Chapter 62: Jian Chen’s Strength
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 62: Jian Chen’s Strength

Cheng Ming Xiang’s face hardened. This time, although opponent was only a newly broken through Saint, he was facing his opponent seriously for the first time.

“Cheng Ming Xiang, since you’ve beaten my big brother, don’t expect to leave from this place unharmed.” Jian Chen stated coldly.

Cheng Ming Xiang snorted in response and said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I admit I’ve underestimated you, but it won’t be possible for you to beat me with your new Saint powers.”

Jian Chen snorted as he looked at Cheng Ming Xiang with disdain. “Whether or not I have the ability to, come and see!” Jian Chen immediately rushed forward as his wrist perfectly controlled the Light Wind Sword and escaped the deadlock with Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword by slapping the side of Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword fiercely with his own.


As the sounds of metal clashing rang in the air, Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword was forced off to the side by the Light Wind Sword. Jian Chen had struck out with his sword with such force that Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword arm became numb with pain.

At the same time, Jian Chen was in the air, stabbing the Light Wind Sword like a streak of silver light towards Cheng Ming Xiang’s chest.

Cheng Ming Xiang turned pale with fright, Jian Chen’s speed was nearly too quick for him to keep up with. He could only watch as the silver blade approached him with an inconceivable speed, unable to react or even move out of the way.

The Light Wind Sword tore through Cheng Ming Xiang’s uniform and immediately sank into his chest. But with Jian Chen’s superior control, the sword did not sink in too deeply.

Immediately after feeling the sharp pain in his chest, Cheng Ming Xiang immediately retreated, causing Jian Chen’s sword to be pulled out.

Cheng Ming Xiang looked down to where blood was dripping down his uniform with a terrified look. That moment couldn’t help but be replayed back in his mind; he had been unable to dodge the sword at all. In his entire life, he could swear that this was the fastest swordplay he had ever seen. He had even started to feel terrified at Jian Chen’s strength, but he couldn’t understand how a newly advanced Saint could be this strong.

Jian Chen didn’t plan on letting him off too lightly though. Immediately using Profound Steps, he took off like he was being possessed by a demon and with another flash of silver light, Jian Chen struck out at Cheng Ming Xiang’s chest with incredible speed.


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