Chapter 3260: Anatta’s Fruit of Ways (One)
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Chaotic Sword God Chapter 3260: Anatta’s Fruit of Ways (One)

Jian Chen’s eyes shone emotionally. He was very injured, such that his entire body seemed to be spent. He did not even have the strength to stand up, just laying there powerlessly.

“A-are you still my sister? Do you really still remember me? You haven’t forgotten me?” Jian Chen said with a trembling voice. His expression was very complicated. There was surprise, joy, eagerness, and uneasiness.

The Snow Goddess said nothing, except the wind and snow around her rippled as a result. She was rather uncertain about how to answer Jian Chen’s question. She felt very conflicted inside as her thoughts sank into an intense dilemma.

“But why did you seal the Martial Soul Mountain in ice? Why did you imprison the Icecloud Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect and ancestor Lan of the Heavenly Crane clan?” Jian Chen said painfully.

This time, the Snow Goddess did not remain silent. She said coldly, “They did something they should not have, so they obviously received punishment.”

“B-but they both helped us in the past. We owe them both a great favour. If it weren’t for them, Shui Yunlan would have been controlled a long time ago,” Jian Chen said. His voice was rather broken and feeble, speaking up for the people that the Snow Goddess had targeted.

“There’s a restraint in Shui Yunlan’s seal. Let alone Icepeer of the measly Snow sect, even if she were captured by a Grand Exalt of the Saints’ World, they can forget about learning anything from her. It was completely impossible for your worries to happen.” The Snow Goddess’s voice was extremely cold, devoid of any emotion. “Don’t underestimate any of the Grand Exalts in the Saints’ World. They are existences akin to the heavenly ways. They can set their own laws and order.”

“As a result, it’s absolutely impossible for certain things to happen, as the laws don’t permit it.”

The Snow Goddess explained in detail. Given her personality, today was definitely the day she had spoken most for who knew how many years.

“Relinquish the twin swords and you are henceforth a person of my Ice Goddess Hall. You will have nothing to do with the Immortals’ World.” The Snow Goddess tried to persuade him again. Given her personality, she had actually repeated the same thing three times, which only demonstrated her sense of urgency and how much she cared.

There was sorrow and powerlessness in Jian Chen’s eyes. He said slowly, “What if I don’t?”

“Hmph. They’re just a set of damaged sovereign god artifacts, so what’s there to be attached to?” The Snow Goddess raised her hand slowly. A sceptre of ice appeared out of thin air, radiating with a chilling presence.

She passed the sceptre over to Jian Chen and said coldly, “This is my weapon, also a sovereign god artifact. Relinquish the twin swords and it belongs to you!”

The Snow Goddess’s actions immediately led to an uproar among the Grand Primes. At this very moment everyone, including the seven Saint Monarchs, stared straight at the Snow Goddess with widened eyes. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

In order to make Jian Chen relinquish the twin swords and sever his ties with the Immortals’ World, the Snow Goddess actually offered up her own sovereign god artifact without any hesitation.

This was simply absurd.

After all, this was the Snow Goddess, the Snow Goddess that was renowned for her coldness, ruthlessness, and being absolutely unreasonable. Given her personality, how could she do something like this?

This was a sovereign god artifact, a sovereign god artifact that was completely compatible with the Snow Goddess. If she lost this sovereign god artifact, her strength would definitely plummet. It would decline severely.

“Is this really the Snow Goddess? Actually going as far as to give up her sovereign god artifact for a mere Chaotic Prime.”

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At that moment, many of the experts present asked themselves that question. Many of them even refused to believe their eyes, refusing to believe that this was true.

That was because the Snow Goddess they witnessed today was completely different from the past!

Jian Chen was unfazed by the temptation of the sovereign god artifact. He shook his head gently and said painfully, “W-w-what if I don’t relinquish the twin swords?”

When he said that, the space there immediately frosted over, like it had been frozen. An extraordinarily terrifying coldness emanated from the Snow Goddess. “If you don’t relinquish the twin swords, we are enemies from henceforth.”

Jian Chen felt like his heart was about to shatter. He was overcome with heart-wrenching pain, which put him in an extremely depressive mood.

“Sister, I can’t relinquish the twin swords. I really can’t relinquish the twin swords. Without the twin swords, I would never be standing here today. Their significance to me is far too great,” Jian Chen shook his head gently. His face was filled with pain. “I’m not greedy for a sovereign god artifact. Unless the twin swords choose to abandon me themselves, I will never relinquish them. If I really do that, then I’ll never be able to raise my head for the rest of my life.”

“The twin swords are a part of my life, and they represent my dignity. I will use my life to protect my dignity.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll destroy the swords and suppress the sword spirits forever!” The Snow Goddess’s voice was absolutely frigid. With that, she radiated with killing intent, but she did nothing. The space was immediately sealed in ice, and Jian Chen was frozen as well.

At the same time, terrifying Laws of Ice surged into Jian Chen’s body, rushing straight towards the twin swords.

This was the Laws of Ice that belonged to a Ninth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime. Their might was absolutely terrifying. With the twin swords’ current capabilities, it might not have been able to destroy the undying sword spirits, but destroying the medium quality god artifact swords was all too easy.

Jian Chen could only watch helplessly as the Laws of Ice entered his body. Before the Snow Goddess, he was no different from an ant even if he was in his prime condition, let alone being riddled with heavy wounds right now.

But at this moment, a gentle breeze blew over in outer space with the aura of the ways as if it had forcefully changed the laws there. The space frozen by the Snow Goddess immediately turned back to normal, but that was not all. Even the Laws of Ice that surged into Jian Chen’s body silently melted away like dew under the scorch of the sun, vanishing into nothing.

The Snow Goddess’s cold and noble face hidden within the wind and snow immediately changed.

A figure appeared there silently, wrapped in the laws and manifesting with the secrets of the world. Vaguely, it was possible to hear the rumbling of the ways, booming in everyone’s minds.

That was the Anatta Grand Exalt!

“Greetings, Anatta Grand Exalt!”

A series of greetings immediately rang out in the space there. All the experts bowed politely.

The Anatta Grand Exalt had already made it into the top three of the Saints’ World three million years ago. She was even more powerful than the Ice Goddess.

Now, the Anatta Grand Exalt had comprehended the fourth way, such that her strength even surpassed the past. She had already become the indisputable greatest sovereign of the current age!

Everyone in the Saints’ World paid respects towards an expert like this!

The Anatta Grand Exalt arrived. She bathed in the light of the ways, obscuring her figure from view. She suddenly turned towards the Snow Goddess.

With just a single gaze, the wind and snow around the Snow Goddess immediately collapsed, directly exposing her appearance.

She was snow-white. Even her eyebrows and eyelashes became the colour of ice and snow. She retained Changyang Mingyue’s appearance of great beauty. She seemed like a fairy of ice and snow, cold yet noble.

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