Chapter 3263: Kai Ya?
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3263: Kai Ya?

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths said rather helplessly, “The experts of the Immortals’ World suddenly attacked our Saints’ World at a time like this while I was forging the important artifact. I split my focus, forging the item while paying close attention to the situation outside the world, but I ended up neglecting the situation in the Saints’ World. Otherwise, your twin swords would not have been exposed so soon.”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ words made Jian Chen narrow his eyes. His gaze was dim, but he stared straight at the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths’ old, approachable face. “Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths, d-d-don’t tell me you found out about the twin swords a long time ago?”

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths laughed. “Do you think no one knows about your secret? It’s not just me. Anatta and Bloodtear were both aware of the twin swords a long time ago.”

“In particular, Anatta found out about the twin swords far earlier than any of us. Anatta even knew that you were the successor of the Immortals’ World’s Violet Heavens Grand Exalt.”

Jian Chen’s expression immediately changed. His gaze blanked out as well.

The Anatta Grand Exalt had actually found out a long time ago that he possessed the twin swords? The Anatta Grand Exalt actually knew a long time ago that he belonged to the Immortals’ World?

It was hilarious that he had specially left the twin swords behind in the Tian Yuan clan when he attempted the Bridge of Life and Death to save fairy Hao Yue to avoid the Anatta Grand Exalt seeing through his secret.

How would Jian Chen have thought that he had known about everything regarding him a long time ago?

Theft is never good, try looking at

When he recalled the situation back then, Jian Chen immediately found himself to be so hilarious and ignorant.

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths continued, “Do you still remember what you did on the Desolate Plane? Back then, you even alarmed the Bloodtear Grand Exalt.”

“In reality, Bloodtear noticed the twin swords on you back then. If no accidents happened, you would have died then and there, as the successor of Violet Heavens is no different from a heinous criminal in our Saints’ World.”

“Yet in the end, you did not. Do you know why?”

Nearby, the presence of the Bloodtear Grand Exalt that was enveloped in a sea of blood seemed to fluctuate slightly.

“Bloodtear, is Ancient Paths telling the truth? You knew about this child’s true identity a very long time ago?” The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt stared at Bloodtear in surprise.

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