Chapter 40: Exchanging Weapons
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 40: Exchanging Weapons

“That’s right, Li Sha. I’m Xiao Le,” Liang Xiao Le spoke, her voice dripping with emotion as she confirmed her friend’s words.

“Xiao Le, it really is you, that’s great! I thought that you had already escaped from this place, I never would’ve imagined that I would see you here.” Li Sha, the girl in front of Liang Xiao Le, was just as happy, and continued to hug her once-thought-to-be-lost friend.

The two girls joined in a tight embrace, Li Sha was laughing out loud“Liang Xiao Le, I didn’t think we’d be able to meet again after losing each other in the forest This really makes me happy!”

“Hello,” said a youth wearing clothing as tattered as the other two.“ I’m so glad to have met the two of you here. Um… How should I put this? I’m not sure if you want, but would you be willing to join our group? If you do, I can certainly guarantee that together our group will be much stronger and consequently will make hunting magical beasts a lot easier. And besides, danger lurks around every corner in these woods, it’d be better if we worked together.” His tone was first likeable as he walked up to Jian Chen and Tie Ta, but as soon as he saw that Jian Chen’s clothes were entirely crimson with fresh blood, he couldn’t help but express shock. The youth seriously doubted that the blood was all from Jian Chen, because anyone who lost that much blood would definitely be beyond weak. There was no way such a person could firmly stand there, with such a sharp look.

Jian Chen shook his head, politely refusing, “I’m sorry, but we were just planning to leave this place, so we cannot join your group.”

The youth had an expression of regret on his face; however, he still reconciled, “My two fellow students, although the magical beasts here are quite formidable, we have strength in numbers. As long as everyone is willing to work together, even if we meet two magical beasts at once, they definitely won’t pose any threat. If everyone hands over two Class 1 Magic Stones, I believe that we will soon gather enough.” The youth continued to press the issue. His gaze was quite sharp, and it was obvious that he had already realized that Jian Chen’s and Tie Ta’s strengths were above average.

“We really do not have any other options. The two of us have already decided to leave here, so we cannot join your group. Please forgive us.” In order to reciprocate the formal request, Jian Chen’s tone was just as amiable.

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