Chapter 62: Jian Chen’s Strength
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 62: Jian Chen’s Strength

Cheng Ming Xiang’s face hardened. This time, although opponent was only a newly broken through Saint, he was facing his opponent seriously for the first time.

“Cheng Ming Xiang, since you’ve beaten my big brother, don’t expect to leave from this place unharmed.” Jian Chen stated coldly.

Cheng Ming Xiang snorted in response and said, “Changyang Xiang Tian, I admit I’ve underestimated you, but it won’t be possible for you to beat me with your new Saint powers.”

Jian Chen snorted as he looked at Cheng Ming Xiang with disdain. “Whether or not I have the ability to, come and see!” Jian Chen immediately rushed forward as his wrist perfectly controlled the Light Wind Sword and escaped the deadlock with Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword by slapping the side of Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword fiercely with his own.


As the sounds of metal clashing rang in the air, Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword was forced off to the side by the Light Wind Sword. Jian Chen had struck out with his sword with such force that Cheng Ming Xiang’s sword arm became numb with pain.

At the same time, Jian Chen was in the air, stabbing the Light Wind Sword like a streak of silver light towards Cheng Ming Xiang’s chest.

Cheng Ming Xiang turned pale with fright, Jian Chen’s speed was nearly too quick for him to keep up with. He could only watch as the silver blade approached him with an inconceivable speed, unable to react or even move out of the way.

The Light Wind Sword tore through Cheng Ming Xiang’s uniform and immediately sank into his chest. But with Jian Chen’s superior control, the sword did not sink in too deeply.

Immediately after feeling the sharp pain in his chest, Cheng Ming Xiang immediately retreated, causing Jian Chen’s sword to be pulled out.

Cheng Ming Xiang looked down to where blood was dripping down his uniform with a terrified look. That moment couldn’t help but be replayed back in his mind; he had been unable to dodge the sword at all. In his entire life, he could swear that this was the fastest swordplay he had ever seen. He had even started to feel terrified at Jian Chen’s strength, but he couldn’t understand how a newly advanced Saint could be this strong.

Jian Chen didn’t plan on letting him off too lightly though. Immediately using Profound Steps, he took off like he was being possessed by a demon and with another flash of silver light, Jian Chen struck out at Cheng Ming Xiang’s chest with incredible speed.


Cheng Ming Xiang let out a miserable shout as he saw blood spray out once more. The blood from the left side of his chest had started to spread over to his right side. The wound was so deep that the bone underneath could be seen as the blood inside his body violently bubbled out, staining the entire top half of his uniform with it.

The fury in Jian Chen’s eyes didn’t dissipate at all as he brandished his Light Wind Sword and inflicted wound after wound upon Cheng Ming Xiang’s body.

The wounds on Cheng Ming Xiang steadily increased, each one looking even more frightening than the one before while going deep into the body. Not only was his body being sliced at, but his entire academy uniform had already started to fall apart, and the remaining cloth was becoming redder by the second.

Seeing how their strongest member Cheng Ming Xiang was powerless under Jian Chen, the dozen other students became as quiet as wooden chickens. Listening to Cheng Ming Xiang’s endless screams, this had completely overturned what they had thought about him as they looked on with stunned expressions.

Luo Jian reacted first, even though he was equally amazed at the display of strength Jian Chen was showing, he had at least ten other companions who were all at the Saint level. With a great increase in courage, he roared, “Everybody charge, even if he’s strong, he’s still just one person. How could we be afraid of just a single person?” Luo Jian raised his green greatsword with a snarl as he charged towards Jian Chen.

Hearing Luo Jian’s speech, the students all jolted back to awareness. With a look at one another, the fear that was planted into their hearts by Jian Chen was immediately cast out. With a lift of their greatswords, battleaxe, large knives and spears, each student charged at Jian Chen with great arrogance.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed as he watched the people come forward, but he didn’t retreat. Taking the initiative and charging in with his Light Wind Sword, he immediately stabbed toward the closest person’s stomach.


Jian Chen’s sword slid into the student’s body with ease. Against him, these students who had no battle experience, had no way to fight back.


“Go die!”

At that moment, Jian Chen had entered the encirclement

Jian Chen sneered, and the Light Wind Sword emitted a slight glow as traces of sharp and powerful sword qi began to spread out from the blade. Jian Chen’s right hand seemed to turn into a mirage, as the Light Wind Blade seemed to pierce all four directions as fast as lightning. Every time he thrust his sword out, he could accurately hit another weapon. After only a short amount of time, Jian Chen had already lashed his sword out 10 times.

