Chapter 3264 - The Truth
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3264 - The Truth

The excitement and joy that Jian Chen revealed when he spoke of Kai Ya seemed to touch the Anatta Grand Exalt deeply. Her presence immediately sank into disorder as the light around her fluctuated violently, close to collapsing.

As for the countless experts gathered there, including the Saint Monarchs, their hearts had begun surging a long time ago. All of them widened their eyes.

Having reached their cultivation, they obviously were not fools. They immediately understood a certain truth from the conversation between the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths and Jian Chen.

The Anatta Grand Exalt had actually used Jian Chen to enter the Way of Love.

The conclusion left them all tongue-tied. It felt absolutely bizarre and unacceptable.

“Let me look at you. Let me know that you’re still alive. Even if I die here today, I have no regrets.” At that instant, only the Anatta Grand Exalt seemed to exist in his eyes. He stared at the Anatta Grand Exalt that bathed in the obscuring light of ways with a trembling gaze and murmured, “You saved my life in the past after all. Back then, when we were faced with the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ pursuit, I should have been the one who died. I owe you this.”

“If I can die by your hand, I have no regrets.”

A storm of energy immediately erupted in outer space. The Anatta Grand Exalt’s presence lost control. She erupted with startling energy, and the three thousand laws were all strongly affected, fluctuating violently.

Jian Chen’s words had left an extremely great impact on her emotions. She struggled to calm down.

Finally, after several seconds, the light around the Anatta Grand Exalt gradually dimmed, slowly fading away.

Very soon, all of the light around her vanished, completely exposing her before Jian Chen and also exposing her to all of the experts.

She was a young lady with an appearance like a heavenly maiden’s. She was like an exquisitely carved jade, possessing all the beauty in the world. She was a work of nature and absolutely perfect, such that no one could find a single flaw in her.

Her expression had not changed, quiet and beautiful, but her eyes seemed to contain all the wonders of the world. The laws seemed to weave through her eyes, flowing with undisguised tenderness.

However, her gaze seemed extremely mixed, with all sorts of colours woven together. Within the tenderness was struggle, pain, regret, hesitation, and conflict.

Through her eyes, it was very easy to see just how complicated of a situation her heart was currently in.

“Heavens, the Anatta Grand Exalt has a-actually revealed her true appearance!”

“I’ve lived for all this time, yet I’ve never witnessed the Anatta Grand Exalt’s true appearance. Jian Chen only uttered a single sentence, and the Anatta Grand Exalt revealed her true appearance to him.”

“She’s the Anatta Grand Exalt, the greatest sovereign of the Saints’ World in this current day. Just how esteemed is her status? Yet she’s actually exposed her true appearance because of Jian Chen. Unbelievable, how unbelievable.”

In the surroundings, the experts were all thrown into an uproar. Their hearts thumped away uncontrollably. Let alone the Saint Monarchs, even the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng was shocked. Her mouth hung agape as she blanked out.

Despite witnessing the Anatta Grand Exalt’s appearance, Jian Chen became disappointed. He shook his head gently in dejection. “No, you’re not Kai Ya. You’re not Kai Ya.”

The absolute beauty before his eyes that resembled nothing less than a heavenly maiden was not the Kai Ya he was familiar with. Instead, it was the statue of the woman he had seen on the ninth floor of the Anatta Tower when he first found it in the sea realm in the lower world.

However, the Anatta Grand Exalt was clearly even more charming compared to the statue. She was even more heavenly.

“Having come so far, it’s time for you to know the truth.” The Anatta Grand Exalt sighed gently. After removing all of her disguises, ripping away her veils, she instead became more honest.

“The Kai Ya you met in the past was actually my reincarnation. Afterwards, I awakened the memories of my past life in the Saints’ World and I learnt about your true identity.”

“However, due to certain reasons, I did not take my reincarnation away with me. Instead, my soul returned to the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng to reconstruct my body. Meanwhile, my reincarnation had all of the memories of her past life sealed, remaining by your side with just the memories of this life.”

“My reincarnation did not know her true identity, but everything that my reincarnation went through was actually my experiences.”

The Anatta Grand Exalt began to explain, coming clean completely. After removing all of her disguises, she finally opened her mind and came forward, no longer running away. Instead, she faced him in a courageous way, without fearing the gazes of others, nor concerning herself with her own image.

In the surroundings, all of the experts immediately became petrified. They were dumbstruck. Their thought processes all paused.

“You killed the Elder of Mountains and Seas?” Jian Chen asked.

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“Do you have any idea just how much pain I was in, just how regretful I felt, just how much self-blame and guilt I experienced when Kai Ya died? You’ve hid it from me good,” Jian Chen said wryly.

“In your heart, Kai Ya is just an ordinary friend. Since she’s just an ordinary friend, why do you care about all this?” The Anatta Grand Exalt’s eyes shone with a cold glint.

Jian Chen fell silent. That was true. In the past, he could already tell that Kai Ya had developed feelings towards him, but he refused to accept any more people into his heart, so he always treated Kai Ya as a sworn friend.

However, when they were faced with the Elder of Mountains and Seas’ pursuit afterwards, Kai Ya sacrificed herself to pave a path of survival for him, which changed his heart. He had changed completely.

However, all was too late by then. Kai Ya had already died to the Elder of Mountains and Seas. She was gone forever. All that remained was the wonderful memory of her.

As well as the pain, guilt, and endless regret that only existed in Jian Chen’s heart.

Because of that, he personally destroyed the Gloomwater sect.

Suddenly, what the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths said echoed in his head. Jian Chen’s eyes immediately became a little brighter. He said softly, “I understand now. The reason why you must kill me is not because I belong to the Immortals’ World. The real reason is because I’ve become your fruit of ways.”

“You comprehended the Way of Love through Kai Ya. Afterwards, you’ll end my life with your own hands to comprehend another way?” Jian Chen stared straight at the Anatta Grand Exalt. He spoke very gently and very flatly, devoid of any emotion. “Anatta Grand Exalt, am I right?”

The Anatta Grand Exalt fell silent. However, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths said, “You’re right. Anatta used you to enter the Way of Love, so your existence obviously became Anatta’s weak point. It left her with a flaw.”

“As a result, Anatta must comprehend the Way of Heartlessness through you to make up for this flaw so that she has no openings.”

“If that’s the case, then do it. I have no regret if I die by Kai Ya’s hand. My only request is that I hope you can take care of my clan. They’re innocent.” Jian Chen let out a long sigh. He was melancholic. At this moment, truly nothing could move him anymore.

He shut his eyes slowly, clearly having accepted his fate already. He let go of everything and completely cast aside the significance behind death.

Before the greatest sovereign of the Saints’ World, he definitely did not have even a sliver of chance of escaping.

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