Chapter 3594: Switching the Balls
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3594: Switching the Balls

“Chang Yang, first place, two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals!”

Jian Chen studied the tablet that was engraved with words as he made his way through the streets of the Observance Heaven City, carefully sensing the power inside.

He discovered that the power of seals within the tablet definitely did not originate from Yu Changkong alone. Apart from him, he sensed the power of several dozen other seals from the tablet that was only the size of a hand.

On top of that, these powers were divided into two levels.

The first level should correspond to Hundred Immortal Commandants like Yu Changkong, while the second level should belong to Thousand Immortal Generals.

This tablet alone contains the power of so many officials of the Observance Heaven City. Looks like these people are all supporters of the gambling parlour,” Jian Chen thought to himself.

Before he knew it, the match to determine the top six finally arrived. Five huge projections suddenly appeared over the Observance Heaven City.

The upcoming battles were clearly different from before. During the previous rounds, the outside world was unable to spectate the battles.

But from this round onwards, each round would be made public to the outside world.

Jian Chen and the ten other competitors were forcefully transported to an independent space by the power of the Observance Heaven City again.

It was the same place, except only the eleven of them remained from the initial one hundred and seventy three.

Jian Chen subconsciously studied the ten others and discovered that they were all filled with energy. Perhaps they had not returned to their peak conditions, but they had recovered at least eighty percent of their full strength.

Very soon, eleven balls of light appeared above their heads.

Everyone subconsciously turned towards the eleven balls of light. Their eyes burned with eagerness.

That was because there would be another bye for this round. The person who drew the bye would not have to participate in the fighting and would directly a

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