Chapter 91: Slashing and Killing
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 91: Slashing and Killing

The Silver Striped Golden Snake cautiously stared at the floating Light Wind Sword with its forked tongue flickering in and out of its mouth. The incredibly strong and sharp Sword Qi gave off a dangerous air around it that the Silver Striped Golden Snake could easily feel, which made it not dare to attack carelessly.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes as he continued to carefully experience the mysterious sensation born from his spirit controlling the sword. Following this, his intention changed, and the Light Wind Sword became a silver streak of lightning and flew towards the snake without anyone moving it, at an unbelievably fast speed.


As the sword traveled through the air towards the head of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, it emitted an ear piercing shriek. Before the Silver Striped Golden Snake could even react, the Light Wind Sword had already pierced deep into its brain. Immediately, a deep wound appeared on its head as fresh blood began to flow out from it, dying the head of the snake a bloody red.

Even though Jian Chen was still bound up by the snake’s tail in midair, seeing the wound he inflicted on the snake have made him very happy. Since he could break apart the first layer of the snake’s defenses, this meant that Jian Chen had a chance of beheading and killing the snake.

Jian Chen once again used his spirit controlled sword technique to continuously attack the snake.


The Light Wind Sword under the Jian Chen’s control appeared to be a silver-white flash of lightning as it stabbed towards the Silver Striped Golden Snake repeatedly. However, the direction he was attacking toward now was the body of the snake.

Following the silver streak of light that flashed into the body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, another deep bloody wound appeared. Although the wound wasn’t a light one, it clearly hadn’t damaged the vital regions of the snake.

The snake’s heart was located seven inches away from its head. Although this attack had broken the snake’s skin right above its heart, it defense provided such a powerful resistance that the Light Wind Sword couldn’t harm the heart at all.

Feeling the layer of skin where its heart was being attacked, the snake became more frantic. In a rush, the snake began to coil its body around itself so that it could protect the spot that was just attacked. At the same time, the tail that wound around Jian Chen’s body had loosened and released him.

No longer constrained by the snake, Jian Chen dropped down to the ground. Just after he landed, a strong wave of nausea surged through Jian Chen’s head, but it was quickly suppressed by Jian Chen’s spirit.

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Using his right hand as a support, Jian Chen crawled up from the ground with some difficulty. He glanced at his left arm which he had completely lost all feeling in. Sensing that his whole body had become really weak, Jian Chen’s expression changed. With a sudden burst of power in his right arm, he ripped apart his own clothes, and saw that the entire section of his body starting from the end of his right arm all the way to the left half of his chest was pitch-black. The color was also visibly spreading throughout his entire body.

“What a strong venom.” Jian Chen’s face sank. Only a span of a few breaths time had passed since he had first been bitten by the snake, but within this short period, the poison had already spread to half of his body. Such a pace of progression caused Jian Chen to feel terrified. Moreover, the most frightening part was that his Saint Force was unable to suppress the spread of the venom.

Remembering that the light Saint Force was able t help suppress the venom, Jian Chen didn’t hesitate at all. While using his Light Wind Sword to fight off the Silver Striped Golden Snake and prevent any further attacks towards himself, he began to rapidly gather the light Saint Force from within the World Qi toward himself.

Under Jian Chen’s control, the light Saint Force began to gather where Jian Chen was with extreme speed. Upon reaching a certain concentration, a hazy white glow appear around his surroundings and was growing stronger very quickly. In the span of a few breaths, that previously hazy layer of white glow had completely changed into a strong milky white radiance ,enshrouding Jian Chen within it. It was as if he was wrapped within a white cocoon, and while the glow radiating from it was strong, it did not hurt the eyes.

Within the cocoon, the light Saint Force began to enter Jian Chen’s body as a steady stream. The quickly reacting poison had finally met with an obstruction, and it began to slow down tremendously. However, that was the only effect. Although the light Saint Force could bring about a miraculous healing effect and heal many of the world’s strongest snake venoms easily, it was not so for the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s poison. The light Saint Force could only bring about a temporary repressive effect.

