Chapter 92: Misfortune
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 92: Misfortune

Until Jian Chen was completely full from the fresh blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, unable to drink another drop of snake blood, he then finally stopped drinking.

“Ah!” Jian Chen tilted his head backwards and let loose a comfortable sound, then gasped for air.

Inside his body, the massive amount of energy from the snake blood had accumulates in his stomach. Finally it began to assimilate into his veins at an extremely slow speed, absorbed by the body. At the same time, on the left part of his body including his shoulder where the venom was, the previously black skin color was rapidly fading, returning back to a normal skin color.

Although the toxicity of the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s poison was incomparably strong, with only the snake’s blood as the cure, this detoxifying process was also extremely fast.

Not too long after, the poison inside Jian Chen’s body was completely detoxified. Aside from the two initial bite marks left on his shoulder, the skin color of his body was back to normal.

“Hu!” Seeing how his body was healthy once more, Jian Chen let out sigh of relief. It was fortunate that in the very last moment when he was fighting the Silver Striped Golden Snake, he had managed to successfully kill it. If not, even if he had had the light Saint Force to temporarily help him suppress the spread of the venom, he would not have been able to live past three days. After all, he was not able to maintain light Saint Force for a long period, since using his “Spirit” consumed an extremely large amount of energy.

Slowly standing on both feet, Jian Chen sized up the golden colored snake that lay on the floor before him with no small amount of excitement. The Silver Striped Golden Snake population didn’t surpass three digits on the Tian Yuan Continent so it could be said to be a very rare species. In addition, the body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was an extremely treasured commodity. This was no exaggeration; while the virulence of the poison was unmatched, its whole body was a treasure trove. It

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