Chapter 94: Annihilating Everyone
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 94: Annihilating Everyone

Avoiding the middle-aged man’s great sword, Jian Chen appeared in front of the other mercenaries with his Light Wind Sword, stabbing out multiple times in unbroken succession. At the same time, the mercenaries raised their Saint Weapons one after another to swing at him.

“Ding ding ding!”

The noise of many weapons colliding could be heard. In a brief moment, Jian Chen used an unimaginably fast speed to slash out dozens of times, causing the Saint Weapons that the mercenaries attacked him with to deviate from their original trajectories. Afterwards, Jian Chen’s actions contained no hesitation as the Light Wind Sword in his hand emitted an indistinct sword glow. Taking advantage of the moment where the mercenaries were trying to bring their Saint Weapons in their hands back under control, the Light Wind Sword once again transformed into dozens of silvery white flashes that pierced outwards.

“Pf!” “Pf!” “Pf!”

In that short moment, Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword stabbed out three times, each one accurately hitting the throats of three different mercenaries. Their bodies went rigid immediately as their throats started to leak blood, dying their necks red. Slowly, their bodies fell to the ground.

At that moment, a sharp sound carrying a strong amount of power pierced the air, wooshing in from the side. Sensing this strength that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Jian Chen immediately turned around and shifted toward the side by two meters. But before Jian Chen could get to the side safely, another surge of wind came at Jian Chen and arrived right in front of him in a blink of an eye.

Jian Chen’s face didn’t change at all as he brought his Light Wind Sword to block the frontal attack.


A huge sword heavily smashed against Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword, causing Jian Chen to fly back uncontrollably by quite a few meters.


As Jian Chen flew through the air, a long silver spear chased after Jian Chen’s heart with an ear piercing whistle.

Sensing that the silver spear had a great amount of Saint Force within it, Jian Chen grew solemn as he saw the second Saint Master had finally taken action.

Jian Chen stamped down onto the ground fiercely, leaving a deep footprint as he forcibly stopped his body from continuously retreating backwards, His right hand shook as his Light Wind Sword slashed at the spear in front of him without fear.


The tips of the Light Wind Sword and spear collided into each other in midair. Seeing this, Jian Chen’s eyes flashed coldly as an intense amount of Sword Qi escaped from his sword. It transmitted through the spear toward the 30 year old man.

Catching on to what Jian Chen was planning, the 30 year old man sneered. Following after, an enormous amount of Saint Force came flooding out from his body, coursing along the spear toward the Light Wind Sword. It stopped Jian Chen’s Sword Qi in the spear from moving any closer. Immediately afterwards, the Sword Qi momentarily stopped advancing forward due to the collision with the flood of Saint Force that moved like a galloping wild horse. This weakened its advancing speed.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed dangerously as he began to increase the amount of energy to fight against the man. Immediately, an intense amount of Sword Qi surged outwards, smashing against the Saint Force of the other man without fear.


As Jian Chen’s unique Sword Qi made contact with the other mercenary’s Saint Force, a loud explosion was heard. The energy from the contact exploded outwards, with the colliding Saint Weapons as the epicenter.

The shockwave caused the two fighters to be blown backwards. With each step they traveled, the mercenary left a deep footprint from stepping heavily on the ground. However, Jian Chen’s body looked incomparably nimble. As his toes lightly made contact with the ground, he swayed momentarily before quickly shaking off that backwards momentum.

However, just as Jian Chen stabilised his body, a fierce force came from behind him and approached his body in a blink of an eye.

Jian Chen’s face changed slightly. Just from his recent encounter against that mercenary, he had used up a lot of energy. At the moment, he was lacking some strength, and was unable to gather enough Saint Force to resist the incredibly strong Saint Master’s attack from behind him. In a moment of desperation, Jian Chen rolled to the ground to evade, but even so, the great sword had landed a wound on his back, so deep that even the bone could be seen.

“Ha!” Seeing that he now had the upper hand, he raised his sword mercilessly once more to slash at Jian Chen.

Feeling a burning sharp sensation in his back, Jian Chen bit his lip as his left hand hit the floor. His entire body immediately flew upwards. Then, his body slightly twisted to the side, barely dodging the second sword stroke from the man by a hair. However, his Light Wind Sword flashed like a bolt of lightning as it pierced towards the older mercenary at an extremely fast speed.

The older man was alarmed. Since he had just swung his Saint Weapon, it was far too late for him to pull it back and defend himself. Forced by the desperate situation, the man tilted his head narrowly to dodge the sword piercing towards his throat. However, despite managing to dodge the fatal blow, the sword had still left a small nick on his neck that dripped with blood.

With a grim smile, Jian Chen twisted his wrist to allow his Light Wind Sword to chase after the other man’s neck once more, before the man could even react.

Immediately after the silver Light Wind Sword flashed across the man’s neck, his face became rigid as blood began to pulsate out of his neck in small waves.

