Chapter 3389: Great Completion of Sword Immortal (Two)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3389: Great Completion of Sword Immortal (Two)

Jian Chen comprehended the Laws of the Sword in the Divine Palace of Peace and completely disregarded everything that happened around him.

During this time, the entire Wood Spirits World was thrown into turmoil. From Infinite Primes to low level cultivators who had only just begun cultivating, all of them were left tongue-tied. Their entire view on the world was overturned.

All of the Chaotic Primes in the Wood Spirits World had already spread the news that the Wood Spirits World was about to collapse. Soon, they would be migrating to the Spiritsages.

The knowledge of over ninety-nine percent of the Wood Spirits was limited to the Wood Spirits World. They were unaware that there was an even vaster world outside.

As a result, as soon as they announced the news that the entire race would be migrating, it shook up the entire world.

For a moment, all the experts that were in cultivation emerged, while alchemists who were in the middle of refining pills directly destroyed their cauldron of precious pills.

Even some Infinite Primes out at sea, hunting for sacred beasts, were left stunned on the spot when they received the news. This led to heavy injuries from their opponents, sacred beasts that were much weaker than them.

“The Spiritsages? What kind of organisation is that? Are they even stronger than our Wood Spirits?”

“The Saints’ World? A world countless times vaster than our Wood Spirits World? How nerve-wracking and exciting.”

“No, we definitely can’t leave the Wood Spirits World. Our clan manages so many properties. We possess such a great territory. Once we leave, won’t everything that our ancestors built up through tremendous effort all vanish?”

“Only a century ago did our clan pay a tremendous amount to purchase a tenth of all the stores in this city. Once we leave, what are we supposed to do with these businesses?”


Different voices were raised throughout the Wood Spirits World. Some independent cultivators or even Wood Spirits that did not possess too many properties were

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