Chapter 3649: Infiltrated by an Immortal Emperor
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3649: Infiltrated by an Immortal Emperor

“Greetings, sect master!”

Shortly afterwards, all of the core disciples gathered in the hall stood up and bowed towards Jian Chen at the same time.

However, their gazes towards Jian Chen were all filled with surprise.

Despite so many people present, none of them had sensed how Jian Chen had entered.

“Sect master, y-y-you’ve reached Immortal Monarch?” At this moment, a core disciple beamed with joy and stared straight at Jian Chen.

The core disciples gathered in the hall finally sensed that Jian Chen’s presence no longer belonged to a Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortal but an Immortal Monarch.

For a moment, many of the core disciples were overjoyed.

“Congratulations on breaking through successfully, sect master. From now onwards, our Sword Sect of Violet Heavens has gained another Immortal Monarch.”

“So the sect master was gone for a thousand years to break through to Immortal Monarch.”

Congratulations rang out in the Divine Hall of Violet Heavens endlessly.

Jian Chen smiled gently. The presence he gave off right now corresponded to the First Heavenly Layer of Immortal Monarch.

“You can all return now. I have my own decision in mind with regards to the sect formation.” Jian Chen told everyone.

Very soon, the people in the Divine Hall of Violet Heavens dispersed. Only elder Nong and Chen Shifang stayed behind.

“Elder Nong, elder Chen, what’s the deal with the additional Immortal Monarchs that have appeared in the sect?” Jian Chen looked at elder Nong and Chen Shifang.

“Sect master, during the years you were gone, a total of five Immortal Monarchs were drawn over here, wanting to join our Sword Sect of Violet Heavens and become elders of the sect,” said elder Nong.

“And you agreed?” Jian Chen looked at elder Nong.

Elder Nong shook his head. “If they were regular disciples, I might have agreed, but I did not have the courage to decide whether Immortal Monarchs could join or not. However, they showed so much sincerity, so I was unable to persuade them to leave. As a result, I could only have them temporarily re

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