Chapter 60: Changyang Hu’s Injuries
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 60: Changyang Hu’s Injuries

Luo Jian flew into a rage and immediately concentrated his energy into his right hand before charging towards Changyang Hu.

Changyang Hu’s reaction wasn’t slow at all, since he had already been ready to retaliate since they surrounded him. So when Luo Jian had summoned his Saint Weapon, he had summoned his own yellow colored battleaxe without any fear of the rapidly incoming Luo Jian.

When the two Saints started to move, the surrounding circle of people instinctively took a step back in order to avoid injury.


Luo Jian’s sword and Changyang Hu’s battleaxe clashed against each other emitting a tremendously loud sound. After the two weapons smashed into each other, the force of their actions caused the two to tremble in reaction. Their feet slowly retreating backwards, with Changyang Hu going back four or five steps while Luo Jian slowly retreated two or three steps.

The two started to fight at a very close distance, but the spectators could tell that Changyang Hu was slowly losing ground. Although Luo Jian’s wind attribute Saint Force focused on speed, and his attack was slightly weaker, his strength was still at the middle-ranked Saint level. Even if Changyang Hu’s earth-attribute Saint Force had stronger defense, he wasn’t Luo Jian’s equal. After all, Changyang Hu had just reached Saint level not too long ago.

Luo Jian didn’t plan on letting Changyang Hu off so easily. His body flashed with a cyan glow, and a wind began to revolve around his body endlessly. Luo Jian’s body instantly appeared in front of Changyang Hu, the great sword raised high in the air, glowing cyan. He slashed it down towards Changyang Hu at frightening speeds; since Luo Jian’s Saint Force used the wind attribute, his speed was levels higher than other people’s.

Changyang Hu’s expression suddenly changed. Luo Jian’s attack speed was so fast that he had no time to counter. In the end, he barely managed to raise the axe in his hand to block the attack with difficulty.

“Changyang Hu, accept your death!”

At that moment when Changyang Hu’s axe hit Luo Jian’s sword, another voice came crying out from the sidelines. It was Ka Di Yun with his own sword coming straight at him and immediately slash down onto Changyang Hu’s right arm.

An intense pain caused Changyang Hu to let out a groan. It was obvious that this attack had used quite a bit of Ka Di Yun’s strength. It left a wound so deep on Changyang Hu’s shoulder that one could see the bone.

With his arm having suffered from such a huge attack, Changyang Hu could no longer maintain the Saint Weapon in his hand, and the great axe disappeared from his hand.

Luo Jian’s eyes flashed with a cold look and swung his sword at the stomach of Changyang Hu. The point of the sword ripped apart his uniform, and left a deep wound on Changyang Hu’s stomach. Immediately, a river of blood came flowing out of the wound, causing his uniform to be dyed a bloody red.

A look of extreme pain flashed through his face, but he didn’t dare let out a sound.

“Changyang Hu, I didn’t think you’d get what you deserved so quickly.” Luo Jian roared with laughter, the hatred he bore towards Changyang Hu couldn’t be resolved easily. With another wave of his sword, he slashed down and left yet another wound on Changyang Hu’s body.

Changyang Hu’s eyes were filled with a fierce glare towards Luo Jian as he snarled. “Luo Jian, how useless you are, just because you couldn’t beat my fourth brother, you have to fight me. Just wait and see if my fourth brother won’t beat the crap out of you.”

Hearing Changyang Hu, Luo Jian’s face grew dark. Striding forward, he immediately kicked Changyang Hu.

Changyang Hu’s eyes flashed at the opportunity, just as Luo Jian’s leg was about to make contact, his left arm flew out and clasped onto it. With a mighty strength, Changyang Hu pulled at it.

Luo Jian’s sense of balance was immediately disrupted, causing him to fall to the ground.

“Ha!” Changyang Hu roared, his left hand formed a fist as his Saint Force entered his hand. Bringing it down, his fist speeding towards the floored Luo Jian.

Luo Jian wasn’t slow to react however, as soon as he hit the floor, he rolled sideways away from Changyang Hu, causing the Saint Force enhanced fist to miss.


Changyang Hu’s fist smashed against the floor and left behind a giant crater as it sunk into the ground.

“Changyang Hu, you really are looking to die!” Luo Jian’s handsome face went deathly white. With a snarl, the green colored wind attribute Saint Force condensed into his fist, and almost as if it were lightning, he slammed his fist into Changyang Hu’s stomach.

“Pff!” Changyang Hu spat out a glob of blood as his body was sent flying backwards. After four or five meters his body finally descended to the ground with a loud crash.

Just as Luo Jian decided to rush forward to beat Changyang Hu even more, Cheng Ming Xian blocked his path, “Luo Jian, you’ve taught him a lesson already. Our main goal is Changyang Xiang Tian, not Changyang Hu. At the very least let us beat Changyang Xiang Tian’s whereabouts out from him first.”

Luo Jian slowly nodded his head in silence. If it were someone other than Cheng Ming Xiang, then he would have looked down on the suggestion in contempt. But Cheng Ming Xiang was someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

Cheng Ming Xiang approached Changyang Hu with a cold laugh, “Changyang Hu, where is Changyang Xiang Tian.”

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Changyang Hu crawled up from the ground with some difficulty, his face was pale from blood loss, and his mouth still had a few drops of blood trailing down his face. But since his Saint Force had the earth attribute, his defenses were fairly strong. If it were anyone else, that person wouldn’t even have the strength to twitch a finger.

Changyang Hu stared at the people surrounding him and growled. “I don’t know, but even if I did know, I wouldn’t tell any of you.” Although he had confidence in Jian Chen’s strength, every single person here was at the Saint level, and he didn’t want his younger brother to fight alone against this group.

