared without a trace. Soon after, the Light Wind Sword also slowly disappeared.

“Hu…” Jian Chen let out a long breath of air. He had already fought two battles in a row; this wasn’t an easy feat to do. After killing the Silver Striped Golden Snake and then killing the two Saint Master mercenaries, Jian Chen’s internal Saint Force was all but gone. If it wasn’t for the fact that his Ziqing’s Law of the Sword was a unique technique, his Saint Force would not have gained so many mystical effects. Without it, Jian Chen would have been unable to kill the Silver Striped Golden Snake, let alone fight another battle after it.

Jian Chen shifted his body. Just as he began to move, the wound on his back immediately seared with hot pain. The muscles on Jian Chen's face twitched a few times due to the strong feeling of pain.

“This really hurts!” Jian Chen hissed under his breath. Wanting to move, his powerful Soul gathered a large amount of the Light Saint Force from the World Qi towards him. Slowly, a large indistinct white ball of light that had appeared around him began to slowly turn milky white. Although the light was dazzling, it was extremely warm, and did not hurt the eyes at all.

Bathing in the glow of the milky white light, Jian Chen’s figure became so indistinct within the glow that it was hard to see him. Even the deep cut on his back was quickly healing itself under the energy of the Light Saint Force.

Under this Light Saint Force, a comfortable and refreshing feeling spontaneously arose from his chest, and quickly spread throughout his entire body. It bypassed Jian Chen's self-control, and he could barely hold himself back from ** .

Although he had already used the Light Saint Force before while trying to resist the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s venom, his attention had been stretched thinly at that time, so he hadn’t noticed the feeling of happiness the Light Saint Force had brought to him. But now that he could fully focus, Jian Chen finally realized how much of a pleasure the Light Saint Force could give.

The Light Saint Force continued on for a while before gradually disappearing, showing Jian Chen’s body once more.

Jian Chen twisted his arm behind his back to feel the wound that was previously there, but he could only feel smooth skin. Although the shirt he was wearing was moist with blood, he didn’t feel any type of pain, and not a hint of a scar could be found.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Jian Chen began to smile at the miraculous results the light Saint Force had shown. With a skill like this, Jian Chen’s ability to save his own life would be even more bountiful on the Tian Yuan Continent from now on.

Just then, a dizzy sensation struck Jian Chen as the world seemed to sway twice for him. The dizzy spell was over in a moment only to be replaced with a wave of exhaustion. At that moment, Jian Chen felt that he had not slept for a whole day and night, and was in a very serious state of weariness. Jian Chen wanted to just find a bed and sleep in it right then.

“What a pity, the Soul Sword and the light Saint Force brings about such a high energy consumption. Right now my soul is evidently all used up.” Jian Chen gloomily sighed to himself. He knew that in the future, he would have to refrain from using the Soul Sword and light Saint Force too much. Otherwise, if he ran out of soul in the future, it would majorly affect his fighting strength.

Fortunately, while his soul was for the most part exhausted, it was not at a critical point yet, so his fighting strength was not impacted by that much.

Taking out an intact set of clothes from within his Space Belt, Jian Chen looked at the few mercenaries on the ground. Looking at the Space Belts on their waists, anticipation flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes.

“I hope there’s a few good things in them.” Jian Chen thought to himself. On the Tian Yuan Continent, a majority of people generally put all of their valuables within their Space Belts. It could be said that a single Space Belt could contain a person’s life savings. Of course, many weaker mercenaries were very poor, and so they wouldn’t have much in their Space Belts.

Walking past the mercenaries without touching their Space Belts, Jian Chen quickly walked up to the Silver Striped Golden Snake and put it in his Space Ring.

Since the Silver Striped Golden Snake was huge, it had taken Jian Chen the same amount of time it took for a candle wick to burn to store the snake in the Space Ring. Placing the Space Ring within the folds of his inner robes once more, Jian Chen let loose a breath in relaxation as an inconcealable feeling of joy took hold.