“Ding” “Ding!” “Ding!”

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A symphony of metal-against-metal sounds rang out, the sounds all merging together as one.

When the Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen’s hand collided with the Saint Weapons, the expressions of all the surrounding students that were all Middle Saints changed. They immediately retreated, the Saint Weapons in their hands shook from the collision. Jian Chen’s sword appeared to be extremely small, but it hid a great amount of power behind it. After a single collision with his sword, the Saint Weapons all vibrated so intensely from the aftershock that it made the students’ arms numb.

While blocking all of the attacks, Jian Chen’s expression didn’t change. His movements did not pause at all, and his feet left traces in the ground as he used monster-like movements to charge through the group of people. The Light Wind Sword in his hand danced around in the air at high speeds, turning into a silver glow. The light made it look like there were millions of sword afterimages freezing in the air, disappearing in the blink of an eye.



With Jian Chen’s monster-like movements, sharp shouts of pain rang out into the air. The desolate cries could make any weak-hearted people absolutely horrified, and a chilliness began to arise in the air.

The blood-covered Changyang Hu stood on the side, staring in a daze as Jian Chen constantly moved about like a demon, causing the students to cry out in shock. At the moment, his mind had already completely ground to a halt; he had already completely lost his cognitive abilities.

At that moment, the dozens of students had already all fallen to the ground. Their ashen faces were filled with pain, and their originally perfectly clean and tidy uniforms were now torn all over the place. Each tear was dripping with blood, dying their entire uniforms crimson. Moreover, that white light continuously flashed over their bodies, quickly increasing the number of wounds on their bodies. From their upper torso down to their legs, their entire bodies were covered with frightening wounds. Their blood flowed like rivers out from their injuries, and they quickly began to look like they were made of blood.

Jian Chen circled the students at high speeds. The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chen’s hand slashed at their bodies continuously, causing bits of blood and torn pieces of clothing to fly out in the air.

Changyang Hu’s injuries greatly affected Jian Chen’s emotions. Although Jian Chen didn’t kill these dozens of students, he would definitely not let them go lightly. If these people weren’t attending the same school as Jian Chen was, and if Jian Chen wasn’t worried about stirring trouble within their families, he would definitely end their lives without hesitation.

“Senior Changyang Xiang Tian, please have mercy, please have mercy on us. We won’t dare to to do this ever again.”

“Senior Changyang Xiang Tian, please let us go this time. We won’t ever do it again”

Finally, the people could no longer endure the torture, and had begun to beg for mercy. As soon as one person began to cry out, the others all started to plead for their lives as well. However, a few of the more temperamental people were still gritting their teeth and holding themselves back. They had also considered running, but both their legs and arms were currently sporting terrifying wounds. The slightest movement caused them to bite down in pain. There was no way they could run; at the least, they didn’t have the willpower to endure such intense pain.

Jian Chen ceased his movements. His expression was cold and indifferent; he didn’t have a hint of blush on his cheeks, and his breathing was calm. However, the Light Wind Sword in his hand was dripping with fresh blood.

Jian Chen’s body was as tall and straight as a mountain, immovable from his spot. His eyes flashed coldly as if they seemed to be able to pierce through one’s soul. He slowly swept his gaze across the dozen students lying on the ground and said, “I can let you guys go, but you have to answer this, who injured my older brother?”

“It’s Lord Cheng, Luo Jian, and Ka Di Yun….”

“Right, it was those three that had injured Changyang Hu….”

“Changyang Hu was wounded by those three; we didn’t do anything at all.”

The dozen youths struggled to say their excuses first, afraid that if they were too slow in their responses, Jian Chen would be discontent. At the moment, they had already long abandoned any thoughts of retaliation against Jian Chen, and wholeheartedly regretted their actions.

Amongst them, half of the people had had their monster cores taken away by Jian Chen in the forest. The other half had no enmity towards Jian Chen, and had merely been gathered by Cheng Ming Xiang.

Jian Chen’s eyes flashed fiercely. He coldly glared at Cheng Ming Xiang, Luo Jian, and Ka Di Yun, a powerful murderous intent evident in his gaze.

Under Jian Chen’s murderous gaze, Cheng Ming Xiang and the other two felt chills in their hearts, and all showed terrified expressions.

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