Chapter 63: Incoming Disaster
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 63: Incoming Disaster

“Changyang Xiang Tian, what...what are you doing? Let us go immediately, let’s forget about the events that happened today, otherwise, just you wait for my Hua Yun Sect to come for revenge.” Cheng Ming Xiang said sternly. Even an idiot could tell with one look that Jian Chen didn’t plan on letting them go that easily. Right now, Cheng Ming Xiang wanted nothing else but to leave this place and plot his revenge for another day.

Jian Chen sneered, “Let you go? It won’t be that easy.”

Hearing this, Cheng Ming Xiang and the two others face dropped. Ka Di Yun spoke with a gloomy voice, “Changyang Xiang Tian, we may have injured your brother, but now you have injured us, let us wipe the slate clean.”

Jian Chen slowly walked towards the three with his Light Wind Sword emitting sword Qi. The three watched as the sword slowly envelop itself in a bright glow of silver as if it was being eaten by it.

“A clean slate? How could it be that easy? Today, you three will leave an arm behind, and if there is another time in the future, then it will be your life.”

Jian Chen had already arrived in front of Ka Di Yun, his Light Wind Sword already swishing down in an arc like silver lightning towards Ka Di Yun’s shoulder.


Ka Di Yun let out a desolate scream as the intense feeling of pain wracked his face. Already all color had drained away from it. A fountain of blood sprayed out of the stump from where his right arm originally was as it flopped down onto the ground lifeless.

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Jian Chen had chopped Ka Di Yun’s right arm.

Cheng Ming Xiang and Luo Jian’s face immediately changed as they watched with a tremble. Another look at the severed arm, and then at Ka Di Yun’s screaming figure had caused them to become deathly white in the face.

The ten other students looked at Jian Chen with fear, this type of development was something they had not expected to see. Who would have known that he was this merciless and severed someone’s arm without hesitation? This cruel display had brought them no small amount of anxiety and fear. But there was a small shimmer of hope for them, as they had fortunately not fought against Changyang Hu. If it were not for that small fact, then they had no doubt that they would be joining Luo Jian, Cheng Ming Xiang, and Ka Di Yun amongst the ranks of losing an arm.

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