Chapter 63: Incoming Disaster
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 63: Incoming Disaster

“Changyang Xiang Tian, what...what are you doing? Let us go immediately, let’s forget about the events that happened today, otherwise, just you wait for my Hua Yun Sect to come for revenge.” Cheng Ming Xiang said sternly. Even an idiot could tell with one look that Jian Chen didn’t plan on letting them go that easily. Right now, Cheng Ming Xiang wanted nothing else but to leave this place and plot his revenge for another day.

Jian Chen sneered, “Let you go? It won’t be that easy.”

Hearing this, Cheng Ming Xiang and the two others face dropped. Ka Di Yun spoke with a gloomy voice, “Changyang Xiang Tian, we may have injured your brother, but now you have injured us, let us wipe the slate clean.”

Jian Chen slowly walked towards the three with his Light Wind Sword emitting sword Qi. The three watched as the sword slowly envelop itself in a bright glow of silver as if it was being eaten by it.

“A clean slate? How could it be that easy? Today, you three will leave an arm behind, and if there is another time in the future, then it will be your life.”

Jian Chen had already arrived in front of Ka Di Yun, his Light Wind Sword already swishing down in an arc like silver lightning towards Ka Di Yun’s shoulder.


Ka Di Yun let out a desolate scream as the intense feeling of pain wracked his face. Already all color had drained away from it. A fountain of blood sprayed out of the stump from where his right arm originally was as it flopped down onto the ground lifeless.

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Jian Chen had chopped Ka Di Yun’s right arm.

Cheng Ming Xiang and Luo Jian’s face immediately changed as they watched with a tremble. Another look at the severed arm, and then at Ka Di Yun’s screaming figure had caused them to become deathly white in the face.

The ten other students looked at Jian Chen with fear, this type of development was something they had not expected to see. Who would have known that he was this merciless and severed someone’s arm without hesitation? This cruel display had brought them no small amount of anxiety and fear. But there was a small shimmer of hope for them, as they had fortunately not fought against Changyang Hu. If it were not for that small fact, then they had no doubt that they would be joining Luo Jian, Cheng Ming Xiang, and Ka Di Yun amongst the ranks of losing an arm.

Jian Chen had treated the event as if it was an insignificant matter, his face not revealing any emotion whatsoever during the act. Whether it was the splattered blood on the ground or Ka Di Yun’s screams of pain, it had no effect on him. Instead, he looked at Luo Jian and walked closer towards him with his bloody sword.

As Jian Chen approached, fear filled Luo Jian’s face. Ignoring the pain from his wounds, he began to crawl backwards away from Jian Chen at a snail like pace while crying, “Changyang Xiang Tian, what...what are you doing? Don’t...don’t come any closer!”

Jian Chen kept his slow pace as he walked towards Luo Jian. With an icy stare that revealed no mercy in his eyes, he slowly raised his Light Wind Sword.

Seeing Jian Chen lift his silver sword, Luo Jian became even more terrified. He had long since lost his arrogant attitude and started to plead to him, “Changyang Xiang Tian, please...I beg of you...please don’t cut off my arm, if you let me go, I, Luo Jian swear that in the future I will definitely repay you.”

Jian Chen showed no signs of stopping. Swinging his sword in another arc of silver light, he swiftly cut off Luo Jian’s arm under the owner’s disbelieving eye.


A terrified scream came out from Luo Jian as his right arm was was separated from his shoulder, causing blood to come spraying out onto the ground.

“Changyang Xiang Tian, I definitely won’t let you go…” Luo Jian grimaced as he used his anger to roar. Already his eyes became bloodshot as he stared at Jian Chen with intense hatred.

Jian Chen didn’t take any notice of Luo Jian’s cry, and instead walked off towards Cheng Ming Xiang.

Cheng Ming Xiang’s face was still a deathly white color. There was only regret in his heart as he realized his strength was weaker than Jian Chen’s. If it weren’t for the fact that he had a dozen other people at the Saint level, he wouldn’t have been forced into such a difficult situation.

Seeing the still approaching figure of Luo Jian, Cheng Ming Xiang couldn’t quell the feeling of absolute dread in his heart as he tried to calm down. “Changyang Xiang Tian, if you don’t want to bring your clan into this…”

Hearing Cheng Ming Xiang’s words immediately caused a reaction from Jian Chen. A glare appeared on his eyes as he immediately flashed forward to where Cheng Ming Xiang was. Before he could even finish his sentence, Jian Chen had already lopped off his right arm.

Cheng Ming Xiang stifled a shout as his face flashed with pain. He was not like Ka Di Yun or Luo Jian who had both screamed. The scream of pain had already been suppressed in his throat, but his face was still warped into a different expression, it would seem that his pain threshold was greater than the other two.

Jian Chen’s ice cold gaze landed on the three people and he coldly said, “Today, I cut off your arm, but if there’s a next time, I will take your life. Do not think that I am bluffing, I will be true to my word.” Jian Chen’s eyes swept over to where the other students lay.

As he looked at each student, they stared down at the ground in fear. Whenever Jian Chen had looked at them with his bloody sword, none of them had even the smallest idea of trying to get revenge.

