Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing

Seeing Jian Chen come at them at such a high speed, the mercenaries all came to their senses and summoned their Saint Weapons in preparation to attack him.

Jian Chen didn’t want to be entangled with them, so instead of taking the blows head on, he dodged their attacks and quickly moved to their sides. In an instant, his sword sliced through the necks of two mercenaries.

As the silver light disappeared, the two mercenaries became rigid as the light in their eyes slowly faded away. From their necks, a slow trickle of blood started to flow out for everyone to see. In the next instant, the blood suddenly began to surge out from their wounds as the bodies slowly toppled to the ground.

Without slowing down, Jian Chen swept past the two dead bodies and charged at the hindmost mercenaries in the blink of an eye; these were the weakest of the group and thus were Jian Chen’s first targets. Although there were around 20 mercenaries total, the majority of them were only Saints and Great Saints. Only the first middle aged man and one other were Saint Masters.

Using the Profound Steps, Jian Chen immediately flickered behind the group. His Light Wind Sword flashed as mercenaries continued to fall to his blade. The mercenaries who were only Saints were unable to do anything against such a fast attack. Since they were unable to react at all, there was no way they could possibly resist.

In the time it took to take a breath, the mercenaries that were barely at the Saint level had died by Jian Chen’s sword. The remaining people who were of the Great Saint level or above had already started to prepare themselves to defend against Jian Chen.

Even after killing all of the weak Saints, Jian Chen didn’t pause at all. The Light Wind Sword became a flash of silver lightning as he swung out at the one of the Great Saint mercenaries next to him.

Seeing such a fast attack come at him, the mercenary’s face immediately changed. Since there was no time to dodge, he could only desperately throw his battleaxe up in front of him.

But Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword was like a viper. With a single movement, its trajectory suddenly lowered and changed from aiming at the mercenary’s throat to his heart.

“Pft!” This time, the Great Saint mercenary wasn’t able to react. The silver streak that was the Light Wind Sword embedded itself deeply into the left side of the man’s chest, piercing straight through his heart.

Just as quickly as it entered, the sword was immediately pulled out of the man’s chest. Jian Chen then began to move on to fiercely attack the other mercenaries.

Seeing their comrades die so quickly right in front of their eyes, the remaining mercenaries all cried out in both anger and shock.

“Bastard, go die!”

“Give back the lives of our comrades!”

The remaining Great Saint mercenaries all rallied together and raised their Saint Weapons to attack Jian Chen from various directions and seal off any possible escape routes Jian Chen had.

Jian Chen let loose a subtle sneer before swinging his sword in a way that left a silver crescent trail behind. Like lightning, the sword pierced the other Great Saints.

“Ding!” “Ding!” “Ding!”

In that short moment, Jian Chen’s sword had rapidly hit three of the mercenaries’ Saint Weapons dead on. With each collision, a metallic sound rang out, but Jian Chen had swung so fast, it was it was hard to differentiate separate weapons, as the sound was was just like a single loud collision’s.

The moment the Light Wind Sword made contact, a large amount of force was transmitted back through the mercenaries’ Saint Weapons.

Feeling the feedback transmitted back to them, the mercenaries’ faces all changed. Unable to control their bodies, they were forced back a few steps. None of them had thought that such a slender sword would contain a power that was definitely not inferior to any other’s.

The flash of light in that instant sparkled brightly with killing intent. Using the opportunity given by people suffering from temporary paralysis, Suo Jia approached the unmoving mercenary. The Light Wind Sword became covered by a dense layer of Sword Qi, and it rapidly shot towards the mercenary’s neck.

Faced with such a fast sword, the mercenary hadn’t managed to even regain his footing couldn’t put up any form of resistance at all. During his final moment, his expression of one of shock and anger at the sight of the Light Wind Sword having already deeply pierced through his throat. Fresh blood suddenly burst forth directly from the hole, completely covering Jian Chen, as the sword was completely pushed through the body and out of the wound.

Right at this moment, a strong gale attacked Jian Chen from behind. Jian Chen’s eyes flashed as he immediately pulled his sword out from the neck of the mercenary he just killed. Jian Chen turned around with his Sword Qi enhanced Light Wind Sword, and quickly thrusted his blade behind him like a flash of silver-white lightning.


