Chapter 3647: A Failed Attempt at a Greater Cost
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3647: A Failed Attempt at a Greater Cost

Jian Chen fled with the Laws of Space. With each flash, the stars around him would change.

As he moved under full speed, he was far too fast, far faster than any regular Immortal Exalt.

By now, the colossal piece of land that floated in outer space, the Reverent Observance Heaven, was already gone. In this short amount of time, who knew how many billions of kilometres Jian Chen had already crossed.

The Seventh Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor great elder from the Immortal Feather sect tailed closely behind him. He had also comprehended the Laws of Space, locking firmly onto Jian Chen’s presence as he used a secret technique to convey his location to the Wayless Immortal Exalt behind him.

The two Immortal Emperors had completely shaken off the Wayless Immortal Exalt. The distance between them grew wider and wider.

I didn’t expect this person’s usage of the Laws of Space to have reached such an unbelievable level. He seems to possess a natural closeness to space, such that even when my mastery of the Laws of Space is clearly above his, I still struggle to catch up to him.” The great elder from the Immortal Feather sect gradually became stern. He could already clearly sense that his ancestor did not seem to be capable of keeping up anymore.

After all, the Wayless Immortal Exalt had only broken through to the Third Heavenly Layer recently.

This can’t continue. I need to intercept this person as soon as possible.” A sharp light suddenly flashed through the middle-aged man’s eyes. In the next moment, he used a spatial secret technique. His hands formed seals as the power of space gathered before him, immediately turning into a black hole.

As soon as the spatial black hole took shape, the middle-aged man vanished into it.

Through the spatial black hole, he immediately crossed an extremely great distance and appeared directly in front of Jian Chen.

“Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, you can’t escape. You better give up.” The middle-aged man stared at Jian Chen emotionlessly. As he said that, his presence as a Seventh

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