Jian Chen looked at his bloody Light Wind Sword; and with a single thought, he held the sword with the point facing downwards. All of the blood accumulated on the sword started to accumulate at the tip of the sword and slowly started to drip down onto the dusty earth, restoring the Light Wind Sword to its original bright glory.

With the Light Wind Sword finally clean, Jian Chen returned to where Changyang Hu was. After seeing his bloody brother, the icy stare on Jian Chen’s face softened as he said with concern, “Big brother, let’s go back now.”

Changyang Hu nodded his head dumbfounded. Right now his eyes were wide open after watching the entire fight that had just happened. Even though he had personally witnessed Jian Chen’s victory, he was still having a hard time in believing it.

Jian Chen lent a hand towards the bloody Changyang Hu and they both turned around to walk back to his dorm by a secluded road. But despite this, the both of them would still see enough people that would spread the news that Changyang Hu was heavily injured around the academy.

Not long after Jian Chen had returned back to his room, the students lent a hand to the three injured students and began their slow walk towards the academy. The moment the academy came into sight, everyone went into an uproar, especially for the three students each missing an arm, nobody could believe their eyes at what they had seen.

The news of the injured students spread across the academy with rapid speed. The news had even spread to the teachers, who immediately reported it to the vice headmaster Bai En. When Bai En had heard that Cheng Ming Xiang, Luo Jian, and Ka Di Yun had their arms cut off, he placed extra importance on the matters and immediately relayed them to the medical experts of the academy.

As Bai En arrived at the medicinal wing of the academy, a large group of people had already gathered on the outside as they clamored around for news.

Vice headmaster Chang Bai En pushed aside the crowd of students, and directly forced his way up to the medicinal wing to see the situation. There were currently a dozen blood-covered students lying on stretchers. In the middle of the room stood 2 middle-aged men and a woman currently closing their eyes. They had their hands spread out above three of the students, emitting a milky white light from their hands that enveloped these students.

Shrouded in milky white rays of light, the three students’ terrifying wounds were being quickly sealed before their very eyes. The speed of the healing was unfathomably fast, and within a short breath, the three students’ wounds had already disappeared without a trace.

Once the wounds disappeared, the expressions on the three students’ faces clearly changed. Now they showed no traces of pain; on the contrary, they looked a lot more relaxed now. At the same time, one could see traces of alarm in the depths of their eyes.

After treating the three students, the two men and one woman showed their humble appreciation to Bai En. Soon after, they continued to treat the remaining dozen or more students in the middle.

The vice headmaster had an ugly expression on his face as his gaze swept across the dozen students; his gaze lingered for an especially long time on Cheng Ming Xiang and the other two that had lost their right arms. His expression fell as he bellowed, “What happened here? Who wounded you to this extent? Could it be that you encountered someone from outside? Hmph, don’t they know that everything within this 100 kilometer perimeter is Kargath Academy’s territory? To think that someone would dare to enter Kargath Academy and injure its students; this is really absurd.” Bai En was fuming; it was very obvious that he thought that Cheng Ming Xiang and the other dozen students had been hurt by some people from the outside

“Vice headmaster, it was Changyang Xian Tian, We were all bruised by Changyang Xian Tian.” a student weakly cried.

“That’s right, vice headmaster, you have to demand justice for us. Changyang Xiang Tian not only heavily injured us, but he even cut off the arms from Lord Cheng and the 2 others…”

“Vice headmaster…”

Bai En was completely shocked into a daze by these words. He only felt disbelief; amongst these dozen of students, the weakest person was at least a Lower Saint. There were even some Middle Saints, and one Upper Saint among them. With such a lineup, even if they encountered a Great Saint, they would still definitely be able to overwhelm him. He really couldn’t believe that so many people had actually been beaten black and blue by a freshman that had only just broken through to the Saint level a few days ago. Bai En couldn’t accept this fact at all.

After confirming what actually happened, Bai En’s expression immediately grew serious. His heart had already sank to the utmost degree. He immediately looked for the headmaster; what happened here was far too complicated for Bai En to resolve.

After Bai En recounted the entire situation to the headmaster, the headmaster lost his calm. He jumped up from his chair with an expression of utter shock and said, “What? Is what you said really true? Cheng Ming Xiang, Luo Jian, and Ka Di Yun all had their arms cut off by Changyang Xiang Tian?”

“Yes, headmaster, I personally made a trip to see. The three individuals’ arms were indeed cut off.” said Bai En solemnly.

“Ai…” The headmaster sighed heavily and said, “This time the situation has worsened...this Changyang Xiang Tian is far too impulsive. Ka Di Clan and Luo Clan are of no problem, however, Hua Yun sect is not someone the Changyang Clan can afford to offend.”

“Headmaster, what should we do now? Our Gesun Kingdom had much difficulty producing a genius like Changyang Xiang Tian. We can’t just stand by and watch a genius with limitless potential die when he has not yet finished maturing. Otherwise, this would really be a major loss for Gesun Kingdom.” Vice headmaster Bai En said in a heavy tone.

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