The two finger-wide swords clashed against the three inch-wide blade in midair, neither Saint Weapon forced the other backwards, and the two were stuck in something like a stalemate.

However, no one had noticed that the moment the swords had collided, Jian Chen’s right arm had shaken twice afterwards.

Jian Chen’s eyes swivelled upwards to look at the owner of the great sword coldly. It was the middle aged mercenary that had first spoken out before; the man was looking at him with an extremely overcast expression, but his eyes were filled with intense killing intent.

“Haa!” The middle aged man cried out angrily, the bloodlust flashing in his eyes. His left hand curled into a fist, and shot it out toward Jian Chen, bringing a bitter cold wind along with it.

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Jian Chen’s eyes flashed coldly as he sneered. Against the middle aged man’s strong fist, he wouldn’t run; instead, Jian Chen would raise his own fist without fear.


The fists collided against each other with a loud bang. At the moment of contact, a powerful shock wave came out from between the two and affected everything in all directions. Under this almost invisible force of strength, the surrounding trees nearby the two combatants began to sway. Even some of the weeds nearby were immediately flattened to the ground.

As for the two fighters, the force of their blows caused a powerful aftershock that forced the two to retreat a few steps. Finally, at a distance of 10m, the warrior was swaying back and forth while waiting for the opponent.

The middle aged man looked at Jian Chen with an intense glare, “Youngster, you’re quite fast, I’ll take great pleasure in disposing of you.”

The remaining Great Saint mercenaries began to gather behind the middle aged man. Each one of them snarled at Jian Chen with an angry look.

Jian Chen stared coldly at the group of mercenaries without saying a word. Since the Silver Striped Golden Snake was now discovered by them, Jian Chen had no other choice but to silence them. With the experiences from his previous world, Jian Chen wasn’t some new inexperienced youth; he knew that if the news about the Silver Striped Golden Snake were to leak out, then it would bring him an endless amount of trouble since the snake was a very precious source of profit. Many of the major wealthy clans would go to war in order to obtain the Silver Striped Golden Snake. If he were to come across those clans, it would be even worse than his current troubles with the Hua Yun Sect, so this was something that Jian Chen wanted to avoid at all costs. Thus, with this chance, Jian Chen definitely wanted to kill the mercenaries here to stop the rumours before they started.

There were only 11 mercenaries left in the group aside from the middle aged Saint Master. Another man that looked to be 30 years old had also possessed near Saint Master strength. Amongst this mercenary group, it was only that thirty year old man and middle aged man that could give threaten Jian Chen.

Seeing that Jian Chen wasn’t talking, the middle aged man spoke out loud, “My fellow brothers, attack with me! If we kill him, not only will our dead comrades be avenged, but that Silver Striped Golden Snake will be ours! If we can take that Silver Striped Golden Snake, then we will no longer have to risk our lives in the Magical Beast Mountain Range in order to earn a profit!”

With that, the middle aged man charged towards Jian Chen, with the rest of the mercenaries following right behind him.

Jian Chen still didn’t say anything, but the fighting spirit within his heart had unconsciously reached a high point. Raising the Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen activated his Profound Steps and flew towards the group of mercenaries.

“Ha!” Seeing the charging Jian Chen, the middle aged man’s eyes revealed the killing intent within them. He brought his great sword high up into the air to prepare for splitting Jian Chen’s head in two later.

Jian Chen sneered once more; he had no wish to meet with the middle aged man. Altering his path, he slid by the man and continued onwards to fight the weaker mercenaries.

But the middle aged man had already taken a loss before from the very same tactics. He could only see the great sword suddenly change engles in midair as the path was changed with only brute force. Afterwards, the great sword followed behind Jian Chen, swept past his shadow, then continued to slash horizontally toward Jian Chen.

The great sword was definitely fast as well. As it traveled towards Jian Chen’s back, it carried about a strong gust of wind that immediately cut into Jian Chen’s waist without obstruction.

However there were no signs of a smile on the middle aged man’s face. Instead, his gaze hardened as he realized Jian Chen’s body gradually disappeared. “Mirror image!” He growled.

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