Cheng Ming Xiang’s face grew dark as he said coldly, “Changyang Hu, I’ll give you one more chance. Where is Changyang Xiang Tian?”

Changyang Hu looked up at him and gave a bloody smile, “I already said I don’t know.”

“Hmph!” Cheng Ming Xiang sneered. Smashing his fist against Changyang Hu’s face, he immediately slammed him to the ground once more. “Will you speak or not?”

Changyang Hu’s anger grew tremendously as he crawled up from the floor with the last of his strength, “This one won’t tell you! Cheng Ming Xiang, you better kill me straight away, or else, I Changyang Hu, swear that I will make you regret this!”

Cheng Ming Xiang looked at him with disdain, “Changyang Hu, what right do you have to say that, could it be because you are the young lord to the Changyang Clan? Hmph, it is merely the Changyang Clan, my Hua Yun Sect cares not about your clan.” Cheng Ming Xiang’s eyes flashed once more and he cocked his right hand backwards. With a bright red glint, the fist burrowed itself into Changyang Hu’s head. “Will. You. Speak?”

Changyang Hu’s body was badly bruised by the punch. Already his head was starting to drip with blood, but his resolute expression was still there, looking as fierce as always.

“You and I will go down together!” Changyang Hu couldn’t take it anymore. With the yellow light gathering in his left hand, he immediately slashed at Cheng Ming Xiang with his reformed Saint Weapon.

A blazing red sword materialized in Cheng Ming Xiang’s hand and he easily blocked Changyang Hu’s attack. Not only did Changyang Hu suffer from serious injuries, he also was not accustomed to using his left hand to control his axe. Even if he had been completely fine, he definitely wouldn’t have been Cheng Ming Xiang’s equal anyways.

Cheng Ming Xiang looked at Changyang Hu with a jeering sneer, “Changyang Hu, I recommend you be obedient and tell us where Changyang Xiang Tian, that way you’ll feel less pain.”

Changyang Hu gasped for air before going oddly calm. He understood that continuing on this route would only lead to disaster. He looked around the area and surveyed his chances before immediately dispersing his Saint Weapon and started to run towards the sports field.

This grove was pretty remote; normally, very few people passed through it. Thus, whatever happened here would naturally remain unknown to everyone else outside. Changyang Hu believed that once he ran to a more populated area, Cheng Ming Xiang’s group of people definitely wouldn’t dare to act. In addition, he had quite a few good friends within the academy. Although Changyang Hu didn’t hope for them to help him resist Cheng Ming Xiang, he knew that they would at least run to notify a teacher, or even the vice headmaster.

Seeing Changyang Hu run off towards the sports field, Cheng Ming Xiang’s face changed. “Stop him!” He called out.

The dozen people who initially didn’t move immediately set into motion. Quickly chasing after Changyang Hu, even Cheng Ming Xiang was starting to run at full speeds towards the direction of Changyang Hu.

Changyang Hu was already seriously wounded, so he was unable to outrun these people. It hadn’t even been a few moments before his pursuers had already began to catch up with him.

Seeing his enemies quickly catching up to him, Changyang Hu felt fear creep into his heart as he realized that he would not be able to even make it out of the grove. With this thought, he snarled and immediately stopped in his tracks before retreating back into a different part of the grove.

Changyang Hu suddenly changed directions, making his pursuers feel suspicious. However, soon after, they smiled coldly, and even slowed down their pursuit.

The group of people behind stood in a semicircular arc as they took their time to chase after Changyang Hu. Luo Jian stood next to Cheng Ming Xiang and sneered, “Based on the direction Changyang Hu is running towards, he’s most likely looking for Changyang Xiang Tian.”

Cheng Ming Xiang nodded, “That is true, so it seems Changyang Xiang Tian is indeed not in the academy.”

Changyang Hu used all his strength to run, but his current state was not looking good. His head was drenched with blood while his uniform was caked with blood and dirt, looking quite miserable all over. He truly had no idea where Jian Chen was, but he knew that within the grove was a small hillside with a complicated layout and a lush plantlife that was suitable for hiding. With the idea of fleeing into the school becoming obsolete, Changyang Hu’s only plausible way to escape was to hide away in the hillside and hope to shake off his enemies.

However, Changyang Hu had forgotten, that the place where Jian Chen had taught him this morning was currently in the opposite direction.

At a waterfall on the hillsides, a uniformed youth was cultivating in a puddle not to far away from the grass. The figure looked quite slender and weak with long black hair that went down to his waist. He looked rather handsome and had a bright glow in his eyes that was similar to the twinkle that reflected off of his sword.

The youth had a small, silver sword about 1.3 meters long and two fingers wide. On the sword hilt were two words written in fancy calligraphy——Light Wind.

The youth calmly stood there. The sword in his hand pointed to the ground, and his whole person was as motionless as a mountain.

At that moment, the youth’s eyes let out a spark of light. His body fluidly began to move without warning; only mirages from his quick movements could be seen. The silver sword in his hand had entirely become a white blur, and countless shadows of the sword blended together like an illusion that constantly flashed with light. As it moved in the air, only its afterimages could be seen.

The youth cried out the words ‘Profound Steps’ as he moved through the ground quickly as if he was gliding with a great amount of agility and nimbleness. Seeing a rabbit, he quickly stabbed at it with his sword with such an inconceivable speed, anyone that saw him would be astounded.

This youth was Jian Chen. After leaving the grove he had directly arrived at this beautiful landscape, remembering the feeling of the use of the sword that he had experienced before in his previous world.

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