Chapter 39: Plans
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 39: Plans

After eating breakfast, Jian Chen and Tie Ta both grabbed their respective weapons before continuing on with their journey. However, trailing behind them was the dainty Liang Xiao Le, who was empty handed. She looked around herself carefully due to her own weapon being long gone after she had been separated from her group and chased through the forest.

Tie Ta lifted his battleaxe; his clothes were already swapped out. This time, he was wearing Blue Wolf leather along with some grassroot to hold it together. His academy uniform was long since torn apart from yesterday’s battle to the point where he couldn’t wear it anymore.

In the blink of an eye, another day came and went. By looking at the profits, they weren’t as good as the first day, but they weren’t bad either. In total, they had killed 70 magical beasts, making Liang Xiao Le feel shocked.

On this second day, Liang Xiao Le went through a major change. Ever since the spectacle with the Blue Wolves, her entire personality had transformed. At the very least, whenever she saw a magical beast, she wouldn’t scream in terror anymore. And whenever Tie Ta and Jian Chen would slaughter any enemy magical beast, she didn’t even flinch at the sight of the blood. She was slowly starting to adapt to her situation..

Not only that, but in the same day, she had unexpectedly learned much about the dangers of the forest and gained knowledge pertaining to them. Her capacity for learning was extremely high, and even Jian Chen couldn’t help but admire it. Of course, what was important was looking at her talent for cultivation, since in the Tian Yuan continent, one’s own strength was what dictated who they were over everything else.

Liang Xiao Le was also extraordinarily smart. Although she wasn’t very strong, she definitely didn’t cause trouble for Tie Ta or Jian Chen, nor was she a burden like the two had previously thought she would be. She would stay behind the two, and whenever the two fought against a magical beast, she would stand far away so that she wouldn’t get caught up i

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