“Y-you…” The man’s eyes opened wide as he looked at Jian Chen in disbelief. He strained to lift his hand, finger slowly shaking as it pointed at Jian Chen. It seemed as if he wanted to say something, but the wound on his neck prevented him from doing so. In the end, the man wordlessly collapsed on the ground.

Seeing the dead man, the remaining mercenaries could only be extremely shocked. They began to look at Jian Chen with expressions of extreme dread.

Upon killing the middle aged man, Jian Chen didn’t leave any time for the other mercenaries to catch their breaths. With his Light Wind Sword, he began to run towards the remaining people.

Seeing Jian Chen approach, the single remaining Saint Master mercenary moved forward to block him. With a thrust, his long spear immediately disappeared and reappeared in a blur towards Jian Chen.

The other Great Saint mercenaries had been intimidated by the death of the middle aged Saint Master, and were afraid of charging forward. The idea of retreating had already been planted within their hearts. If not for the other Saint Master level mercenary, then they would had already long since run away.

“Ding ding ding…”

A series of colliding sounds sung throughout the forest as Jian Chen and the 30 year old mercenary exchanged a dozen blows at a lightning fast speed in a brief moment. Now that there were no outside factors, Jian Chen’s Sword Qi had swiftly helped him take the advantage and completely suppressed the other person. In the blink of an eye, the youth was forced onto the defensive.

Because Jian Chen’s swordplay was far too fast, the 30 year old mercenary didn’t dare attack. Instead, he continued defending himself, reacting to Jian Chen’s movements. He was afraid that if he were to try to attack, then Jian Chen would be able to swiftly use that moment to kill him before the man could even complete the attack.

Not only that, but Jian Chen was fighting him at close range. The 30 year old mercenary wasn’t able to show off the true power of his long spear at such a short distance, so he was left with the feeling of having one arm tied behind his back.

After attaining the Great Saint level, Jian Chen’s battle strength had improved several times over. So with his current strength, he could contend against those a level higher than him on equal footing.

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After a dozen high speed blows were exchanged, the two were finally split apart. However, the 30 year old man looked to be in a sorry state as his clothes were completely ruined by this point. A few parts of his body had deep looking wounds, and even his neck had a thin line from where Jian Chen had only barely cut apart the first layer of skin.

As for Jian Chen, besides the single wound on his back, he didn’t look very different. The only change was that his face had grown paler.

Staring at Jian Chen with a hardened face, the 30 year old mercenary said, “The enemy is far too strong! I’ll stall him while everyone else runs away!” After fighting Jian Chen, the 30 year old mercenary knew how fast and strong Jian chen was. In the mercenary’s heart, he knew that it was possible he wouldn’t be leaving here alive, so he had to take the worst plan of action for himself.

He had realized another thing in his heart regarding the situation with the Silver Striped Golden Snake. For the sake of keeping this matter a secret, Jian Chen would definitely kill anyone that tried to leave this place. He wouldn’t let anyone spread details about the situation. If it was the mercenary who was in this situation, he would have done the same thing.

This was the rule for survival for the Tian Yuan Continent; everything was decided by the fist. Whoever was strongest would have the last laugh.

Hearing these words, the remaining mercenaries all started a bit before immediately running away from the area in all directions.

Seeing every mercenary scamper away, Jian Chen’s face darkened. He slashed his sword to try to kill the man quickly.

“Ah!” The 30 year old mercenary let loose a battle cry as he moved towards Jian Chen without fear. Because of the speed Jian Chen demonstrated, the man knew that it was unlikely that he would be leaving here alive. Rather than dying with everyone else, he had decided that it was better to use his life to garner some time for everyone else. Once the news of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was leaked out, there would be no shortage of people to avenge him.


The Light Wind Sword collided with the long spear once again, causing sparks to fly out between the two. Then, under the 30 year old mercenary’s control, the sword was flipped on top of the spear and was immediately sent flying into the air as he performed a habituary move.

At this, the man looked on with shock. However, a joyous look soon appeared on his face as he immediately manipulated the spear to stab straight towards Jian Chen’s throat.

Jian Chen smiled in disdain as his palms suddenly filled with very strong Saint Force. Both palms disappeared into a blur, and his hands blurred as they shot out to grab onto the spear shaft tightly.

At the same time, the Light Wind Sword that had been knocked into the air suddenly stopped, as it began to pulse out a shroud of Sword Qi that enveloped the sword. With a large glow, the Light Wind Sword traveled through the air quickly, like a flash of light, appearing as if it could cut open a space in the air. With an ear piercing whistle, the sword bore through the man’s throat, disappearing into the nearby forest area.



Suddenly, the loud cries of a few people could be heard from within the forests.

The Spirit Sword was Jian Chen’s last resort. Until it was the final moment, Jian Chen would not use it easily.

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