Chapter 61: Increasing Murderous Intent
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 61: Increasing Murderous Intent

Jian Chen quickly moved through the grass, the Light Wind Sword had already become a streak of white light. He slashed out with his sword at a rapid speed in several directions, his swordplay fast yet sharp.

Following Jian Chen’s quick movements, the wind scattered dry leaves into the air, fluttering around Jian Chen like gentle dancing butterflies.

And at this moment, Jian Chen’s swordplay suddenly changed. Although his sword techniques were still fast, but with every stab he made with his sword, the air whistled and left an afterimage that no ordinary person would be able to see easily.

A moment after, the rapidly dancing sword in Jian Chen’s hand suddenly stopped. But despite after such a long period of intense exercise, he did not even look out of breath and was instead still breathing normally.

And at the same time, Jian Chen finally stopped his wild dance, the leaves that were all previously flying around him disintegrated into powder and scattered onto the ground. Only a few leaves were left completely intact, but written on some of them was the word “Sword”. Although the size was different on each of them, it was written clearly and covered the entire area on each leaf. Although, there were some other leaves with the word “Sword” on it that had missing strokes, being either unclear or incomplete.

If anyone else saw this sight, then they would surely be amazed to the point of having to pick up their jaw from the ground. This scene was far too astonishing to believe since the leaves had been floating wildly through the air and even interweaved with other leaves at random intervals. Just focusing on one leaf amidst the mess of them, constantly changing positions in the air would definitely cause a person to become dizzy. It would had been even more impossible to think that someone had been able to clearly write the word “Sword” on any of them.

Most importantly, the leaves were very fragile and liable to break upon the gentlest of touch. To use a sword to achieve such a feat without leaving a single trace of

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