“An unpoisonable body!” Recollections of the good benefits of the Ten Thousand Immunity came flashing back into Jian Chen’s head. Right now. he had the body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake. And although he had swallowed a good amount of the snake’s blood, the rest of it was still within the body of the snake. It could be said that given enough time, Jian Chen could take the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s blood and gall bladder and refine them to gain an unpoisonable body.

Slowly calming down his heart, Jian Chen walked towards the bodies of the mercenaries once more and removed their Space Belts. Making sure they didn’t have any additional items, he departed from the area and disappeared into the forest.

Once Jian Chen was far enough, he found an empty spot to sit down with his legs crossed.. He then took out the 20 Space Belts, and began to look through them.

The items within the Space Belts were numerous; a good majority of them were essentials that were needed to survive within the Tian Yuan Continent. Comforters, tents, food and water accounted for half of the items, while the rest were all items of little worth. There were pitiful amounts of silver and copper coins stacked on top of each other within the Space Belts, but Jian Chen did not feel inclined to take such a trifle amount.

After going through quite a few of the Space Belts, Jian Chen still couldn’t find any items of value. The Space Belts only had items for everyday use like bandages and herbs--there wasn’t even a single Class 1 Monster Core to be seen.

Jian Chen didn’t have a surprised look on his face, since he knew that these mercenaries were here in the Magical Beast Mountain Range to earn a profit in the first place. To be trying to earn money in such a place could only mean that they were poor; the most valuable items they could possibly have would be a few low leveled monster cores.

After going through half of the Space Belts, Jian Chen finally found one that had a small pile of around a dozen monster cores, but they were all pretty much Class 1 or Class 2.

Taking the monster cores from the Space Belt, Jian Chen continued to look through the rest of the Space Belts.

Quickly, Jian Chen had finished looking through the 20 Space Belts and casually tossed them to the side. Turning his head back to look at the small pile of monster cores and money, Jian Chen couldn’t help but have a look of helplessness.

From the 20 Space Belts, he had only collected around 20 monster cores and almost 100 Gold Coins. Among those 20 monster cores, there was a single Class 3 Monster Core, 6 Class 2 Monster Cores, and the rest were only Class 1 Monster Cores.

Not knowing if he should laugh or cry, Jian Chen shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Isn’t this profit way too low? There were two Saint Masters within the group and yet they still have only this pitiful amount of monster cores. I could get more by myself in a single day.” Storing the gold coins and monster cores within his own Space Belt, Jian Chen left the area.

The following day, Jian Chen drifted through the depths of the Magical Beast Forest. However after being chased by the Silver Striped Golden Snake, he was already very close to the abyss of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. The majority of the magical beasts here would be at the Class 3 level, and a very few of them would be at the Class 2 level.

Compared to the Great Saint leveled Jian Chen, Class 3 Magical Beasts were no longer as much of a threat as they once were. Although it took some more effort to kill them, the profits here would be greater since there were more Class 3 Magical Beasts than Class 2 Magical Beasts. A single Class 3 Monster Core had the same amount of energy as ten Class 2 Monster Cores, and even the purity of the energy within the core was better than the Class 2 Monster Core. They were necessary for Jian Chen to use to cultivate, as 3 Class 3 Monster Cores would most likely take him the entire night with his terribly fast rate of consumption.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had spent another ten days in the forest where he hunted for magical beasts in the day and cultivated in isolation at night. After those 10 days, Jian Chen’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds. Although he was still at the Primary Great Saint level, he could clearly sense that he was not all that far away from the Middle Great Saint level.

During these 10 days, Jian Chen would spend each day walking through the mountains carefully with one of the Class 3 Monster Cores in hand. At one point, Jian Chen had come across a Class 4 Magical Beast, but it was far too strong for him to fight against. After a dozen blows, Jian Chen had escaped while suffering from a serious injury. From that point on, Jian Chen had recognized the strength of a Class 4 Magical Beast, so he continued to fight against Class 3 Magical Beasts instead. Afterwards, whenever he encountered a Class 4 Magical Beast, he would just run away immediately without provoking it.

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