Chapter 3648: Returning to the Sect
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3648: Returning to the Sect

However, neither the Wayless Immortal Exalt nor the Nun of Golden Jade were aware of a figure hidden in the sea of stars ten thousand kilometres away, watching them from afar.

It was obviously Jian Chen.

Jian Chen had equipped the Divine Armour of Heavenflight. All of his presence and traces had been erased. He seemed to have escaped from the surroundings, no longer present in the world.

Covered by both the mask from the Illusionary Daemon race and the Divine Armour of Heavenflight, even certain Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalts would struggle to see through his disguise, let alone the Wayless Immortal Exalt and the Nun of Golden Jade.

At this moment, Jian Chen’s expression changed slightly. He discovered a fleck of skin that was even smaller than dust in the surrounding space.

The fleck of skin originated from when Jian Chen was struck by the lightning talisman. It had almost been burned to ash.

I’ve been careless. I didn’t clean up the battlefield, so I’ve ended up leaving behind some traces. However, I had no time to check closely given how much of a pinch I was in.” Jian Chen secretly raised his guard. He had already realised that it would be extremely likely for the Immortal Feather sect to find information on him through this fleck of skin.

However, if the Immortal Feather sect was actually capable of such things, then it would be useless even if I left this place spotless. After all, I had shed blood several times when I contended for the position of the Thousand Immortal General. If the Immortal Feather sect wanted to, they could collect my blood very easily.”

Looks like I need to be cautious about the Immortal Feather sect’s secret techniques from today onwards.” Jian Chen secretly warned himself.

Suddenly, he remembered the Space Ring that he had removed from the great elder of the Immortal Feather sect.

I can’t expose the Space Ring of the Immortal Feather sect either. Whatever, I better just place it inside the Primeval Divine Hall. With the Primeval Divine Hall isolating its presence,

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