Chapter 3391: Natural Spirit
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3391: Natural Spirit

The Saints’ World.

To the Spiritsages, this was definitely an extremely special day.

This day was the first time the Wind Venerable returned to the clan after reaching the ranks of Grand Exalts. It was also the first time he made a public appearance.

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The entire clan of Spiritsages became exceptionally busy with the Wind Venerable’s return. Every clansmen cheered to their heart’s content and sang excitedly. Their joy and emotions oozed out on the surface.

Of course, the Wind Venerable’s formal return to the clan only led to the excitement of the Spiritsages. It did not influence the rest of the Saints’ World in any way.

After all, everyone knew the Wind Venerable had already become a sovereign. Whether he was actually with the Spiritsages did not matter.

Grand Exalts could appear in any place within the Saints’ World on a whim. There was no such thing as distance in the vast Saints’ World in the eyes of sovereigns.

But shortly afterwards, another piece of news from the Spiritsages raised the attention of the organisations of the Saints’ World. Even the archaean clans could not ignore it.

The Wind Venerable had accepted two disciples, and he would hold a formal ceremony for them in three months’ time!

A Grand Exalt accepting disciples was anything but ordinary. As a result, the various peak organisations of the Saints’ World all sent out experts, visiting the Spiritsages with bountiful gifts to congratulate the Wind Venerable.

Even the weakest of these people were Chaotic Primes. There were even a few Grand Primes who set out personally to express their sincerity.

Now that the Spiritsages possessed a sovereign, their status was completely different from before. The various organisations of the Saints’ World tried everything that they could to befriend them, so they obviously would not let any opportunity slip by.

Some organisations that had experienced conflict or skirmishes with the Spiritsages in the past behaved with even gr

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