Chapter 100: Ten Thousand Immunity (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 100: Ten Thousand Immunity (One)

Jian Chen left the inn and went to the fair to buy a few dozen gourds to store water, as well as a cask large enough to fit a person in it. He also replenished his nearly exhausted supply of essentials for everyday life, as well as for living in the wilderness. Another 20 or so pairs of coarse clothing was purchased as well. After storing all of these within his Space Belt, Jian Chen directly left Wake City, and headed toward the wilderness.

Jian Chen arrived at a deserted grove, and looked around. After confirming there were no people present, he removed a Space Ring from his Space Belt, and retrieved the Silver Striped Golden Snake from the ring. He then removed the dozens of gourds he had just purchased one by one, and neatly placed them on the ground.

Jian Chen’s heart uncontrollably leapt up to his throat when he saw the arm-thick and nearly 80 meter long Silver Striped Golden Snake in front of him. A feeling of excitement involuntarily arose from within his heart.

After staring at the Silver Striped Golden Snake for a while, Jian Chen took a deep breath to gradually calm himself down. Afterwards, he slowly walked up to the snake, his Light Wind Sword materializing in his hand.


Jian Chen pierced his sword straight into the snake’s scarred seven-inch area. Immediately afterwards, fresh red blood gushed out. Without any hesitation, Jian Chen opened one of the gourds as fast as lightning, and placed the opening about as large as a child’s fist underneath the snake’s body. The gourd directly began to collect that constant flow of blood.

Meanwhile, the strong, pungent smell of greasy blood filled the air, and gradually began to diffuse through the air.

Smelling that continuously diffusing, strong and stinging smell of greasy blood, Jian Chen knit his brows and murmured, “This Silver Striped Golden Snake is indeed worthy of being called a rare and unique beast. I hadn’t imagined that the odor of the blood would already be so thick.” Jian Chen’s tone seemed to be slightly concerned; he was worried that the snak

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