Chapter 60: Changyang Hu’s Injuries
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 60: Changyang Hu’s Injuries

Luo Jian flew into a rage and immediately concentrated his energy into his right hand before charging towards Changyang Hu.

Changyang Hu’s reaction wasn’t slow at all, since he had already been ready to retaliate since they surrounded him. So when Luo Jian had summoned his Saint Weapon, he had summoned his own yellow colored battleaxe without any fear of the rapidly incoming Luo Jian.

When the two Saints started to move, the surrounding circle of people instinctively took a step back in order to avoid injury.


Luo Jian’s sword and Changyang Hu’s battleaxe clashed against each other emitting a tremendously loud sound. After the two weapons smashed into each other, the force of their actions caused the two to tremble in reaction. Their feet slowly retreating backwards, with Changyang Hu going back four or five steps while Luo Jian slowly retreated two or three steps.

The two started to fight at a very close distance, but the spectators could tell that Changyang Hu was slowly losing ground. Although Luo Jian’s wind attribute Saint Force focused on speed, and his attack was slightly weaker, his strength was still at the middle-ranked Saint level. Even if Changyang Hu’s earth-attribute Saint Force had stronger defense, he wasn’t Luo Jian’s equal. After all, Changyang Hu had just reached Saint level not too long ago.

Luo Jian didn’t plan on letting Changyang Hu off so easily. His body flashed with a cyan glow, and a wind began to revolve around his body endlessly. Luo Jian’s body instantly appeared in front of Changyang Hu, the great sword raised high in the air, glowing cyan. He slashed it down towards Changyang Hu at frightening speeds; since Luo Jian’s Saint Force used the wind attribute, his speed was levels higher than other people’s.

Changyang Hu’s expression suddenly changed. Luo Jian’s attack speed was so fast that he had no time to counter. In the end, he barely managed to raise the axe in his hand to block the attack with difficulty.

“Changyang Hu, accept your death!”

At that moment when Changyang Hu’s

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