Chapter 3595: Zhou Dan
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3595: Zhou Dan

After the battle for the top six came to an end, the competitors all received some time to recover. It was not particularly long, only a month.

Apart from Jian Chen, the five others from the top six were Xia Mingtian of the Immortal Feather sect, Dun Xu from the Vanishing hall, Zhou Dan from the Immortal Sect of Vicissitude, Zi Huaiyu from the Luo clan, and Ye Qingyun from the Ye family.

Apart from Jian Chen, the other five competitors seized every moment to recover. Their ancestors all took action one after another, doing everything that they could to assist with their recovery.

Jian Chen, on the other hand, had nothing better to do. However, he did visit the gambling parlour again and discovered that the number under the name of the independent cultivator Chang Yang was actually changing among the names of the six competitors in the air.

It was not much, but it left Jian Chen with a frown.

Other people were placing bets on him, gambling that he would win the next round.

However, that was not a good sign to Jian Chen, as he had wagered two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals on himself. Whether he could receive the greatest payout would completely depend on if the pool was large enough or not.

If many more people gambled on him winning, then there would obviously be more people who would receive a slice of the pie. If the pool was not large enough, then it would be quite a large opportunity cost to him.

Looks like I need to be a little more discreet during the battle for the top three. It would be best if I achieve a miserable victory. That way, people won’t place their hopes in me.” Jian Chen smiled deeply. In order to win the two million five-coloured immortal crystals, he was forced to put on an act.

Two million five-coloured immortal crystals was a sum that even many Immortal Exalts could not produce. If he only needed to put on an act to win it with ease, why would he not?

Very soon, the month passed, and the battle for the top three formally began.

The projections of the rings above

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