Chapter 3390: Disciple of a Sovereign
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3390: Disciple of a Sovereign

Jian Chen turned towards the Jade Heaven Ruler. His gaze was mixed as he said, “Jade Heaven, once you go to the Spiritsages with the Wind Venerable, just stay there and cultivate. If the opportunity arises, we’ll see each other again.”

“Aren’t you coming with us? Where are you going?” The Jade Heaven Ruler looked at Jian Chen gloomily with a hint of reluctance.

“I should be leaving the Saints’ World very soon, to a very, very distant place.” Jian Chen gazed into the distance in a daze.

His identity had been completely exposed. The Saints’ World no longer had any place where he could stay, so he was forced to leave.

The Jade Heaven Ruler fell silent. She simply stared at Jian Chen in a trace. After a good while, she let out a lengthy sigh.

People who had cultivated for as long as her obviously understood many facts of life. They understood that many matters in life were already decided by fate and could not be changed.

Jian Chen suddenly bowed deeply towards the Wind Venerable and pleaded with him. “Senior Feng, I have one more unreasonable request. I hope you can take good care of Jade Heaven once she joins the Spiritsages.”

“Sigh, look at you. Didn’t I just say that there’s no need for us to be so polite with each other? Why are you acting like this again so soon?” the Wind Venerable said rather helplessly. Afterwards, with a wave of his hand, a gentle force immediately lifted up Jian Chen.

“Jian Chen, you have nothing to worry about. I’ve taken note of everything that’s occurred between you and this lass in the Wood Spirits World. Just the fact that this lass is willing to give up the Source of Life and directly give you the great fortune that could alter her entire life has touched even me.”

“Since this lass is willing to do so much for you, you owe her, so I obviously can’t just ignore this. As a result, let me pay her back what you owe her.”

The Wind Venerable did not treat Jian Chen as an outsider at all. He basically treated Jian Chen even more closely than he would a grandson.

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