Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing

Seeing Jian Chen come at them at such a high speed, the mercenaries all came to their senses and summoned their Saint Weapons in preparation to attack him.

Jian Chen didn’t want to be entangled with them, so instead of taking the blows head on, he dodged their attacks and quickly moved to their sides. In an instant, his sword sliced through the necks of two mercenaries.

As the silver light disappeared, the two mercenaries became rigid as the light in their eyes slowly faded away. From their necks, a slow trickle of blood started to flow out for everyone to see. In the next instant, the blood suddenly began to surge out from their wounds as the bodies slowly toppled to the ground.

Without slowing down, Jian Chen swept past the two dead bodies and charged at the hindmost mercenaries in the blink of an eye; these were the weakest of the group and thus were Jian Chen’s first targets. Although there were around 20 mercenaries total, the majority of them were only Saints and Great Saints. Only the first middle aged man and one other were Saint Masters.

Using the Profound Steps, Jian Chen immediately flickered behind the group. His Light Wind Sword flashed as mercenaries continued to fall to his blade. The mercenaries who were only Saints were unable to do anything against such a fast attack. Since they were unable to react at all, there was no way they could possibly resist.

In the time it took to take a breath, the mercenaries that were barely at the Saint level had died by Jian Chen’s sword. The remaining people who were of the Great Saint level or above had already started to prepare themselves to defend against Jian Chen.

Even after killing all of the weak Saints, Jian Chen didn’t pause at all. The Light Wind Sword became a flash of silver lightning as he swung out at the one of the Great Saint mercenaries next to him.

Seeing such a fast attack come at him, the mercenary’s face immediately changed. Since there was no time to dodge, he could only desperately throw his battleaxe up in front of him.

But Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword was like a viper. With a single movement, its trajectory suddenly lowered and changed from aiming at the mercenary’s throat to his heart.

“Pft!” This time, the Great Saint mercenary wasn’t able to react. The silver streak that was the Light Wind Sword embedded itself deeply into the left side of the man’s chest, piercing straight through his heart.

Just as quickly as it entered, the sword was immediately pulled out of the man’s chest. Jian Chen then began to move on to fiercely attack the other mercenaries.

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