Chapter 90: The Magical Power of the Soul Sword
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 90: The Magical Power of the Soul Sword

While Jian Chen was dazed, the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s unproportionately small head compared to its non-matching large mouth had turned and nipped at Jian Chen’s neck once more. Brandishing its sharp fangs, a continuous stream of gray colored poisonous mist flowed out from its mouth.

Sensing the wide open jaws of the snake biting towards him, Jian Chen immediately tilted his head to the side to dodge the gaping maw of the beast. Immediately after, his furious footsteps moved him around to the back of the Silver Striped Golden Snake. Jian Chen’s Light Wind Sword shined brightly as he swung it down onto the snake’s body once more, refusing to believe that it would be ineffective.

The Light Wind Sword accurately stabbed against the skin of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, but only stopped at the very first layer of the snake’s scale, unable to penetrate any further. The thin golden skin was as like an impenetrable fort; no marks would remain on it even from a full powered blow of Jian Chen.

Seeing this, Jian Chen’s face became even more grim. His mood, after discovering how ineffective his sword was, had completely dropped. The Silver Striped Golden Snake’s powerful defenses had left Jian Chen with no options, as his strongest attacks against the powerful defense of the snake were like a child’s scratches, wouldn’t cause any harm.

Jian Chen didn’t hesitate at all. Immediately recalling his sword, he gathered strength in both legs to jump off the ground. Before the snake could react, his body was already high up in the air. After getting his bearings, he borrowed the power of the tree branches and flew towards the abyss of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts.

The Silver Striped Golden Snake’s strong defense wasn’t something Jian Chen could handle. All Jian Chen could do was run away into the depths of the mountain range in hopes that another strong magical beast would somehow attract the Silver Striped Golden Snake’s attention. This was the only way Jian Chen would be able to escape. Although this method would b

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