Chapter 59: Revenge
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 59: Revenge

Cheng Ming Xiang’s face became serious as he heard the student yell. Taking the letter from him, Cheng Ming Xiang began to rip open the letter.

As he read the contents of the letter, Cheng Ming Xiang’s face grew darker and darker as his eyes began to show a raging anger within them.

Seeing Cheng Ming Xiang’s reaction, the youth who had just sparred with him asked cautiously, “Lord Cheng, what is the matter, has something bad happened over at the sect?”

Clenching his hand together to become a fist, the letter became a crumpled up ball of paper as Cheng Ming Xiang grew angrier and angrier. The look in his eye had already evolved to contain a look of extreme hatred.

“Changyang Xiang Tian…” Cheng Ming Xiang gnashed at his teeth as his fingers clenched tightly into his palms. Just by looking at him one could tell just how angry he was.

Hearing Cheng Ming Xiang mentioned Changyang Xiang Tian’s name, the youth grew even more confused. Opening his mouth to ask once more, he said, “Lord Cheng, what in the world has happened?”

Cheng Ming Xiang growled with a dark voice, “His Majesty has just betrothed Princess Ge Lan to Changyang Xiang Tian, and has already officialized it.”

The youth’s face changed when he heard him. He knew that Cheng Ming Xiang had fond feelings for the princess. Ever since Cheng Ming Xiang had first seen her at the imperial palace, he had essentially placed her beauty on the same level as a goddess and developed a deep crush on her. Since then, he had been unable to get over those feelings.

Within Cheng Ming Xiang’s own heart, he had already marked Princess Ge Lan as his own. After all, within the Gesun Kingdom, he was the only suitable match for a princess like her. Whether it be familial background or his own cultivational talents, Cheng Ming Xiang was not at all lacking in these 2 fields. With his Hua Yun Sect, they had power that almost rivaled the power of the royal family of the Gesun Kingdom. Within the sect itself, Cheng Ming Xiang’s status was majestic beyond any other person.

In the past, Cheng

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