On the other side of the cocoon, the Light Wind Sword changed into a silver radiance that spiralled around the snake endlessly, leaving a silvery white circle in the air. Trapped within the spiral, the Silver Striped Golden Snake stared vigilantly at the light while protecting the injured part of its body, without exposing it at all. Even the snake had realized by now that its life was being significantly threatened


The Light Wind Sword swirled around the snake with an ear piercing sound. In a split second, the sword stabbed at the snake’s head.

Under the control of Jian Chen’s spirit, the Light Wind Sword was simply too fast, multiple times faster than if Jian Chen were to personally swing it. Before the snake could even react, the sword had pierced its head once again.


Feeling a sharp pain, the Silver Striped Golden Snake began to hiss in pain while its forked tongue flicked about. Finally, it opened its mouth wide, and a thick gray fog of snake venom began to float out. The fog quickly spread out to the rest of the environment. In a flash, the plant life began to wilt rapidly. Even the nearby trees that had very strong vitality couldn’t resist this venom; they withered as the previously lush leaves became orange, falling down to the ground slowly, as if it was autumn.

As the poisonous fog permeated the air of the surrounding area and dissipated into the surroundings, the previously verdant and lush trees began to wither and wilt as they came into contact with the fog.

When the poisonous fog had first appeared, Jian Chen had immediately held his breath, as the milky white cocoon rapidly dissipated. Even with the light Saint Force, the extremely dangerous snake venom could not be cured, so Jian Chen was very afraid of this fog.

Borrowing the cover of its poisonous fog, the Silver Striped Golden Snake began to move; it immediately slithered backwards to escape.The infamous snake that had spread fear with its name alone was feeling dread in its heart from the speed of the Light Wind Sword, as the snake couldn’t follow the blade’s movements. In a life threatening situation like this one, the Silver Striped Golden Snake had given up on chasing Jian Chen.

Seeing the snake trying to run away, Jian Chen became anxious. Without hesitation, he commanded the Light Wind Sword to chase after it at the fastest speed possible.

Since he was poisoned by the venom from earlier, he definitely needed the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake to cure himself. Otherwise, even if he were to use the light Saint Force to suppress the spread of the venom, he would still die in the end. This was because the light Saint Force was only a temporary measure. Moreover, gathering the light Saint Force took a lot out of him, so Jian Chen wouldn’t be able to keep it up forever.

The Light Wind Sword streaked by the forests in a huge ray of light. In a flash, it had caught up to the Silver Striped Golden Snake and stabbed into its body near where its heart was.

Against the fast speed of the Light Wind Sword, the snake had no time to react at all; the sword easily penetrated its underside and through its heart.

When the sword stabbed into its heart, the Silver Striped Golden Snake shook heavily a final time before it came to a grinding halt. With a loud desolate hiss that shook the heavens, it fell to the ground lifelessly.

“Phew!” Jian Chen let out a long breath of air. The heart that had previously leapt into his throat had finally calmed down, as Jian Chen had finally protected his life successfully.

A loud metallic sound was heard as the Light Wind Sword flew out of the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s body before flying around in the sky. Then it flashed towards Jian Chen, and returned back to his right hand.

Seeing the sword in his hand, Jian Chen suppressed the elation in his heart. He immediately ran over to the body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake; he needed to absorb the blood in order to detoxify himself. He had to do it now since in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, every moment delayed added to the unknown danger that existed.

Walking shakily toward the nearly 50 meters long carcass of the snake, Jian Chen knelt down, grabbed onto the bleeding part of the snake’s body to bring it to his mouth, and began to suck the blood without any hesitation.

“Gudong!” “Gudong!”

Without stopping, Jian Chen continued to swallow the snake’s blood in large gulps. He could clearly feel the special energy from within the snake’s blood as it entered his stomach. Wherever this blood flowed to, the slowly creeping poison there instantly began to lessen, as the blood quickly counteracted and cured the poison.

Feeling the changes within his body, Jian Chen started to drink even more of the snake’s blood at an even quicker rate, as if it was a delicious delicacy he couldn’t get enough of.

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