Chapter 91: Slashing and Killing
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 91: Slashing and Killing

The Silver Striped Golden Snake cautiously stared at the floating Light Wind Sword with its forked tongue flickering in and out of its mouth. The incredibly strong and sharp Sword Qi gave off a dangerous air around it that the Silver Striped Golden Snake could easily feel, which made it not dare to attack carelessly.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes as he continued to carefully experience the mysterious sensation born from his spirit controlling the sword. Following this, his intention changed, and the Light Wind Sword became a silver streak of lightning and flew towards the snake without anyone moving it, at an unbelievably fast speed.


As the sword traveled through the air towards the head of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, it emitted an ear piercing shriek. Before the Silver Striped Golden Snake could even react, the Light Wind Sword had already pierced deep into its brain. Immediately, a deep wound appeared on its head as fresh blood began to flow out from it, dying the head of the snake a bloody red.

Even though Jian Chen was still bound up by the snake’s tail in midair, seeing the wound he inflicted on the snake have made him very happy. Since he could break apart the first layer of the snake’s defenses, this meant that Jian Chen had a chance of beheading and killing the snake.

Jian Chen once again used his spirit controlled sword technique to continuously attack the snake.


The Light Wind Sword under the Jian Chen’s control appeared to be a silver-white flash of lightning as it stabbed towards the Silver Striped Golden Snake repeatedly. However, the direction he was attacking toward now was the body of the snake.

Following the silver streak of light that flashed into the body of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, another deep bloody wound appeared. Although the wound wasn’t a light one, it clearly hadn’t damaged the vital regions of the snake.

The snake’s heart was located seven inches away from its head. Although this attack had broken the snake’s skin right above its heart, it defense provided such a powerful resistance that the Light Wind Sword couldn’t harm the heart at all.

Feeling the layer of skin where its heart was being attacked, the snake became more frantic. In a rush, the snake began to coil its body around itself so that it could protect the spot that was just attacked. At the same time, the tail that wound around Jian Chen’s body had loosened and released him.

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